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Every time she looks in the mirror she can’t recognize herself. She doesn’t even know herself anymore. Told by a father, she didn’t know existed, that she had to change everything about herself and become different. Twyla must adapt to royal court. But the problem is the more she thinks about how she found her father the more holes the story has. Can she recover her memories or will the handsome and charming Lord Lir keep her from wanting to find out.

Fantasy / Adventure
Dahlia Fortía
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The sound of broken glass still rang through the room. Standing in the middle of the ruble and disorder was a man. A man, who once prided himself of his effortless looks, now disheveled and for a lack of better words, a complete mess.

“Where is she?” He roared out, examining the books on the floor. It has been a month since Twyla disappeared.

“You need to take a deep breath.” Another voice tried to soothe. She put her hand on his shoulder, trying to ease his loss.

“I need to find her.” He ran his hand through his greasy hair.

“Kai, you won’t be able to find her in this state. I suggest you breathe.” The woman tried again.

“I am the Dux-”

The woman interrupted, “No in this state, I am the Dux and you will listen to me. I want you to take a shower and then a nap.”

Kai growled at her but did as he was told. After all Alvina was right.

Alvina crouched down to pick up the books scattered all over the floor.

“Let me help you.” Another voice said.

Zephyr picked up a toppled over table and placed several books and maps on top of it. Together they continued to clean the disorderly library. Erasing every trace of Kai’s temper tantrum.

When the work was done, Alvina plopped down on the floor. “Look at what we have become.” She exclaimed to no one in particular.

“We will find her.” Zephyr reassured her and pulled her into a hug. In the month that passed, the two have grown closer. Helping each other grieve the loss of a friend and the destruction of the other.

“I know we will.” She said, “But if we don’t-” Her voice cracked at the unmentionable. If they didn’t find her, Kai was going to die. Either from exhaustion and stress or the loss of Twyla.

“I have tried every location spell known to demon kind. Nothing.” Another just as tired voice said. The two looked at Clementine as she entered the room.

“It would help if we knew who took her.” Alvina groaned.

“If she was even taken.” Clementine said spitefully, “She was the one who left the hotel room. Kai could attest to that. It was of her own free will. Maybe she is just hiding.”

“Shut up!” All three heads snapped up to the former shell of their leader, “Shut up!” He said again, “You don’t know what you are talking about.” His hair still dripping from the shower.

“But-” Clementine stammered.

“You didn’t know her. Not like I did. She wouldn’t have left like that. You are just jealous of her!” He accused me.

Clemetine’s face went red as she looked down. She didn’t even bother to deny it. What was the use? Everyone knew it was true. Though no one dared to voice it but Kai.

But nevertheless Alvina still stood up for Clementine, “I suggest you go take a nap before you say something you regret.”

Kai glared daggers at her then at Clementine before stomping off. “Thank you.” Clementine whispered.

“Oh, don’t thank me.” Alvina said, “If I ever hear you say that again, you are going to regret it. Twyla is one of our own, and you will do so to remember it.”

Clementine quickly scurried out of the room not much longer after that. One couldn’t help but wonder, as she ran, was Clementine even looking for Twyla?

“I hope she is safe.” Zephyr said running a hand through his hair

“Me too.” Alvina whispered before opening a map to begin searching again.

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