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“What are we going to do with him?” Riddian gazed at the Jullian with a crazed expression, after hearing the sounds of furniture breaking, moaning and loud music upstairs. “He’s like a rebellious teenager.”

“Speaking of teenagers.” Jullian sat at the recliner relaxed. Riddian sat at the three seated couch on the left, closest to his older brother. “Why did you turn two sixteen-year-old boys into vampires?”

Regret churned Riddian’s stomach. “I didn’t turn them intentionally. I was trying to save them.”

“You promised not to turn anyone again, because you don’t want them to bear the curse of immortality. Not to mention after what happened the last time you had turned a child.”

“I know I did. And I broke that promise, turning two innocent boys into vampire,” Riddian voiced guilty.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself.” Jullian comfort him. “Probably things might turn out differently this time. Besides, you have Killian here to help you mould them into the way they should grow?”

“Was that meant to be a joke?” Riddian rolled his eyes.

“Killian is probably the worst idea of a father figure ever.” Jullian chuckled.

“Why can’t a conversation with Killian be this civilized and fun like with you? Sometimes I wish I could have the old Killian back. The Killian before we were a vampire.”

“Don’t make it get to you. I’m sure Killian loves you a lot than he shows it.”

“Killian sees you as his equal, while I’m just his weak little brother.”

“So that’s how it seems,” Jullian laughed before saying. “Well he’s already our brother. Blood Brothers Forever.”

“You are right,” Riddian smiled genuinely.

“Are you sure that it’s OK to send two newly turned vampires to a high school full of human children?” Julian asked greatly concern for the human children safety.

“No, I’m not. But they are just teenage boys. Not because they are vampires now, it means their normal life has to end. I want them to at least get to finish high school. I tried aiding them in how to control their hunger, or at least feed without killing. So far they have made progress.”

“It seems you’ve got everything all plan out Riddian.” Jullian patted Riddian on the shoulder, smiling.

“You are thinking of killing them, aren’t you?” Riddian asked seriously.

Jullian avoid answering the question though the answer was obvious. It was express all over his face. “Let’s go to Sky Pillar right now. When we return, we can talk about the fate of those boys.”

“What about Killian? I thought we were waiting until he gets here to go with us.”

“I don’t want to interrupt his “fun time.” I’m sure he’ll catch up when he realized we are gone. Now let’s go meet up with Ric QuaAn.”

“OK then.” Riddian and Jullian left out the mansion with speed greater than a firing bullet.

Butt naked, Killian lay on the floor of his bedroom. His hands stretched apart, eyes close. And his smile extended to each corner of his face. After what he deemed as exquisite sex.

“Where are you going?” He gazed up at Guerin silky, smooth body as she stood to her feet, heading for the door and asked.

“I am going to get us something to drink.” Guerin came to a standstill at the doorway that link the passageway and the bedroom.

“There is no need to. I have a private stash in here.”

Luka and Luke, who recently appeared in the passageway upstairs, were stunned. Aroused by the sight of the beautiful nude Guerin.

“Hi,” Luke hollered, waving a hand at her like a buffoon. It is first time seeing a real life female naked body. And god-damn it, it's even better than watching pornography or reading those raunchy magazines.

“Hey.” She waved back at the twin, before hurrying back into Killian’s bedroom. That was awkward.

“What are you two doing here?” Killian now stood at the doorway with a hand rest on the frame. “I thought Riddian, said you were at school or something like that.”

“We’re sorry,” Luke stammered, fearing Killian’s devilish glared. One wrong move, and he will be severely punished or worst killed. “We didn’t mean to.”

“Well don’t just stand there, boys. Don’t you see the adults are having a moment here? Get lost.” Killian fanned both boys off.

Without hesitation, Luke and Luka run off to their bedroom. A room two doors across from Killian’s bedroom, down the passageway.

Killian went back inside his room, closing the door. He held Guerin waist firmly, kissing her lips. “So what do we do next?”

“How about we have some drinks then have sex, in the shower,” she suggested giggling. “Then more sex after.”

“I Like that.” Killian plundered her lips again with a passionate deep kiss, backing her against a corner in the room. Her legs wrapped around his waist and his hands feeling on her thighs, her ass.

“Hold that thought.” He paused, listening for a second. “Those damn dumb bastard! How could they leave without me?”

“What is it Killian?” Guerin asked concerned. A little confuse as well.

“Those bastards left without me?” Killian complained, releasing Guerin and quickly get dressed in casual clothing. “I’m going to kill them.”

“Is something wrong Killian?”

“Stay here until I get back.” Killian lightly kissed her on the lips. “I have some unfinished business to attend too.”

“Where are you going?”

“I promise we will have that shower later. Until then, just make yourself at home." Killian dashed off.
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