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“You are so powerless and yet you wish to fight with me. How pointless.” The minute Samuel recovered from his injuries, Killian seized his neck.

“Release me now!” Samuel demanded. “You can’t treat me like this. I’m the lord of all vampires in this city.” He then eyed the bystander, his followers. “What are you all waiting for?! Kill him!”

All the vampires were hesitant to obey though. And who could blame them. After witnessing the brutal death of their comrades. They were terrified of the savage monster who held their vampire lord like a sheep in the jaws of a savage lion.

“Since you are so eager to die, then die.” Killian ploughed a hand into Samuel’s mouth. Ripping out his tongue, along with his oesophagus and his heart.

“All hail the new lord of vampires.” After recovering from the death of their former vampire lord. The vampires all get down on their knees and said.

Dropping Samuel’s corpse to the floor, Killian acknowledged the vampires. “That was easy. But fortunately for you, I don’t play leader any more.”

“My lord,” a rubenesque blonde woman said upon confronting Killian. “You defeated the previous vampire lord, therefore that makes you our new lord.”

“Guerin is your name right?” Killian asked, helping the woman up to her feet.

“How do you know my name?” Guerin asked curiously. She then said politely. “I mean yes my lord.”

“As of now you are in charge.” Killian was about to leave, and Guerin stood before him with her palm rested on his abdomen. “What do you want woman?”

“Before you go, we would all like to know the name of the new vampire Lord,” Guerin insisted.

“Why? I told you, you are the new leader.” Killian was intrigued by her bravery after witnessing how cruel he could be, she has the nerve to bother him.

“The only way I can be the next leader, it’s if I kill you. And I know that is impossible. So until you die, we have to obey you.”

“How unfortunate for all of you. As much as I want to punish and torture you all, every day. I have something to take care of.”

“But my lord—”

Killian took hold of Guerin’s plump firm breasts, shutting her up.

“You have a nice size for a young vampire,” He commented.

Guerin slapped Killian to the cheek for his rude action, and he strongly took hold of her. Placing her to lie against the pool table, hovering her with his waist fastened between her legs.

He busted her top open and her breast was in full view. Embarrassed she tried to push him off, but he held her down, so she wasn’t able to move no matter how great her strength was.

“You are a newborn vampire aren’t you?” Killian teased her nipples with his mouth, and she tightened. He then gazed at the other vampires inside and said. “I can tell no vampire in here is over five hundred years old. You are all weaklings. Why would I want to lead you?”

“Because we can’t survive without our leader,” Guerin stuttered. “Samuel was the only one who made the survival of vampires in this city possible. If words got out that Samuel Glade is dead, then our territory will be taken, and we will perish along with it.”

“How pitiful, too bad it won’t matter any more.” Killian removed himself from Guerin, who held her shirt together to cover her breast.

“What do you mean by that?” Guerin looked puzzled.

“Say goodbye to each other or find another City. Or you can stay here and perish, either by the witches you fear or by me.”

Without hesitation, everyone except Guerin rushed out the bar stormily.

“You are quite brave,” Killian commended.

“Cerebral City is my home,” Guerin said. “I won’t leave here. I rather die.”

“I like your style. You are full of spunk. Who were you to Glade?”

“Three days ago, I got shot, and Samuel turned me to save me. I was going to be his vampire queen in two days time, but you killed him.”

“So does that make you my queen now?” Killian flirted.

“No.”Guerin turned up her nose disdainfully. “Samuel was the only man for me.”

“Have you even been with a man before?” He taunted.

“No,” she answered a bit mortified. “And why am I answering your every question. I don’t want to tell you this, but I can’t help it.”

“I’m actually becharming you dear.”

“Samuel told me vampires can’t becharm other vampires,” she uttered shock.

“I guess he never met me, before.”

“Now that I think about it, how do you know my name?”

“I’m Killian McHale. Nice to meet you.”

“I never asked.”

Killian face brightened up with obscenity, and she blushes with her head held low. “I know, but I feel you need to know it, so you can holler it out when I’m fucking you.

“Anyway, I gotta go.”

“Where are you going?” Guerin held Killian hands. She didn’t want him to go. What is she doing? Why is she doing this?

“I get the impression that you are infatuated with me,” Killian teased.

“No, I’m not,” Guerin denied, removing her arm from him, couldn’t even look at him fully.

Killian stood before her in a flash, and she backed away. He walked after her until her back hit the wall. His face rubbed against hers slightly, teasing her lips that were dampened and eager for a kissed from his lips.

“I don’t want to.” Guerin hands rested on his beefy chest barely trying to fight him off her, but something inside her wanted to just squeeze him. “Why can’t I?”

“Because when you become a vampire, all your emotions heightened, especially your sex drive. Didn’t Samuel teach you this?”

“He did,” Guerin responded. “But —”

“Samuel never made you feel this way.” Killian finished her sentenced. “What a pity.”

“How did you know I was going to say that?”

“Enough talking. Let’s fuck." Killian’s lips grazed hers.

Guerin grabbed on to his face and suck on to his lips like a leech to the flesh. Killian took hold of her and lay her flat on the bar counters, lay between her legs and have his way with her.
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