The Winds of Power - The Sleeper Prophecy

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The lizard-like creature swept towards the pulsing blue light that pierced the darkness, his orange cloak billowing behind him. Dust lifted and swirled in his wake. Every step echoed through the vast cavern, bouncing off the walls and the rock pillars that rose from the floor to the distant ceiling.

He halted before a throne hewn from rock and went down on bended knee, bowing his black scaled head.

The aged creature on the throne stirred and opened its eyes. The blue light from its staff continued to pulse.


“Master, the Alliance is preparing to gather chosen ones from the outer planets,” hissed the lizard, his long, thin yellow tongue flicking in and out. “It is as you foretold.”

The Master smiled. “It could be no other way.”

A beast with a long flowing mane stepped out of the shadows. His towering frame dwarfed the kneeling lizard who backed away, hissing menacingly.

“Master, he cannot be trusted. They are part of the Alliance!”

The beast seemed oblivious to the lizard’s presence and knelt before the throne. He looked up at the Master, waiting.

With a gleam in his eye, the Master spoke. “Bring the chosen one before me, Ogmore.”

“It will be done,” Ogmore grunted, thumping his huge fist into his chest.

The Master waved his hand and Ogmore vanished. He fixed his black eyes upon the lizard. “I have prepared for more than a thousand years for this. No one can escape my will. Concentrate on your responsibilities, and when this is over you will be the sovereign of your planet and that of your enemies, and I will take my rightful place as master of the universe.”

* * *

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