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Riddian opened his eyes only to discover, yet again he was restrained. This time his wrists and ankles were shackled to a boulder inside a cave. Why does this keep happening to him?

There was no sign of light bulbs or torch in sight, but inside was as bright as day. Magic is truly an amazing thing.

A groan escaped his lips feeling as if his inside was trapped in a violent tornado. It was then he recalls the silver dagger still implanted in his stomach, the source of the hellish pain. He tried effortlessly to break free but of course he was unsuccessful.

“Its useless trying to break from those shackles, brother of Killian,” a gorgeous young female speaks as she approached Riddian. She was lightly dressed in white garments which revealed most of her milk white skin that glisten like polished pearls and outlined her natural figure. “They’re enchanted.”

“Who are you?” Riddian asked interrogatively.

“I’m Skylar,” the young beauty answered, flipping back a loose strand of her long brunet hair.

Attentively she looked at Riddian’s physical features that resembled Killian a hundred percent then bite her lips teasingly. “Killian never mentioned anything about me? We used to fuck all the time.”

“No he did not.”Riddian expressed his displeasure. He didn’t need to know that.

She gently rubbed her delicate hands along his cheek up to the crown of his head. “I find it hard to believe that Killian had a twin brother, even though you are right in front of me. You even feel just like him.”

“Why am I here?”Riddian questioned a bit irritated by this damn woman. If only he was at full power, then these unfortunate events would have never occurred.

“To lure your brother here of course,” Skylar answered. “Let’s hope he values your life enough to come to your rescue.” She laughed humorously. “Though I doubt he’ll even come, since that monster values nothing except himself.”

Without a sound, out of nowhere, a fair young lady stood next to Skylar. Her beauty was on par with Skylar, but unique in its own way. Body perfectly curved as if by a great sculptor. Hair was like black silk hanging loosely down her back and her dark brown skin was flawless, radiating almost like the moon.

“So this is Killian’s little brother.” Her fierce crimson eyes made contact with Riddian. Her beautifully carved lips smile contemptuously. “He’s even more good-looking than is brother.

“I’m Maria Regals, by the way.”

Riddian eyed Maria from head to toe. And even he had to admit she was a beauty. “So you are the Maria Regals.”

“You heard of me,” Maria was flattered.

“Of course,” Riddian replied. “I’ve heard Killian mentioned your name once in a sentence that end with wanting to kill you.”

“That’s me.” Maria lips curled into a wicked smile.

“You have heard of her but not me,” Skylar uttered angered. Jealous even.

“Oh stop your whining Skylar.” Peru appeared with amusement expressed on her face. She was clad in white, and her hair was let loose, displaying an even greater beauty. “No one likes a clingy bitch.”

“What did you say?!” Skylar geared up to rip the head from the impudent witch.

“Ladies,” Maria intervened in what she deemed as a childish squabble. “Now is not the time to be turning on each other.”

“Why are you all so eager to get Killian here, knowing what he’s capable of?” Riddian interrupted their meaningless argument.

With inhuman strength and precise aiming skill, Maria threw three daggers in Riddian’s direction, piercing three different parts of his torso. Pain creased Riddian’s face.

Five hundred years ago, my two maidservants and I found your brother lying unconscious, naked at the river bank outside my village,” Maria began. “And though it was forbidden to bring strangers to the village, I disobeyed, feeling pity. No. Captivated by the unknown attractive stranger and took him into our village.

“Of course, my father the village chief, along with the elders was strongly against Killian staying there. As I know they would be. However, I persuaded my father, who convinced the elders to let him stay until he recovered.

“Three days later, Killian regained consciousness, thanks to the hard effort of our healers. But he had no memories of whom he was or what happened to him before I found him. Or so he led us to believe.

“The elders were hell-bent on him leaving the village, now that Killian is awakened and insisted that my father tossed the stranger from the village. But I pleaded with my father yet again to let Killian remained in the village. This time until Killian lost memories has recovered. It was a difficult decision for my father to make. Heed the words of the elders or obliged to the plea of his little angel. Nonetheless, he had come to a decision. He granted my request, knowing the elders would detest him even more for not only breaking the law of the village. But also his word to cast out the stranger the minute he had recovered.

“For days, the villagers treated Killian with disdain. Some with caution, others as if he has the plague. Then one day a lethal disease befell the people of the village. One that our healers have never seen before and was unable to cure, but miraculously, Killian was able to. And by doing so Killian gained the admiration and trust of the entire village. Even the elders who were against him staying in the village believed he was ‘a being sent from the heaven.’ If only we knew it was the opposite.”

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