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“Luke! Luka!” Killian hollered while coming down the single staircase.

“Oh, there you are.” He spotted the twin seated on the middle two-seater sofa, east of the living room, watching television. “I’m going to Cerebral City. Will you two like to accompany me?”

“We can’t go back there,” Luke voiced a bit upset, recalling disturbing memories that occurred at that city.

“Why not?” Killian asked popping open a champagne bottle he took from a cabinet and had a drink. “I’m sure a city control by supernatural creatures. That treats humans like garbage should be fun. Isn’t it? I’ve heard from Riddian that you two are from that city.”

“We would love to accompany you, but we can’t even if we want to.” Luke really didn’t want to go back to that city, that reminded him of that tragedy. “Riddian becharmed us to stay here, therefore we cannot go.”

“Don’t make excuses. You just don’t want to go there because Luka killed your father.”

“How did you know?” Luke uttered surprised.

“I know and so do Riddian.”

“Riddian warned us to stay away.” Tears gathered in Luke’s eyes. The death of his dad has been weighing on his mind for hours now. “But we didn’t listen. I didn’t listen. We tried explaining who we were, and he just flipped out and attacked us.”

“If Luka didn’t kill him, it would be you who died. That’s why you blame yourself for your father’s death.”

“It is my fault,” Luke stated guilty. “I convinced my brother to go to Cerebral City.”

“Don’t feel too bad about it.” Killian now stand before Luke, holding his right shoulder. Gazing into his pathetic eyes. “If it makes you feel any better, your father was going to die anyway. After all, he’s human.”

“I hate you.” Luke was angered by Killian’s insensitive remarks.

“Do I look like I care, if you or anyone like me?” Killian snorted.

All the windows of Garden Villa Mansion suddenly shattered to pieces. Luka and Luke dived to the floor to avoid the flying glass shards. Killian protected himself using telekinesis.

A very pleasing man with purple lightening, sparking all over his perfectly built body appeared in the room. His hair was dark, straight and sharply edged. His eyes were diamond purple and his skin was milk chocolate and gleaming. He throws a bolt of purple lightning at Killian, bashing Killian to the floor.

Unharmed, Killian stood brushing himself off. A smile curling his wretched lips. “Darrnavian nature God of Lightening and Tremor Aaid Den. You are either brave or stupid for coming here.”

“Brave.” Vicious lightening emits across the mighty God’s body. “Yes. Stupid on the other hand, that more your area of expertise.”

Quicker than a blink, Killian sprinted towards Aaid Den. Targeting his powerful fist at the lightening God who swiftly blocked it. Condensed purple lightening on his solid rock right fist and punch Killian in the face. Sending him flying across the room.

Aaid Den appeared behind Killian who was now back on his feet, kicking him to the wall.

Secretly, Killian took out the celestial dagger from behind his pant's waist, then like a vicious animal pounced at Aaid Den. Slashing at the lightening God, who barely managed to avoided getting deeply cut in the face.

With speed even greater than that of a vampire, Aaid Den Punched Killian with his most powerful lightening fist to the chest. Shattering every bone inside his body before kicking him in the face which send Killian tumbling like a lifeless doll into the couches.

“Where did you get that?” Aaid Den asked touching his slightly cut right cheek, which spilled glowing purple coloured blood.

“Just die.” With all his vampiric strength and speed, Killian threw the celestial dagger, and it pierced Aaid Den’s stomach.

Aaid Den uttered a loud echoing thunderous roar, that spread throughout the mansion, before vanishing without a trace.

“He got away,” Killian cursed, as he stood to his feet. He gazed over at the twin’s lying on the floor terrified and smiled. “Are you two alright?”

“I think so,” Luke replied a little shaken.

“Good, now please clean this place up before Riddian gets back here.” Killian dashed out the front door before Luke could whine and complain.

The atmosphere became tense inside the Cerebral Bar lounge upon Killian entering. An arrogant smile displayed on his face. And as he approached the counter, Samuel Glade (the leader of the vampire fraction in Cerebral City) who was seated at the counter drinking an alcoholic beverage, in a flash blocked his path.

“You have some nerve showing up here again.” Samuel’s eyes were fierce and domineering.

“Do I know you?” Killian asked rudely.

“So you already forget who I am.” Samuel smirked. This guy is really asking for a beat down. And that he’s going to get. “Well it doesn’t matter. You escape the last time you were here, but not this time.”

Killian attempted to go to his destination the counter to get a few drinks and was stopped by Samuel’s strong hand clenching his shoulder. “What do you want now stinking breath?”

Of course, this made Samuel angry, beyond furious. On the verge of exploding. How dare this nobody vampire insults him in his own territory, in front of his followers. Death is the only way to repay his insolent.

Thirty vampires surrounded the two men, but everyone mean glares was only focused on Killian as a mean to intimidate him. Awaiting orders from their vampire lord to harm him.

Twisting the hand Samuel used to hold his shoulder, Killian kicked him with great strength which sent Samuel flying, breaking the ring that surrounded them, crashing into a table.

Without hesitation, the thirty vampires attacked Killian who evaded all their punches and kicks before taking hold of a vampire. Slammed him to a pool table, piercing the pool stick through his mouth until it ejects out the other end.

Clutching another vampire who attempted to attack him from behind by the neck, Killian crushed the vampire windpipe until his head was torn off. Then in times of second, he picked up six pool balls from a table. Throwing them at six vampires who recklessly charged towards him and each ball pierced a vampire heart or skull.

The remaining vampires were angered by the death of their comrades. But they were more afraid of the handsome monster who stood fearlessly before them to even think about getting revenge.
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