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A broad smile brightens Chantal Flores face. Why? Because she is celebrating her five-hundredth birthday of course. And every witch and warlock, from the oldest to the youngest, gathered at Marianna Estate bearing gifts. Showing their respect to their leader.

Her smile suddenly vanished, and her eyes bulge, upon sighting Killian, whom she thought was Riddian standing at the entrance. The guards at the door were preventing him from entering, and Killian ripped their heads off in the most brutal way possible.

A path was made as Killian slowly approached Chantal who was seated at the podium.

“What do you want Riddian McHale?” Chantal strongly asked, just to not look weak. But really the vampire made her greatly uneasy. “Why are you here, dishonouring me on my birthday, killings my witches?”

“I see you met my younger brother.” Killian stopped at the starting of the podium, glaring at Chantal with a prideful grin.

“Behemoth the destroyer!” Chantal stuttered completely terrified.

Witches and warlocks stood surprised, fear gleamed in their eyes. Whispering and gossiping amongst themselves.

“I guess witches never forget misfortunes.” Killian smiled wickedly.

“What do you want?” Chantal asked sternly, but deep down she was horrified, and it displayed in her eyes. “Why are you here?”

She grunted painfully staring at Killian with eyes that looked as if they were about to implode, before falling to her knees.

“That’s for tricking my brother and trying to kill him. And if you’re wondering if Riddian told me about the incident between you two, he didn’t. I figure that much out without him knowing.”

Chantal breathe heavily, eyeing a few witches and warlock hinting them not to get involved.

“Now it seems I have all your attention,” Killian openly stated. “I’m actually here this evening because I’m in a good mood and want to celebrate. Would anyone be kind enough to fetch me some whiskey?

“How about you beautiful?” He flashed before a woman, and she flinched, falling to the ground.

Then he swished across to a man. “Or you? Get me some whiskey now!”

“Why don’t you get it yourself? You savage beast!” the man replied rudely. Big mistake.

“So brave and yet stupid.” With a soft punch, Killian knocked the man head from his shoulder.

The crowd gasp, some even covered their faces. Fear and distressed filled the room. A few witches tried escaping, but they were torn apart by Killian’s telekinetic powers before they could.

Killian slightly looked backed at a woman irksomely, then speedily grasp her by the neck. “I am 99.9 percent immune to witches magic. Therefore, your little street trick won’t work on me, love.”

So that’s how he managed to annihilate all those witches without any casualty fifty years ago, Chantal thought. She gnashed her teeth. “I’ll get you the bottle of whiskey, but only if you promise to leave this city and never return.”

Killian suddenly became bored. “Leave Cerebral City or die. The choice is yours really.”

The witches and warlock were disgruntled by Killian’s crazy demand. They didn’t want to leave the city that they love so much, nor did they want to die. But this monster is behemoth the destroyer, a menace to all witches and warlocks. And they were terrified of him.

A displeased warlock decided to lash out. “How dare you come to our territory and?” His speech ended when Killian punched a hole into his chest, startling the crowd.

“Anybody else wants to object?”

“Fine.” Chantal gave in to Killian’s demand. She had no other option, and she was definitely not a match for behemoth the destroyer. A vampire who slaughtered numerous covens of powerful witches with ease on his own.

If she was to battle him, her friends and servants would all die meaninglessly. It’s mere luck that they were given and alternative to stay alive and weren’t all killed. “We will all leave Cerebral City.”

“Good witch.” Killian smirked.

“I assume you are also going to force the vampires and lycanthropes to flee from the city as well. Just what are you planning? Why are you doing this?”

“I’m going to wipe Cerebral City off the map.” Killian smiled broadly, his eyes widening crazily.

“What!” Chantal hysterical gazed fixed on him.

“You see I have this tendency, this evil inside me that sought out to do the cruellest things possible, and now I want to destroy this city. On a whim, of course.”

“Are you mad?!” Chantal blurted out.

“Barely,” Killian retorted.

“You can’t wipe an entire city off the map. That will surely draw unwanted attention or worst.”

Killian smiled at Chantal’s sour facial expression then asked. “And who is going to stop me? No one can prevent this from happening. No one.”

Everyone was in a dazed, can’t believe their ears. Wondering if the vampire was getting mad or rather insane. Destroying a whole city seemed to be a meaningless goal. So why do this? But then again vampires are ruthless monsters and behemoth is the worst of them all.

Chantal ordered everyone to leave Cerebral City. There were frowning and disagreements, but everyone was intimidated by Killian’s overpowering presence, they give up hope to even rebelled and left quietly.

A massive telekinetic energy emitted from Killian’s body at the glowing of his scarlet eyes, destroying Marianna Estate. But this was only the beginning of his rampage.

Buildings broke apart, crumbling like crackers as Killian moderately walked the streets of Cerebral City. Men, women and children’s crushed to death inside those buildings or shattered to pieces by the strong whistling telekinetic energies.

As for the people who were sighted by Killian, running wildly in the streets panicking. They were all slaughtered brutally. Drained of their blood one by one, by the vicious fiend.

Some time later, Killian arrived at the territory of the Lycanthrope and his path was blocked by an angry mob of lycanthropes.

“It’s you again!” Raul snarled. “I thought after the last beat down you never returned to this city.”

“Let me guess from the nasty smell in the air I assumed you are all dogs.” Killian turned up the nose disgusted.

The group of Lycanthrope attempted attacking the insolent vampire, but was smashed to the ground by the overwhelming force of telekinetic energy. Unable to move.

“Why do I hate lycanthropes again?” Killian picked up Raul from the ground, holding him betwixt the elbows from behind, jamming his teeth into Raul’s neck. He then tossed Raul to the ground, spitting out the distasteful blood. “Oh now I remember. Dog blood taste like poison.”

The lycanthropes struggled to move, to aid their leader, but they were glued to the ground like flies on a fly trap. Killian turned his palm up as a mean of manipulating his telekinetic power, which killed a few lycanthropes.

Witnessing his friends and families being killed in front of him, made Raul angry. So angry, he transformed into a seven-feet tall browned furred wolf, charging at the vampire. However, he was caught mid-air by Killian’s telekinetic powers.

Killian closed one palm forming a fist, and the wolf was crushed by unforeseen forces until it reverts to its human form (Raul) and fell to his knees. He appeared before Raul in the second it takes to blink, patting his head like a pet dog.

“It seems you are all truly eager to die. Very well, your wish will be granted.” Killian twisted Raul’s neck with a single hand, before unleashing an outburst of dark aura that completely destroyed the remaining living species. The entire city.
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