Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 8


I pull into the employee parking lot at the hospital. My day could not be any worse. There is nothing that can make this any better, I’m about to start my twelve-hour shift at the hospital. I walk in the employee entrance and clock in. I grab the clipboard that tells of my rounds. I guess I'm thankful that I am not in the emergency room tonight but instead I am Dr. Carlisle’s nurse this evening. I look at the charts and there seems to only be three patients of his tonight. An elderly woman whose organs are failing. She is close to ninety, so this comes as no surprise. I recognize the name as she has been here multiple times in the past three months. She hasn’t been good, and Dr. Carlisle tries to ease her pain as she nears her end. I start my walk towards the halls as I look at the charts. Another patient is a young boy, he seems to have fallen down the stairs and had surgery just a couple of hours ago. He will be here for the next twenty-four hours as Dr. Carlisle will want to make sure the fracture sits properly. This third patient is just a room number, there is no name on the paper. She is estimated to be twenty and she was in a car accident. There is a special note that says call Dr. Carlisle if this patient wakes up at any time.

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