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At the top of Mount Ruston, Riddian, Ric QuaAn and Jullian, stood gazing up at Sky Pillar. A giant floating rock above the cloudy sky.

With the help of Ric QuaAn’s power to manipulate the wind, the three were carried towards Sky Pillar. Landing on a flat surface made of pure gold.

A large middle age castle appeared before their eyes and standing above the towers were Quinn and two other Darrnavian Gods. Kor Raan and Aar Raan.

“Well, look who we have here,” Quinn stated openly. “Ric QuaAn and the Delikia brothers or at least two of them. I wonder what happen to that monster. I heard rumours of Cerebral City destruction. Something tells me it was his doings. Out of all you brothers, I must say I like him the best.”

Riddian and Jullian gear up for battle, each holding a celestial dagger. They dare not let their guards down around their powerful enemies.

Kor Raan settled his fiery gaze at Ric QuaAn. “Even if you are the son of the supreme God of Gods, telling the secret about how to kill a God is a taboo.”

“I did no such thing,” Ric QuaAn stated sternly. “The brothers found this out themselves. But I will admit I was the one who gave Jullian and Riddian McHale these celestial daggers, weapons created by Gods to kill another God.”

“So you admit to your treason. As expected of the most straightforward of the Gods. But if you interfere any further in our affairs, you will be punished according to the laws of Darrnavia.”

“I’m well aware. However, I’m not here to fight, but to watch what happens.”

“Where is that serpent Vee Naa?” Riddian asked.

“Riddian Delikia, or should I call you Riddian McHale now.” Vee Naa descend from the sky, standing before the three on the flat surface. “I didn’t think you’d be asking for me. After all, I did torture you to the brink of death.”

“And I will return the favour a hundred-fold.” Riddian flung the celestial dagger at the Goddess, who quickly pulled backward. However, she wasn’t fast enough. The dagger grazed her face, and this made her angry.

Vee Naa screamed, unleashing a powerful sound wave that shoved the brothers backward. Ric QuaAn, on the other hand, was unaffected. She appeared before Riddian, who stabbed at her with the celestial dagger he retrieved with his telekinetic ability. She hit the dagger from his hand, raised her right fist with the intent to hit him really hard. And at that moment, Ric QuaAn slashed at her with the celestial dagger that suddenly appeared in his hand.

Vee Naa quickly used her powers to switch places with Riddian and the blade pierced Riddian to the chest instead. She then used her celestial dagger to stab Riddian in the back. The pain was deadly and dreadful, Riddian couldn’t help crying out in agony.

“You dare to interfere in my battle, little God.” Vee Naa gaze were like ice shards prickling Ric QuaAn’s skin. “Do you have a death wish boy?”

“Bring it on grandma,” Ric QuaAn taunted.

Vee Naa throw herself at Ric QuaAn. But unfortunately, before she could make contact with her target, she was caught by Jullian who was brimming with rage. She transformed into thousands of snakes, slipping through Jullian’s fingers, materialized behind him. Aiming a kick for his head, which Jullian quickly turn to block. However, his arms were temporarily broken.

His glowing red eyes triggered a strong telekinetic energy that forces the Goddess backward, smashing her through the walls of the castle.

Aar Raan and Jullian engaged in a melee combat afterwards. And Jullian was being overpowered by the God’s perfect fighting skills. He was struggling to defend against every kick, punch and slashes the God dealt at him.

A few punches got through his defence, followed by a kick to the cheek. And before Jullian could hit the ground Aar Raan held him firmly by the neck. Smashing him through the walls of the castle, banging him all about like a hammer. Then with a powerful fist, Aar Raan pound Jullian’s head, bashing it to the ground.

Jullian was seriously damaged, but thanks to the fact he’s not a normal vampire and his quick self-regenerative abilities he was still alive.

Kor Raan appeared next to Riddian, who lay on the ground as if he was in some kind of spiritual trance. Seized him by the neck. Strangling him so tightly, his eyes seems like they were about to pop from his head. Jullian used almost every ounce of his telekinetic energy to fend off Aar Raan, rushing to aid his brother. But unfortunately, Kor Raan stopped him with a gigantic flaming sword.

However, that didn’t keep Jullian down. He was eager to go save his brother. But this time Vee Naa hindered him from doing so, by knocking him down from behind with a heavy blow to the head.

Riddian though suffering from great pain, thanks to wound from the celestial dagger in his chest and back. Managed to gather all the telekinetic power he could muster. Blasting Kor Raan, who was force to release him to the ground before he was sent flying across Sky Pillar.

Meanwhile, above Sky Pillar. KaAn Jii, the Darrnavian war God and his Darrnavian Goddess wives, Sei Beel and Tel Ee Sis was looking down amused at the battle that was taking place.

“What brought you three here?” Quinn asked, appearing in the sky, where KaAn Jii and his wives were.

“Don’t mind us,” KaAn Jii replied. “We care not about your battle. We only wish to be entertained.”

“So you won’t reconsider my offer, KaAn Jii.”

“I’m powerful and free Ka Daar, anything I desire I can have it. So why bother to fight for what I already have? Besides, your methods of taking over the world don’t suit my criteria. I’m a war God, not a coward who devised sly schemes to defeat my opponent.”

“You are a hard shell to crack.” Quinn smile was like that of a cunning fox.

“Why aren’t you joining your comrades in battle Ka Daar?”

“I’m positive they can handle those three without my help.”

“I see.” KaAn Jii displayed a despising smile. “I guess you are toying with everyone here, God of Deception. This is all just a game to you.”

“What are you talking about, KaAn Jii?” Quinn played dumb to the war God’s statement. “Everyone is here of their own volition.”

“Is that so?” KaAn Jii smile lightly, gazing down at the battlefield. “Things seemed like they are about to get more interesting.”

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