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The tragedy that befell Cerebral City spread throughout the world via news, by midday the next morning. It was said that a massive earthquake had destroyed the city, but Riddian knew better than to believe what he heard from the tell lie vision.

He turned the television off. Get up from the recliner sternly gazing at Killian, who recently entered the front door with his female companion, Guerin.

“Destroy any city lately?”

“As a matter a fact I did,” Killian voiced elated, but really he was irritated by his brother nagging interrogation. “What is so wrong about that anyway? I was just having a little fun.”

“Destroying an entire city is not what I classified as fun, Killian. It’s a massacre!” Riddian roared with rage.

“Spear me the lecture, Riddian aka Mr. Perfect,” Killian barked at him.

“There will be severe consequences for your reckless action,” Riddian warned.

Killian’s face expressed, do I look like I give a damn. “That’s what that witch Chantal told me, but that didn’t stop me from wiping Cerebral City from the face of the earth.”

“What the hell were you thinking?” Killian was knocked down to the floor, by something hard and fast. His big brother Jullian.

“Great more lecturing.” Killian smiled cheekily, setting his broken jaw bone in the correct place, and it healed instantly.

“How could you do something so stupid?” Jullian hollered greatly upset.

“If you two are done scolding me, I’d like to go upstairs and have some fun time with the lovely lady here.” Killian took Guerin arms, pulling her behind him towards the double staircase.

“Why do you always make it your duty to ruin everything?” Jullian forcefully stopped Killian before he could make it up the stairs. “You weren’t once like this Killian.”

“Well people change!” Killian eyes flared red, triggering his telekinetic abilities, which shattered a few glasses.

Jullian delivered an explosive slap to Killian’s jaw that swung his head to the side.

“I simply embraced what I am, brother. Unlike you and Riddian, who pretend to be human when you’re not.” KIllian looked Jullian in the eyes fiercely. “So what if I destroy a city, what if I slaughtered billions of people? I’m a monster, doing what is expected from a monster.”

“Someday you will regret the bad choices you made, brother.” Riddian voiced sadly, which made Killian felt a bit bothered. His little brother always gets under his skin somehow. “You will truly regret the hurt you have cause to us, your own brothers.”

“Probably I will, or maybe I won’t.” Killian swept Guerin off her feet about to speed off, but Jullian has stopped him yet again and said.

“While you were out destroying a city and boning, I was out searching for the whereabouts of the rogue Darrnavian Gods with Ric QuaAn. We managed to located Vee Naa and Ka Daar at Sky Pillar, also known as the throne of Gods.”

“Can’t the gods wait until later? I’m fucking horny here.” Killian sighed fatigued.

“I thought you were on a rampage to kill Darrnavian Gods?”

“Of course, I am. But sex comes first,” Killian responded. “And speaking of deities, Aaid Den was here yesterday. He made a total mess out of this place. I’m surprised you already repaired it.”

“I had it repaired, and you just destroyed it again.” Riddian voiced disgruntled. “And the boys already informed me about your encounter with Aaid Den yesterday. Did you kill him?”

“He’s a God Riddian. You didn’t think it would be easy. I did manage to hurt him though. Not that he will remain that way for long.”

“I wonder why Aaid Den would even attack you. I thought he was one of the good Darrnavian Gods.”

“There’s no such thing as a “good or bad” Darrnavian God. We all know those Darrnavian Gods are just crazy. They are like two-sides of a coin. Today they show a good face, tomorrow a bad face.”

“However, Killian. There must be a reason why the supreme God Aaid Den attacked you.” Jullian partly agreed to Killian statement, but it doesn’t go for all Darrnavian Gods.

“It’s simple,” Killian said. “He wants to dominate the world, the same as the other Darrnavian Gods that has gone rogue. Which is why he tried to get rid of me who's a threat to his scheme.”

“Aaid Den is known for his tenacity, if he was here to kill you, he wouldn’t stop until he accomplished it.” Jullian looked pensive.

“Not that I can die,” Killian added.

“I assumed Vee Naa and Ka Daar have something to do with this. Those two are toying with us to distract us from their main goal.”

“Now we know why they got married to each other. Ka Daar the God of deception and Vee Naa a deceiving and cunning bitch. They are a perfect match.”

“We need to get rid of those two troublesome Gods and their followers forever. To ensure the safety of our world,” Riddian interjected.

“Are those brats, home now?” Killian changed the topic, talking about rogue Gods right now, is not fun.

“No,” Riddian answered. Why is Killian asking about Luke and Luka at a time like this, he wondered. “They are at school. I have enrolled them at the Orphic Garden High.”

“That’s good, because what is about to happen next is not something for children to see or hear.” Killian dashed up the left path of the double stairway with Guerin.
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