Visions of Whisper

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Chapter 9


She looks like she is in such rough shape from the accident she experienced. Even though she has bruises, bandages, and an IV in her arm she is beautiful. I know the nurses cleaned her up, wiped off the blood and other dirt that she came in with. It’s our jobs to clean them up before and after surgery. I can’t help but look at her upper chest where I saw the color formation at the start of her emergency surgery. There is gauze there now, I can only guess Dr. Carlisle had to cut her open there. I slowly go over to her side to check on her vitals and make sure her IV is operational when I hear a male voice behind me.

“Don't worry about this one Grayson. I will check her over before I clock out.” I stop in my tracks and turn around to see Dr. Carlisle headed for the machinery. I hand the clipboard to him. He grabs the clipboard from me without a word as he walks to her bedside. I find myself unable to turn away from her as he checks on her. He takes her blood pressure and look up at me. A smirk forms on his lips. He puts his stethoscope around his neck again and addresses me.

“Is there something bothering you Grayson?”

“No, sir.” My cheeks flush and I answer quickly. Dr. Carlisle walks over to me.

“It is okay if something is. I know it has been bothering me that we know nothing about her and the boy that came in with her.” He looks at me.

“But that's not it, is it?” I look at him and I can tell that I don't have to answer, he already knows. I turn back to her in the bed. I think about his question when the monitor that keeps her pulse starts to increase.

Dr. Carlisle rushes over to the monitor.

“She is waking up Grayson.”

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