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Forgotten Embers

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Told through the eyes of a cleric, a seer, a prince, a paladin, a knight, and a runaway, Forgotten Embers is the story of life, its trials, and the hope of renewal. It focuses on the themes of love, loyalty, friendship, and redemption as the characters struggle with questions of identity, values, and purpose. Set in the fictional kingdom of Altruon, book begins with the story of Avera Ibori, the daughter of a foreigner. As Avera flees the struggles of her own world, she discovers a new reality in the ruins of the nation’s former capital. There, she meets Benjamin Palmer, a mysterious young man with fascinating friends and a story to tell: a story which will tear down empires and change Avera’s life forever. Together with Benjamin and his faithful companions, Avera sets out to uncover the truth hidden beneath a great government conspiracy and restore light to the kingdom. Forgotten Embers: Who Will Reign?

Fantasy / Scifi
Leah Fisher
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This is a tale of Altruon, a magnificent kingdom from a world apart. Positioned comfortably in the south on the mid-eastern plate of Caldor, the kingdom of Altruon has seen much success throughout its time under the reign of a long line of benevolent and virtuous kings. The kings of Altruon are spoken of throughout the lands of Caldor for their fiery conviction and heroic exploits. Long have these kings reigned from Pyre, and there is a light that burns for their just and glorious governance, a flame of promise for the continuance of righteous rule.

Pyre, the radiant city of Altruon and its capital. Pyre was known throughout the world as a city of light and glorious splendor. Many stories were told of it across the seas in far off nations. The streets themselves were paved in gold, or so the stories went. Scholars and warriors from throughout the land would come to the capital to study and grow their talents. Scouts were sent followed by messengers with invitations to citizens throughout the four realms of the kingdom to find and select the best and most promising men to be brought before the king and to serve him. Throughout the centuries, the gates of Pyre have seen the rise and fall of many great kings and the burden of their people, but none like unto Almast.

Zephyr Almast was a man like no other. He reigned in Pyre as king from a castle on a hill at the eastern wall. High Palace, a magnificent fortress, just as dark and mysterious as the king had proven himself to be. He was a recluse to his people, a terror to his enemies, and a glorified success throughout the realms. He had transformed the capital and mining regions into a place of wealth and product.

Still, there were some who told stories, but with time, the old ways of the kingdom were forgotten and replaced. Then came new men with new industry and new ideas. Zephyr cast with the help of these men a revolutionary new vision which would transform all the known world, a newfound element and material they called maurium.

Maurium: a material of unknown origin which revolutionized the building and design industries with its malleability, durability, and comfort. Maurium had been found to be the ideal material for any product from clothing to housing to lighting to transportation. This miracle metal very quickly began to dominate in every industry known to the Altruic race. It was found to be wind proof, water proof, fire proof, and able to endure the greatest earthquake, collision, or pressure. The shavings were able to be spun into thread and woven into material which was inexpensive, protective, durable, and highly flexible. The material was even sensitive to weather, adjusting appropriately, allowing heat to easily escape on hot days and holding heat on cold ones. There were two types of maurium - a dark gray product and its counterpart, a mauve form of maurium which exchanged the increased durability and strength of the gray maurium for the distinct quality of luminescence.

Even education and communication have been revolutionized by this modern marvel. There is now little need for study, as the creation of maurium has enabled the perfection of a cranial receiver which is entirely effective in the reception and download of information within the subject's conscious. The device may be worn as an earpiece and the information will be shown as a part of the wearer's own memory, a quick and easy addition to their present reality. As a result of this, learning has been simplified to the point that it has caused traditional schooling to become obsolete, and children are instead given an eighteen year learning plan which is administered to them in their sleep through wave transmission and open communication with their own thoughts and memories. Reception of these transmissions with a strict adherence to the Kingdom Learning Program, commonly referred to as the KLP, and the king's orders of state communications are greatly encouraged and, at times, required by the kingdom's rulers. However, all such things are more common in Pyre than they are in other parts of the kingdom and its realms.

The kingdom is divided into four geographic realms and seven more arbitrary regions with Pyre at their core - the western plains, the southern foothills, the eastern forest, and the farmlands with the seas to the north. The seven regions were the seven centers of influence throughout the empire - Laoce, Euphess, Pergum, Delphi, Sa'ar, Tyra, and Asrymn. The seven were the traditional Kingsmen regions, the Kingsmen being a long standing religious order based in Altruon with a history as old as time. The Kingsmen influence in Altruon is great, the City Architects and nation's founders having been among their ranks, and they have lived their lives in peace until this day.

But even in this time of advanced technology and growing prestige, humanity still remains as it was. There is still theft, death, murder, deceit, dishonor, injustice, and all of those unpleasant things which are ever part of a world which is fallen. As the citizens of Pyre continued to build new, modern, better things, much of the old was forgotten. Some things seemed to fade away and cease entirely without a hope of their returning, and even the light itself seemed to fade as the air began to harbor darkness.

The city itself was one such thing which faded, the capital having been destroyed by fire about the time of Zephyr's reign and the invention of maurium. Zephyr had called for Pyre to be rebuilt three miles west of the place where the city stood. He called for a new city for the new age and encouraged the maurium be employed as the backbone of the city infrastructure. He called it the Eternity Project, and a great wall of maurium was erected to denote the borders of the new capital, the east gate being sealed to prevent a returning to the old capital and its ruins, and all was peace in Altruon.

Even so, a war is raging in the north against Obed, an old enemy of Altruon, whose people have fought them throughout their history. Though, in times of battle there is an opportunity for heroism and men of merit to rise in the eyes of the people of the nations they call home. One such man is a celebrated colonel, a man whose own descent is that of Obed. His name is Tyberion Ibori, and he is the father of a beautiful young girl who, in his absence, has become a blossoming young woman whose destiny will be forever tied to that of the nations.

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