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“What do you want Riddian?” Killian threw himself down on the king-size bed, folding both his arms behind his head. “I thought you were angry with me, now that you learn what I have done.”

“Is everything alright with you Killian?” Riddian asked concerned. His brother seemed a bit off, and it’s troubling.

“I’m glad you are back to your old powerful self little brother, and I’m also glad that you are alive. Now leave me alone.”

God! There he goes again being rude for no particular reason. Riddian takes a deep breath to calm himself. “That’s not what I asked.”

“Could you please stop asking stupid questions?” Killian dashed to open the door, holding on the knob. “Just leave.”

Swiftly making his way into the room, Jullian sat on the edge of the bed. “Thank you for opening the door for me. You are so kind brother.”

“Can’t you two take a hint?” Killian voiced annoyed.

“Now I’m more convinced that you are not fine.” Riddian gazed at Killian sympathetically. “Tell me what’s wrong, brother?”

“Alright!” Killian blurted out. “I had sex with the goddess Vee Naa.”

“You did what!” Riddian grasped Killian’s clothing violently. “Are you crazy? Did you forget what she had done to us? To you? Tell me you are not still in love with her?”

“Don’t be naive, Riddian. I love no one. She simply tricked me with her shape shifting ability. I was supposed to repay Diane with sex, for helping me out, so that I could save you and stumbled into Vee Naa instead.”

“You are still in a sexual relationship with Diane?” Riddian query.

“I haven’t tapped that in fifty years. Now she is somewhere out there injured, or maybe worst dead.”

“Do you need help to find her?”

“What I need, is for the two of you to stop tagging up against me. Questioning my personal sex life, which none of you seemed to have.”

“How was having sex with her again?” Jullian asked excitedly. “I mean with Vee Naa.”

“It was out of this world,” Killian exaggerated. “Extraordinary!”

“Wow!” heavily, Jullian exhaled as sexual memories of being with the superb goddess dominate his mind and body.

“Jullian,” Riddian sulked. “Stop getting so excited. Your hormones are stinking up the room.”

“Sorry brother.” Jullian chortled, a bit embarrassed.

Riddian rolled his eyes. “Tell me you are not fantasizing about sex with Vee Naa, Jullian.”

“Maybe, just a little,” He voiced guiltily.

“And what is so bad about that, Riddian?” Killian smirked. “Didn’t we all have sex with the Darrnavian goddess Vee Naa? Admit it is the world’s greatest sex.”

“Yes it was. But it was also bad for us, since it deplete us to the brink of death each time we had intercourse with her,” Riddian barked at his brothers. It seems they have forgotten the danger of being intimate with a Darrnavian goddess.

“We are immortal beings now. So, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Ahem!” Jullian cleared his throat to make an announcement. “Since we are all gathered here, let me just say this. The deities are planning something big, and I mean bigger than what they had planned three thousand years ago. Therefore, we need to be prepared for the worst.

“Now I know we are having problems amongst ourselves, but we need to put aside our differences. Combined our powers to stop the rogue Darrnavian Gods before they can execute whatever they are scheming.”

“And you believe siding with Ric QuaAn a Darrnavian God will help us kill and destroyed other gods?” Killian snorted.

“Ric QuaAn aided us in the fight against the rogue gods in the past. That is why I called him here.”

“Warning, I’m now on a path to destroy all Darrnavian Gods. Therefore, if you wish to keep Ric QuaAn safe from my wrath. It is best to keep him out of my sight, or I will kill him without hesitation.”

“You don’t have to make this into a dilemma between us, Killian.”

“This is not a dilemma, brother. This is war. And I intend to do whatever it takes to win. Even if I have to crush everything in my path to ensure I come up on top.”

Taking hold of each other throat, squeezing with full strength. Jullian and Killian eyes made deadly contact.

“Enough you two!” Riddian separated the two from tearing each other a part.

“Now can you two just leave me be?” Killian requested. “I had a longed day yesterday, plus I’m bruising all over. I need to restore all the energy Vee Naa stole from me.”

For a brief moment, Riddian perched the right hand on Killian’s shoulder and smile. Then he exited the room, taking Jullian along with him.
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