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Forever Mine

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For centuries Larkin Reid has walked the earth as an immortal. Only needing the life blood of humans to carry on. He has been told that all creatures of the night have a beloved somewhere out there waiting, but Larkin was content ruling alone...he needed no one at his side but himself until he met her. Anastasia Connors was an art student at NYU vacationing in the remote country side of Austria. She and her friends were out at a local club in the city when she felt a presence, dark and mysterious call out to her...when the man the presence belonged to looks into her eyes, her life changes forever.

Fantasy / Romance
Victoria Wethers
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Chapter 1: First Sight


The nights have become so that the only thing that ever changed was the moon, and the weather. The people, monsters, and problems of the world have changed very little in the two hundred years I had been tasked with ruling over the immortal species known as vampires.

One would never know I was three centuries old just by seeing me...for I look as I did when I was turned at twenty-four. Behind the youthful exterior I was becoming more like my ancient brethren who were still without their beloveds. Bitter, monstrous, and hungry. The hunger though was not for blood...but for companionship although I would never admit aloud that I was lonely, it would be nice to have someone to share a coffin with so to speak.


I swallowed my groan of dismay, however lonely I was...I despised the company of my happily paired best friend Antoine. He had found his beloved five decades ago and ever since he and Stefan have been insufferable with their love. Between the Eskimo kisses and endless phone calls...it was enough to make the undead’s heart begin to beat again.

“Antoine.” I drawled as I scrolled through the modern contraption known as a ‘smartphone’ Antoine had forced me to buy one, and I hardly used it aside from business. I had very little use for friendships being a King, Antoine being the exception with being my Second.

“You have a visitor old friend.”

I looked up from an app known as ‘Facebook’ and found that my friend was indeed, not alone. For in his company was my Sire.

“Christina.” I greeted slowly, I had not seen the vampiress in nearly a century...not since she found her own beloved.

“Larkin, you look well.”

“Vampires by nature do not fall ill, do you have need of something?”

“Always so blunt, can I not visit my offspring?”

“Usually a mother visits her child more than once in a century.”

“Fine, there is talk amongst the Council that you will be replaced if you do not find a beloved soon.”

“How soon, is soon?” Antoine asked,

“In the next few years.” Christina answered stoically,

“I thought I made it clear I had no interest in a beloved?”

“Oh you did, but the Council wants you to have an heir and you can’t, if you don’t have your true Beloved by your side.”

“You wish for me to kidnap a human girl? Force her to carry my seed?”

“If she is your true Beloved, there will be no need for forced consummation.” Christina replied heatedly,

“What would you have me do, Sire? Go out and frolic amongst the humans until I find her? I have responsibilities here!”

“As far as the Council is concerned, your only responsibility as of now is finding your beloved.”


The cities in Austria were breathtaking and this one was no exception. Its glittering skyline mixed with the ancient rustic cobblestones was an artists dream and I longed to paint the views I was taking in on this holiday abroad with my best friend and roommate Melody.

“Ana, get your head out of the clouds and back in this party bus!”

I laughed and did as I was told while taking the flute of champagne from my already intoxicated best friend. Her cheeks were flushed crimson and her breath had taken on a life of its own with the mix of pizza and different flavored alcohol she had already made sure to consume.

“I can’t believe the drinking age here is seventeen!”

“Mel, we’re well above twenty-one in the states.”

“I know but still...imagine not having to wait that long.”

I rolled my eyes at my ever the dramatic friend, but really what could I expect from a drama major? The party bus was filled with our other friends who had accompanied us, along with their companions for the night. I couldn’t imagine trading partners like baseball cards, I wasn’t one to share but Mara, Tonya, and Liz seemed to have no issue.

I looked out the window once more, my alcohol untouched as the bus came to a stop in front of the club, the name of it was in a different language and I wouldn’t try pronouncing it even if my life depended on it. I was never one for languages, and I feared I’d butcher the name if I ever did try to say the name aloud. The neon sign above the door read ′Lubit′ and I hadn’t a clue what it could mean.

“Come on girls! We’ve arrived at our destination!” I called out to my friends and we all departed the bus and I waved farewell to the driver who smiled, I had to admit that he was fairly cute, but I wasn’t attracted to him like Melody seemed to be...I had to pull her off the bus.

The inside of the club was dark, it was lit only with candles no strobe lights or disco balls of any sort. It was beautifully Gothic and I couldn’t wait to explore. I dragged Melody out to the dimly lit dance floor and allowed myself to be lost in the music, not caring that I didn’t understand the lyrics.

“Vino la mine, iubitul meu,

Lasa-ma sa te iubesc,

Pentru totdeauna al meu

Tu vei fi.

Oh, vino la mine iubitul meu.

Fii al meu pentru totdeauna, fii al meu.

Iubeste-ma iubeste-ma.

Lasă-mă să te mușc și să te fac dragostea mea nemuritoare...”

I felt my body sway to and fro in tune with the music, Melody holding onto my hips to steady herself as she too became entranced with the lyrics.

“What language is this?!” she called to me,

“I have no idea! But its so beautiful isn’t it?”

“I guess, It’s kind of creepy though!”

