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“A few days has passed, before Jullian and I realized Killian was missing. And there was no signed of Vee Naa either. So Jullian and I left the village in searched of our brother, worried what might have happened to him. But if we were true to ourselves, it was because we missed Vee Naa. We yearned for her touch.

“We use all sort of locating spell to track down our brother, but they were of no use. We then decided to search for Vee Naa and two days after we found her and Killian as well.

“The Goddess held him prisoner for days, but of his own free will. We demanded our brother by force, but she was too powerful for us to handle without the power of Delikia ternary magic. So we were easily defeated.

“Vee Naa banished Jullian to Solitary a place desolate and uninhabited, a prison build for warlocks and witches. And as for me, she had me trapped in some underground cave bind to a stone with shackles that prevent the usage of magic, where I suffered an unimaginable amount of torture. I was raped over and over again by the vicious Goddess for one month, non-stop.

“I remember it was so good that it get so bad. Each time Vee Naa had sex with me. She drained my magic, my life force, causing grave injuries to my body and soul. It was then I understand why Killian had those injuries back then.

“I was on the brink of death when Jullian came to rescue me. And as soon as we were back to good health, we both ventured out for days with one goal in our mind. To free our brother from the clutch of that cruel Goddess, but we had no luck locating Killian or Vee Naa.

“Therefore, we decided to go home. Hoping that Killian might break free on his own and return to the village. Waiting for us. We know that’s highly unlikely, but we were desperate.

“When we arrived in the village, we were shocked by the horror we saw. Every man, woman and even children was dead. Lacerated by some form of blade."

“Jullian and I suddenly felt an eerie vibe, a jolt of lightening. A sick in the stomach feeling, as if our lives were being taken away. And without hesitation, we rushed to our cottage on the east fringe of the village, where we found Killian on the floor slowly dying.

“Vee Naa was also there smiling, enjoying his every moment of suffering. She then explained in detail to us how she used Killian to create a spell that would free the most dangerous Darrnavian supreme God Daa Rez from his prison. And by doing this spell, Killian sacrificed the life of everyone in the village. Including a part of his own life force."

“Daa Rez, Vee Naa and the other Darrnavian Gods worked together and made hell on earth. Suffering beyond what any mortal has ever felt and Killian shouldered the burden of everything.

“It almost drove him to insanity. He didn’t talk, he didn’t eat. He didn’t even sleep for days. It took a few months for him to come back to somewhat normal, but I know he was still hurt deeply by everything.

“Long story short we encountered the demi God, and together we all do our part to save the world. My brothers and I imprisoned Daa Rez back to the underworld where he belongs. Then we created the void that trapped the rogue Darrnavian Gods with the help of the demi God’s. At the stake of our own lives.

“However, before he drew his last breath, Killian cast a very powerful spell that was intended to resurrect Jullian and I from the dead. And the spell did so much more than that. It made all three of us into what we are today, an Elemental. After that day Killian was never the same."

“I never knew Killian had such a horrible past.” LeAnn felt a bit sympathetic for Killian after hearing Riddian’s story. Now she somewhat understood why Killian had such a twisted personality.

“Don’t blame yourself for what Killian has, become. It’s not your fault." Her hand comfort Riddian’s jaw.

Looking at her face that expressed hope and love, Riddian smile. He wished he believed what she said was the truth, but he can’t.

“Did you know your brother killed my adoptive mother and sisters?”

“I’m sorry," Riddian apologized on his brother's behalf.

“Don’t be, it happened centuries ago.” LeAnn laughed to lighten up the gloomy atmosphere, but failed. “My adoptive mother and sisters were abusing me. Using my magic to do horrible things. And if I refused to do as they say, I would be punished for days without food or water. Locked away in a cellar.

“A part of me resent Killian for killing them, but I was glad he did. I know it’s probably wrong of me to think like that, but it was a relief. He saved me from doing the thing I wished to do myself every day. I know he can be a monster, but he’s your brother, and it’s clear that you love him, so don’t give up on him."

“I will try.” Riddian smiled briefly. “Although he doesn’t make it easy to love him.”

An electrifying sensation tingles LeAnn’s body, causing her to spring out of bed with the sheet covering her. The witches of Saltiago Town are requesting an audience with her right now.

“Are you alright?” Riddian question worriedly. He thought something or some unforeseen agent had attacked her. Sensing the magic that surrounded her.

“I’m sorry to cut our conversation short, but my presence is needed by the coven.”

“Do you have to go now?" Riddian stood in front of her in a blink, before she could teleport from the room.

Shifting her eyes down to his crotch that was standing at attention, LeAnn bites her lips hungry for him. “Yes, though you are making it very difficult for me to leave. So please don’t distract me and make me want to stay.”

“At least let me make you lunch,” He offered.

“That’s sweet.” Tenderly, she kissed him on the lips. “But I really have to go.”

“Come on.” Riddian placed a hand on her abdomen, leading all the way down to her pelvis. “You know you want to stay.”

“That’s not fair Riddian,” She whinned.

“What’s not fair?” Riddian smiled playfully. “All I want to do is spend quality time with my girlfriend.”

She could feel every sensation of his touch combusting her skin. Her blood rushing through her veins. “Please don’t make me change my mind about leaving. The witches need me."

“I need you. I love you."

LeAnn gives into her urges and kissed Riddian endlessly. There were sensual touching, squeezing and moaning.

“See, you want to,” Riddian teased. Picking her up in his arms with both her legs wrapped around his waist.

“I can’t.” She kissed his lips hesitantly. “I have to — go meet with the witches."

“Then go.” He nibbled at her neck, groping her ass.

“I’m serious Riddian,” She protested.

Positioning her on the bed to lie, Riddian steamy eyes fixated on her. “I know you are.”

He kissed her breast, going right up to her lips. His hips fastened between her legs.

Feeling Riddian entering her moist extra sensitive area, she clawed into his back until it bleeds. She bit his shoulder as he penetrates harder. He rubbed his arms along her silky shapely legs and every nerve, cells and muscles inside LeAnn’s body ignited.

The only thought on Riddian’s mind was to penetrate her no matter how loud she screams, or how much her eyes beg for mercy. He had no intention to stop. Not until he reached his goal, and that is to please every inch of her body.

Her soft groans motivate him to keep going more, plundering her body until he felt like he was about to explode.

She squeezed him against her body, uttering a loud moaned of pleasure. He orgasmed shortly after. Staring down at her fiercely and yet satisfied.
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