Cold Blooded Love

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Snow Dunn is a 19 year old girl who prefers to be a loner except for Misty Mori, her best friend who adores her, it's almost halloween and now trouble starts to unfold as a new student named Crow shows up.....did I mention his a vampire? His not the only trouble that walks in Snow’s life when you add in the mean girls, her crush and some mysterious secrets that can lead to danger. What will happen to Snow?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

The alarm went off, ringing, it was 9:00 am. I got off my bed and went to go get ready. It was the first day of school, and I was finally a sophomore in college. Two more years and I could leave this hellhole town. I use to like it but that changed. I headed out my room to leave before my mom stop me. “Dear, don’t you want breakfast?” Mom said.

“Yeah, sorry got to meet Misty at her house.” She nodded and gave me my breakfast and waved goodbye, “Thanks mom, bye!” I quickly stuffed down the waffle down in my throat, rushing to get to Misty’s house. Once I got there, I knocked on the door. The door opened, Misty stood with a smile.

“Hey! Come on let’s go, oh! We don’t want to be late.” She closed the door and we left.

“Do you think Alexia, Hannah, Paulette, and Nora are gonna bother us this year?” I said, the 4 always stuck together. they were labeled “the mean girls” of the school or what Misty and I call them “trash”.

I use to actually know Alexis, we use to be friends until one day she stopped and started hanging with Hannah, Paulette, and Nora. Ever since then she would always pick on Misty and I. I just hope this year she will leave me the hell alone.

“I don’t know...if they do, we’ll think of a plan, don’t worry they might not even have any classes with us.” I nodded as we headed to class, It was about 9:10 now, we finally got to the hallway. Misty and I had 4 classes together, we just hoped we didn’t have any with the mean girls. We found our first class “605" Science, entering in as Misty and I took a seat right next to each other.

“Hey you, bitch! Where’s classroom 605?! NOW!” It was coming from outside not too far away from the class, the voice sounded like someone familiar. The door bursted opened and in walked the bitch herself. Shit! “Oh, look who’s here, the 2 losers of the school.” It was Alexia. God, how she makes me wanna punch her.

She came and sat in the front row, of course, that row was for popular people only, no one was allowed to sit there unless you were popular.

“Fuck! I can’t believe she’s in this class, so much for our luck.” Misty whispered.

“Just be lucky it’s not the other 3 in this class.” Everyone headed to their seats as the teacher waited by the board. As soon as that was done, he spoke.

“Hello, class! Welcome to Life Science, my na-” He was cut off. In walked a student. “Your late.” He handed him a note. It was Sam, I had a crush on him since last year, but Alexia always stuck with him. “Alright let’s continue, my name is Mr. Waltz today were gonna be learning about-”

I didn’t wanna listen to the rest, it was boring. I wanted to go listen to some music instead. As I was about to take out my headphones, Misty threw me a note without the teacher seeing. I opened it, quickly.

Hey, still have a crush on Sam? he’s been with Alexia and her crew all the time, it’ll be hard just to even talk to him but you can try it won’t kill you, I wish you luck! --Misty

I look to see if he was looking, he wasn’t but I know Alexia was, she was giving me a dirty look. I looked away to get her to stop. I wrote fast enough so no one to see and passed it back to Misty. 30 minutes later. It was off to the next class. I went with Misty walking out until Alexia stopped us. “I know what you wrote on that note and I’ll find out what it is!” She smirked after.

“You do?”

“Yes! I’m not stupid, it was stuff about me!” I gave Misty a confused look. She looks at me then to her.

“You thought she was writing about you? Ha! It’s none of your fucking business anyway!” Misty said and with that, she grabs my hand and we leave as she drags me to my next class. “390" Math. I sighed. It was gonna be a long day.


It was finally lunch, Misty and I were starving. We got out our lunches on campus and sat down in a corner to eat. I had a turkey sandwich and Misty had a ham sandwich. I stare at Alexia’s table, Sam was sitting right next to her. My heart beating fast, I hoped they were just friends. Then Misty snapped me back to reality. “Hello? Earth to Snow! Are you staring at him again?”

“No! I’m just looking at the table across from them.” I whispered. I didn’t want anyone hearing us.

“Right...” Then we burst out laughing loudly, with that Alexia stared at us, her eyes daggerd at me. She turned her head to Sam, telling him something I didn’t know what it was, but I knew she hated us cause now my body froze, not being able to move. Shit. She was making out with him, trying to get us mad. Everyone was cheering them on. I didn’t see if he was kissing her back or not, maybe she took him by surprise?

“She’s such a bitch! I can’t believe her!” Misty nods. We looked at the time to see it was time to go to the next class, we picked up the trash, threw it away, and left to our next class, not looking back. This class I didn’t have with Misty but with Paulette. God, she was a user type of girl. She always acted nicely but I could always see right through her. I went to find the class “829" Social Science.

“Nice outfit Snow! We should hang out sometimes!” I looked up to see Paulette, with that being said, she passed me laughing. She was popular but not as much as Alexia and not as pretty, she was an ok looking girl but acted like she was better. I went and sat down in the class, the teacher then began his lectures as we listened, 30 minutes into the class, a new boy comes in.

“Your late!” The teacher said. “What’s your name kid?”

“Crow.” his voice laced with eerie, he then went to his seat, which was behind me. The teacher continued to talk the same as every class, then was giving a question for each student, it finally came to crow.

“Crow, when did the black death start?”

“You tell me, you’re the fucking teacher.” He said.

“Language! I asked the question! You have to answer, not me!”

“Well I don’t fucking want to, you know it! answer it yourself.”

“That’s it! Out! Get out now!!” Crow only smiled, chuckling. What is wrong with him? He had given me weird vibes, his presences scream danger, then the teacher continued on. Finally, later the bell rang and it was over for today. I went to meet up with Misty.

“So how was class?” She asked. We started walking home, I told her what had happened today. On my way home I couldn’t help but wonder about Crow and not the good way.

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