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Embracing LeAnn on the porch of the cabin on the outskirts of Saltiago Town, Riddian kissed her none stop. And before you know it, clothes were tearing off. Groaning and moaning. Followed by a few hours of strong passionate sexual intercourse.

“That was truly amazing.” Completely satisfy, Le Ann placed her head on Riddian’s shoulder, caressing his chest.

“It was indeed," Riddian agreed, stroking her hair lightly. “So how was the meeting with the witches last night?”

“The witches have selected me as a candidate to be their coven leader, but I don’t think that’s a good idea,” LeAnn replied.

“Well I beg to differ.” Riddian kissed her forehead. “I think you’ll make a great leader.”

Lying on top of him, her eyes meet his tender gaze. She laughed briefly before saying. “You really think so?”

“Yes, I’m positive,” He answered assertively.

“By the way, how are things with you and your brothers? Are you three getting along?” LeAnn smiled warmly then asked.

She noticed Riddian seemed a bit troubled earlier and wanted to question him about the cause of his worries. But he didn’t give her the chance to.

But now that she was no longer caught up in her sexual urges for him, she decided to find out. Though it seemed as if he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Sigh. No matter how Riddian tried to hide his worries, LeAnn still noticed it. However, he still doesn’t want to trouble her with his trivial issues with his brother Killian.

“Yeah everything is just fine.” Gently removing LeAnn’s from him, he sat to the left side of the bed. Lowering his head.

Unconvinced, LeAnn stared at his broad back. “You are not very convincing at all. What has Killian done now?”

He looked back at the beautiful and naked LeAnn, lying on the bed, smiling vaguely. “I’ve learnt that Killian didn’t seal Vee Naa in the void.”

LeAnn looked at him a bit clueless. Puzzled, but she held back her question to listen to him.

“Did you know Killian was deeply in love with the goddess Vee Naa? To be more precise, she was our first love.”

“I find that very surprising. Killian in love? I can’t imagine it,” LeAnn jested.

“You should have seen him back then.” Riddian smiled remembering how happy and good Killian was before they became vampires.

“You’re serious?” Her laughter vanished.

“Yes, he was a really good man.” Riddian laughed at her reaction.

“So what happened that makes him so. I don’t know. Demonic. Monstrous?”

“Well, it all started three thousand years ago, the night my brothers and I encountered the Darrnavian Goddess Vee Naa. We were having a bath in the Jutland River outside our village after magic practice when we noticed a beautiful woman standing ashore, radiating almost like the sun.”

“Magic practice?” LeAnn questioned.

“My brothers and I were warlocks before we became vampires. We are the Delikia brothers.”

“No way!” LeAnn uttered astonished and excited at the same time. “You three are the infamous warlock brothers who stopped the rogue deities from destroying the world. I thought they died.”

Riddian chortled before continuing his story. “Of course, none of us at time knew about the existence of Darrnavian Gods or Goddesses, but we knew she wasn’t human either. We thought she was like us, a witch.

“Jullian and I were drawn to her beauty like we would for any ordinary women, but for Killian, who was innocent and had no experience whatsoever with women. It was love at first sight. And she preyed on his genuine feelings for her. She was all Killian could talk about. Just the sound of her name made him uneasy. Smile truly from his heart.

“There were times Killian would sneak away from the village just to be with her, for hours. Sometimes the whole day, if he gets the chance. Killian would always come home full of bliss and joy after their every so call secret meets. He would also have wounds on hidden places of his body, and whenever I questioned him about it, he would just smile and lie right to my face.

“I got so fed up with his lies one day, I decided to confront Vee Naa regarding the causes of his injuries, but instead of getting answers. I was seduced by her beauty and charm.

“Afterwards, I felt ashamed, not because we had sex. But because I had betrayed my brother. And if he found out that I had sex with the love of his life. It would destroy him,”
Riddian voiced regretfully. “Nonetheless, I’ve decided to tell my brother about the mistake that happened with his lover, but she persuaded me not to.

“I made up my mind then that it won’t ever happen again, but that was easier said than done. Being intimate with a Goddess is way different from being with an ordinary woman.

“Sex with Vee Naa is incomparable, it’s something I had never experienced before and I want to explore more. I’ve tried to suppress that strong raw desire that she has awaken within me, for my brother’s sake for days. But I wasn’t strong enough.

“I continued to indulge in the sinful act with her. Without any of my brother’s knowledge. Or so I thought. Turned out Killian already knew that Vee Naa was not only having sex with me, but Jullian as well. I thought he’d be infuriated by this, but he was the opposite. He took it so lightly as if nothing serious had happened.

“Killian made us swear not to tell her that he knew about the affair between her, and us his brothers. He also granted us permission to passionately embrace his lover whenever she requested.

“How could he be so composed, knowing all of this for so long? How can he smile so genuinely with a heart secretly burning fire of hurt and despair? How could he forgive us his brothers for betraying him so easily?

“This made me felt even worse about myself, but that didn’t stop me from indulging in sexual intercourse with the Goddess. I fell in love with her, so there was no stopping myself."
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