“I guess...”

We stopped our conversation, I couldn’t hear her and she couldn’t hear me...so we just continued to dance. I stopped suddenly, when I felt something, like some invisible tether was calling to me. It screamed danger...but I was intrigued because no one else around me seemed to detect it...I spun around trying to find the direction it was coming from. This presence, I needed to know who it belonged to, I needed to know who could give off such an aura of power.

“Ana, what’s wrong?”

“You don’t feel that?!” I called out,

“No...all I feel is the need to hurl.” Melody said as she covered her mouth and ran off.

I sighed and went in search of this mysterious feeling. It couldn’t be too hard, could it? This club was hardly filled to the maximum capacity.


“Honestly Antoine, why did you drag me to this cliche?”

“Please Lark, if you have any hopes of finding your beloved quickly, it will quite literally be here. This is where all vampires come to find their mates.”

“Very well. How do you know when you find them?”

“Their blood calls out to you, and your aura calls out to them. You’ll find them soon enough. It’s like a tugging sensation in your core.”

I looked around the club, it was a vampire groupie’s dream. Dimly lit, with only candlelight to guide the masses to the different attractions. I noticed that the bar served actual human blood in a few of the cocktails...was this club honestly for vampires? I listened to the song playing and laughed,

Come to me, my beloved,

Let me love you,

Forever mine

You’ll be.

Oh, come to me my beloved.

Be my forever, be my one.

Love me, love me.

Let me bite you and make you my immortal love

Ones who did not know the Romanian meaning behind the lyrics would just find it beautiful and dance away, while the ones who did recognize the words could have a little laugh.

This was a waste of time, there was a one in a billion chance his destined beloved was in this club tonight. And if they weren’t, was he supposed to return here every night until they were, or did he travel the globe as his brethren did?

“You’d probably find them faster if you mingled with the masses and not just me and Stefan.”

“Don’t make me behead you.” I replied stiffly, coming inside was one thing...dancing was quite another.

Antoine laughed at my remark, but I was only half joking.

“Do you want a drink?” I asked no one in particular,

“No, we’re okay...you go.” Antoine said, distracted by Stefan grabbing his hips and pulling him into a sensual embrace, one that could have been pornographic anywhere else.

Thankful for the dismissal, I went down to the bar and ordered a ‘Bloody Mary’ I felt myself smile despite the horrible joke and the bartender eyed my golden gaze with fascination. Yes young mortal, I am a vampire.

The bartender handed over the drink and didn’t ask for payment. Just as well...I had no money on my person to give. I usually just compel mortals to give me what I desire. I allowed my eyes to drift amongst the masses, taking in the sights.

Mortals were sweaty, and vile when in closed in spaces...but there was a scent in the air hidden within the putrid stench of sweat and disease that called to me. I placed my drink down, the blood within no longer appetizing to me in the slightest. I walked out onto the dance floor, in search of the intoxicating new aroma and stopped in the center, there spinning around as if she too was looking for something she couldn’t explain; was the most beguiling creature I had ever seen.

Her auburn hair was long...stopping just above her tailbone and was curled loosely to frame her face. She was an angel in a nest of demons and she was mine. Her steel grey gaze landed on me and my whole world stopped. She was mesmerizing and I needed to know if her voice matched her looks...was it just as enchanting?

I felt as if I was floating as I approached her, she was even more breathtaking up close...so beautiful in fact it was hard for me to tell if she was human or not. When I was within human hearing distance I stopped,

"My name is Larkin, what is yours?"

Not the most original opening line, but it had been a few centuries since I had to talk to the opposite sex,


Her name was just as beautiful as she was, and I wanted to know everything about her.

"Can I buy you a drink, Anastasia?"

The beautiful creature bit her lip and nodded her head, I offered my arm and she hooked her's through.

"Order whatever you wish." I told her, but all I truly desired at this moment was to discover how soft her lips would feel on my own, her hand on my arm was a pleasant sensation, warm...and sparks of electricity rolled through me whenever she made contact with my exposed flesh.

"Larkin is an unusual name." she spoke quietly, and I was sure I wasn't supposed to hear.

"It's a family name." I told her anyway. She didn't look too surprised that I'd answered her seemingly rhetorical question,

"I'll have a rum and coke if you don't mind." she said a bit louder, still under the assumption I was human.

"Coming right up." I signaled for the bartender from before and he approached wearily, a smart mortal, but a mortal nevertheless.

"A rum and coke for the lady and a Bloody Night special."

"Coming right up sir."

"Do you live around here?" She asked, "Your English is amazing!"

"I do, I live up in the mountains actually."

"Don't tell me you live in the castle that overlooks the city?!"

"And what if I did?"

"I'd have to ask to see it sometime, I'm an art student and I've loved Gothic architecture since I was a kid."

"I would love for you to see my home. How about tomorrow at dusk?"

"So specific, are you a vampire?"

The bartender chose that moment to place their drinks in front of them,

"Wouldn't you like to find out?" I said quickly,

"I would actually. Vampires happen to be my favorite myth."

If only she knew how non mythical vampires truly were. Soon though, she would be one of us.

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