Moon: First in the Prophecy Chronicles

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For thousands of years the world had silent guardians that lived in the shadows and protected all those that remained peaceful and never harmed human life. Created to destroy the Unspeakables and all they stand for; evil, chaos, death, destruction...five friends discover they are the next in line to protect the world and fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Fantasy / Action
Victoria Wethers
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Chapter One: A New Era

It was dark, the sun was gone, and no visible moon replaced it. The stars shone bright and the Full Moon was in its highest peak.My few gifts I had been bestowed included heightened senses, I could see it of course; the moon. In a secluded house in the woods of the suburbs of Manhattan five women were giving birth. Not just any birth; this was the prophesied birth. These women weren’t normal humans, they were Guardians. A line of wolves that are sworn to protect the human race; but so misunderstood always mistaken for killing the humans but what they were killing were the Unspeakables. A race of vampires that are so ancient no one had ever heard of them. They look like humans, act like humans, smell like them ; to a human nose. But unlike humans they have no soul, no emotion, no sense of right or wrong, They are cunning, evil, and bloodthirsty, they’re fast and are on you in seconds; if you are unlucky enough to become their prey, you won’t even have time to pray to the Lord above.
So the Guardians were created from the deepest abyss of Heaven and Hell combined and made to stop this race Lucifer lost control off at the Fall. I am their Protector sworn to protect the ones who protect us. In the room where the prophecy was coming true were five babies, a mixture of wolf and human. Some of them were stuck in between the change. The one child, in the Alpha female’s arms still had her snow white wolf ears and aquamarine eyes, whilst the others still had tails or paws. Cute in their own way; they will take the form of human in a couple of hours then they will forget what they are until they turn sixteen when the prophecy is in true motion. This is just a teaser to what is to come.
“What are their names?” I asked the mother’s one answered for them all
“Their names are Snow, Echo, Lycan, Luna, and Accalia.” Dianna spoke proudly, gazing fondly at the ones dubbed Snow and Luna. Snow being her niece, and Luna her first daughter.
“They all have to do with the moon or wolves in general?”
“Of course. Snow, the Native American name for the January moon when the wolves are at their strongest.” Lena said,
“Echo because their howls can be heard for miles.” Tiffany said tiredly
“Lycan because it means wolf or werewolf.” Maryanna said, “Plus, I really love that movie
“Accalia because she is the one who nursed the originals.”
“Can we hear the prophecy one more time?” the one named Serena asked.
“Why? It doesn’t really say anything useful.” I wanted to say, yet, but I refrained from doing so.
“Please?” Lena, one of the twins, and the Alpha, spoke, she phrased it as a question; but I knew it was an order by the way her eyes flashed.
Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall rise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.”

They smiled and fell asleep their newborn children suckling next to them. I closed the door and left them. I stepped over the sleeping fathers that were guarding the Saviors. I locked all the doors I could see the Unspeakables in the distance biding their time spying for the Most Powerful. I thought I saw a flash of a familiar face, a face I had once loved, although mistakenly. I still loved the beast she was; although she had condemned me to fate worse than death. She had stolen my youth, and cursed me with the body, mind, and soul of a forty year old man. The next sixteen years would be boring as hell, but it was my job; I had sworn fealty to the Guardians and the League of Protectors. It was my duty to protect these young Guardians while they were still vulnerable. Until their sixteenth birthdays; they were just humans. Weak and defenseless if left without the protection of myself and their parents.
One day, Victoria Xa, the All Powerful One’s first Commander would die at the maw of one the wolves inside, and my curse would be lifted presumably otherwise, I had to stoop to option two...fall in love with a girl, or man that was the age I had been when I was cursed. I wasn’t looking to fall in love with a sixteen year old. I had long ago said goodbye to the boy I was. I had metaphorically buried Trevor Aguirre; but sometimes the heart gets what it wants. No matter the consequence.

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