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Like a fruit bearing from a tree, LeAnn appeared inside the living room of the Garden Villa mansion. Just in time to see Riddian, who was no longer a corpse, coming down the left path of the double staircase.

Tears roll down her cheeks. She was informed by the vampire, Eric, that Riddian was alive, but she never truly believed it, until now. Witnessing it for herself. She rushed toward him, locking her arms around his neck, the minute she was close to him, never wanting to let him go.

“I’m sorry for making you cry,” Riddian whispered to her right ear.

“You don’t need to apologize.” LeAnn snuffled, as she slightly pulled away from him, placing both her hands on his steel like cheeks. “I’m just happy to see you alive.”

“Yeah, me too,” Riddian sounded elated. “But how is it possible that I’m still alive? You didn’t do anything witchy, did you?”

“No, I did not,” LeAnn responded. “This was all your big brother Jullian’s doing.”

“Jullian is here?” Riddian uttered surprised.

“Yes little brother,” Jullian said upon appearing inside the living room with Ric QuaAn from a wind portal. “I’m here.”

“Jullian!” Riddian in a blink embraced Jullian for about four minutes before making eye contact. “Why did you leave without saying anything? Are you OK?”

Patting Riddian’s right shoulder, Jullian smile. “I’m fine Riddian. But enough about me how are you doing? Are you back to perfect health? ”

“Yes, thanks to you.” Riddian expressed his gratitude.

“There is no need to thank me, little brother.” Jullian poked Riddian’s forehead. “I’m sure you would have done the same for me.”

“Yeah I would.” Riddian smile genuinely. “But still I want to thank you. By the way, where is Killian? Is he alright?”

“He’s on his way here,” Jullian responded. “I think.

He then made his way over to LeAnn throwing his arm around her body embracing her. His eyes made contact with the uneasy LeAnn. “You must be my little brother beautiful girlfriend. We finally get to meet properly. Welcome to the family.”

“Yeah,” LeAnn stated anxiously. “I mean I’m happy to be a part of it.”

“I know you met Killian first before me,” Jullian whispered to her ear. “But don’t use him to judge me. He’s the only bad seed in this family.

“OK let’s celebrate with some champagne.” He acknowledged his little brother and said aloud.

“I’m way ahead of you big brother.” Riddian popped opened the champagne bottle he recently retrieved from the kitchen. Poured the champagne into four clear glasses that he laid out on the centre table.

Riddian, Jullian and LeAnn sat at the middle three seater sofa centre-left of the room each taking a full glass of champagne from the centre table.

Jullian turned his attention to Ric QuaAn. “Aren’t you going to join us?”

“Yes Ric QuaAn,” Riddian seconded. “Take a seat and have a drink with us.”

The last of the four champagne glasses that was on the centre table, appeared into Ric QuaAn hand, and he took a sip.

“Now that’s the spirit,” Jullian said festively.

“Ric QuaAn,” LeAnn uttered surprised and overwhelmed. “As in the Darrnavian nature God of the wind? No wonder why he looks so perfect, so God like.”

“Ooh,” Jullian sounded in ridicule. “You better watched out, little brother it looks like you have competition. And it’s with a God.”

“Don’t be silly. I’ve always dreamed to meet a Darrnavian God.” LeAnn passionately kissed Riddian. “But no man or god can ever take me away from Riddian.”

A boastful smile curved Riddian’s lips. “You heard that brother.”

“Loud and clear,” Jullian replied elated. “Now let’s drink.”

The three raised their glass then they all have a drink.

Killian knocked at the front door of Diane’s home. And shortly after, the door opened and Diane — or rather an imposter who wears the appearance of Diane was in full sight completely unclothed.

Violently, he grasped the impersonator by the neck pinning her to the wall opposite from where they once stood.

The impersonator rested her hands against Killian’s face smiling slyly. “How did you know I was not your witch girlfriend? I’m sure my transformation of that bitch was perfect. I even made it possible for you to read my mind.”

“I’ve gained several new abilities since my recent evolution,” Killian responded. “One of which allows me to sense and see the aura within any being whether supernatural or non-supernatural. That is how I’m able to tell you are not Diane, but a Darrnavian God.

“If you are Ka Daar then you’re one troubled dude who had a messed up childhood.”

“I see.” The woman wearing Diane’s appearance forcefully removed Killian’s hand from her neck, tossing him to the floor. Transforming into a divine beauty with golden straight long hair and eyes. Her skin was flawless and beaming. Body perfectly curved and lips naturally pinked. “Couldn’t you just play ignorant and have sex with me? I’ve heard rumours about how great you are in bed and wanted to test that theory for myself.”

