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“Good morning.” Jullian greeted the second, Killian entered the front door of Garden Villa Mansion at a quarter to one a.m. Sunday morning. “Where have you been? We were celebrating Riddian Recovery all-day yesterday, and you were. Well, missing.”

“I was out,” Killian snarled at him. He’s a grown ass man, so why is he being questioned like a damn child? “Is there a problem?”

“I’m sure you already know that the rogue Darrnavian Gods were freed from the void.”

“Yes, I’m aware.” Fetching a bottle of whiskey from the cabinet, Killian had a drink. “And I know what you are going to say. It’s my fault. And I totally agree.

“If I had seal that bitch, instead of letting her go three thousand years ago, then this wouldn’t have happened. But I was mortal, I was weak. Foolish and in love with her. A mistake that I will never make again.

Racing over to Killian, Jullian punched him in the face, knocking him down to the floor. “Stop acting like a spoil brat.”

“I’m not here to scold you for your past action. So stop jumping to conclusions.” Helping his brother up from the floor, Jullian pulled him in for a hug.

Killian eyes wavered a bit. The feeling of being in Jullian’s arms made him felt safe and loved as a brother. However, he still can’t forgive him for what he had done to him. Pulling away from his brother embrace, a bitter expression displayed on his face.

“When you found out that I didn’t seal Vee Naa in the void, you sided with the Demi-Gods to beat me to a pulp. Pierced me with a thorn blade to the heart, sealing me a way for five hundred years. Don’t think that I will ever forget or forgive you for that, Jullian.” Killian dashed up the single staircase, heading for his room.

Sighing a bit depressed, Jullian looked back at the shirtless Riddian, who stood over at the middle doorways beneath the double staircase. “You have returned.”

“Yes,” Riddian answered. “I’ve recently arrived.” He tried to make sense of his brother’s conversation just now. The part about the Darrnavian Goddess Vee Naa not sealed in the void.

“I don’t understand. I saw Vee Naa got pull into the void with my own two eyes. So how?” He made eye contact with Jullian and questioned.

“I thought so as well, but then I learnt that Killian didn’t seal Vee Naa into the void. What we saw was a replica of her being locked away,” Jullian explained. “Instead of sealing her in the void, Killian took away her Godly powers with a very powerful spell. A spell that she managed to break. And now she is a Goddess once more.”

“How could he do something that stupid?”Riddian voiced angrily. “We have sacrificed our lives to stop Vee Naa and the other rogue Darrnavian Gods.”

“When I became aware of what Killian had done, I was angry with him as you are right now. I let my anger get the best of me and stabbed my younger brother in the heart with a thorn blade without a second thought.”

“What was he thinking? I knew he was in love with her, but damn it.” The upset Riddian clenched his fist tightly.

“Don’t be too hard on him. He’s already taking this hard on himself.”

“For the past centuries, I’ve been nothing but tolerant. Compassionate towards him. Though he’s so hard to deal with. And every time I overlook the bad things he had done, he does something even stupider.”

“I know Killian has destroyed and cause many pains to others. Including you and me. But he is still our brother, and we need to look out for each other no matter what.”

In a blink, Riddian took a seat at the recliner then heaved a sigh. “I guess we have no choice to suffer the curse called Killian for all eternity.”

“By the way, did you ever witness Killian overpowering a thorn blade before?” Jullian inquired.

“I’ve only seen it happen once. Why do you ask?”

“No reason really.”

Now Riddian was more curious to know the reason for Jullian’s interrogation, but before he could say something Jullian question again.

“Have you witnessed any strange behaviour in your abilities lately?”

Now that the topic was brought up, Riddian has witnessed strange behaviours in his powers that he cannot explain. “Yes.”

“Riddian!” Luke chuckled nervously upon entering the front door with Luka. His heart skipped many beats eyeing Jullian, whom he thought was Killian. “Killian, we can explain.”

Confronting the boys, Riddian gazed sternly at them and asked. “Where have you two been?”

“Cerebral City,” Luka answered.

“Way to go Luka.” Luke disliked his little brother right now.

“I couldn’t lie to him, Luke.”

“Why did you two go to Cerebral City?”Riddian questioned, though he had some idea as to why.

“Nothing really,” Luke replied tensely.

“Really now.”Jullian glared at both boys.

“Please don’t hurt us.” Fearing for his life, Luke shivered and begged.

“I see, you two are victims of my little brother Killian.”Jullian smiled amused.

“What?” Luke looked a bit confuse.

“My name is Jullian. I’m Riddian and Killian’s older brother.”

“I was wondering why Killian bleached his hair brown.” Luke snickered. “It looks ridiculous.” He then smiled as if he was constipated when Jullian glared at him menacingly. “But it looks good on you.”

“We went back to Cerebral City to visit our father,” Luke told the truth unafraid. His voice lowered saddened. “He seemed to be somewhat happy, but he didn’t remember who we were.

“Father shot at us as if we were monsters.” Luke watery eyes made contact with Riddian. “Why would he even do that? We are his son.”

“I erased the memories your father had of you two the day I turn you both into vampires.” Riddian provide an answer to the boy’s question. Feeling somewhat guilty. “To him his sons died.”

“Why would you do that?” angrily Luke shouted at Riddian.

“I’m sure you two know the answer to that question already.”

Stealthily, Killian appeared behind the boys. Holding the back of their shirt collars. “Seem like you boys had an interesting time out.”

Luke almost had a heart attack, wanting to run away, but fear made him incapable of even breathing.

“I thought I told you boys to go to Saltiago Town.”

“We—” Luke stuttered.

“It doesn’t matter anyway.” Releasing the boys, Killian speed over to the cabinet for a bottle of whiskey, heading back up the stairs.

“I thought I was dead for sure.” Luke wiped his forehead relieved.

“You two are not allowed to leave this place, do I make myself clear?” Riddian said sternly.

“Yes,” Luke answered rudely. He’s still upset that Riddian had removed his father memories of him and his brother. “Loud and clear dad.”

Dashing up the single staircase, through the passageway, Riddian barged into Killian’s bedroom.
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