Picking himself up from the floor, Killian confronted the goddess. His heart skipped a few beats. She’s as beautiful as he remembered. “You should know better than anyone, since you were the first woman I’ve had sex with Vee Naa.”

“I’m not sorry to say this, but sex with you back then was like with an inexperience child.” Vee Naa circled him once while her hands swept about his upper torso. “I had to fake it the whole time.”

Vaguely, Killian smiled. “Was that an attempt to make me feel bad?”

“No. I’m just stating facts.”

“Fun and joke aside, what did you do to Diane?” Killian questioned.

“You mean that stupid witch who’s in love with you?” Vee Naa stated rudely. “I simply came here to talk. Woman to woman, and she attacked me. So, I banish her to solitary, but in the end she managed to escape. She is quite skilled for a mortal, but no mortal can leave solitary unscathed. Who knows what happened to her.”

“The spell I cast on you, sealed away your Godly powers, made you temporarily mortal. How were you able to become a goddess again?” Killian asked.

Resting, her delicate hand on Killian’s cheek, Vee Naa glared into his resentful eyes. “The moment my human life ended I was reborn as a Goddess once more.”

“One of the spells effect was to protect you from all danger, including from yourself. You weren’t even able to catch the flu or age a day older.”

“I got to admit, it was a pretty annoying spell. However, I managed to find a loophole. The spell indeed protected me from all danger. But what if the spell doesn’t think or feel that I’m in danger. Then it won’t activate even if I’m truly in danger.”

“That’s very clever of you. You truly are a Goddess.”

“I thank you for that compliment, but it wasn’t an easy task to break your spell, nonetheless I did it.”

“So what now? Should we skip to the part where we fight?” Killian proposed.

“Of course not,” Vee Naa rejected his proposal. “Like I said earlier I’m here to see if you have got any better in bed.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not happening?”

“Pah, as if I was asking.” Vee Naa throws her arms around Killian’s neck, their lips sealed a kiss.

Swiftly, Killian seized the Goddess’s neck, and as he was about to stab her to the stomach with his bare hand. She caught that hand tossing him to the floor. Appeared on top of him with great speed, strongly pinning both his hands to the floor.

At the glowing of his eyes, she was forced backward by telekinetic energy.

Vee Naa materialized behind Killian with the right arms around his neck. Her left hand stabbing a replica thorn blade to his rib cage. “I want you Killian.”

“You sneaky bitch,” Killian grunted painfully.

“Now now, be calm and let me have my way with you.” Using her powers, the goddess bind him to the floor. Burning away his clothing.

An invisible agent then started to caress his body, stroking his shaft and when it became rock hard she materialized on top of him, his shaft filling her inside.

Pleasurably, Killian groaned as she began pouncing down on him. And though he was feeling great agony from the blade that was stuck into his flesh. The feeling of the Goddess’s slick constrained muscle choking out his cock was overwhelmingly great.

“I’m going to kill you!” His eyes yield to her steamy gazed, but his voice was stern.

“That’s the most romantic thing you ever said to me.” Whipping her head back, Vee Naa placed both hands behind on Killian’s thighs. Aggressively riding him until his red eyes looked like they were about to burst from his head.

“Get the fuck off me.” With one arm, Killian violently grasped her neck. His fangs were visible. He then grunted, feeling his muscles stiffened and his joints burning.

Dragging the dagger from his flesh, Killian tossed it aside. Flipping her over and lay between her legs. He wishes to kill her. You could see it in his demonic red eyes. But he couldn’t resist her beauty. The softness of her body against his. The feeling of her inner muscles enveloping his cock. Shit! He wants to fuck her and really hard too, until she dies.

Using both palms to squeeze her neck, Killian hammered her arduously. And she just lay there enjoying every moment of the sex.

Dreadful was the sound uttered from Killian’s mouth upon reaching his climax two hours later. He then falls to the floor exhausted and numb struggling to breathe.

“You bitch, are you happy now?” he stated disgruntled, but really he was pleased.

“Yes!” Vee Naa shouted satisfactory. “And don’t pretend like you didn’t enjoy that as much as I did.”

“I will admit I enjoy that, but I’m still going to kill you.”

“That’s fine by me.” Vee Naa placed a finger on Killian’s lips. “But until then.” She gets on top of him ready for another round. “Let’s fuck now and kill each some other time.”

“Agreed,” Killian hauled her by the hair; flipping her to lie on the floor and penetrate her viciously.

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