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The power of Kor Raan began to increase, quivering Sky Pillar. Afterwards, he charged at Jullian like a flaming meteorite and their fists clashed. Causing a great force that send them flying in separate directions.

Suddenly, Jullian's skin gained another shade of black. Every strand of his hair turned black, sparkling like precious stones. Falling down to his ankles. His eyes enveloped with darkness with glowing red pupils and his fangs and claws were out and ready to tear into his enemy. He looked more like a beast than human now. This was the true form of an elemental.

Kor Raan and Aar Raan attacked Jullian from different angles with the celestial dagger, intending to pierce him. Unfortunately, for them, a white visible energy like a swung bat, hit the two deities away.

Instantaneously, Jullian held Kor Raan's neck and before the deity could retaliate he pierced him to the heart with his own celestial dagger. Kor Raan immediately burn to ash and vanished.

"Let's get out of here!" Jullian quickly picked up the unconscious Riddian, shouting at Ric QuaAn.

"No way!" Killian appeared out of the blue. His eyes pitched black, red lining around his pupils. Falling from the sky like a meteorite. He landed on Sky Pillar, making a crater beneath his feet. "Not until I eliminate all these Gods from the face of the earth once and for all."

"Killian McHale." Quinn's lips curled evilly. "It seems you have grown even more powerful from the last time we met. It would bring me great pleasure to test those powers of yours, but as much as we love to stay and fight with you. I'm afraid the fun has come to an end. We already got what we came here for. Let's continue this some other time Delikia brothers."

Quinn and Aar Raan disappeared before Killian fist could reach them. He targeted Vee Naa, but she evades him by ascending to the sky.

"You cowards!" Killian shouted angrily, and Sky Pillar began to break apart by the intense aura blend with his voice. "Stay and fight!"

"Don't worry Killian my love. You will soon get the battle you so strongly desire." Vee Naa assured him before vanishing from the scene.

Killian got so frustrated, so angry he unleashed an overwhelming dark aura that completely destroyed Sky Pillar.

Raining boulders fall from the sky along with Jullian, Riddian and Ric QuaAn. Jullian manage to take hold of the still unconscious Riddian, and with his telekinetic powers shield them both from getting hit by the falling rocks. Ric QuaAn, on the other hand, was unaffected by the rocks. They just shattered when they come into contact with him.

Seizing Ric QuaAn by the neck, Killian aimed a celestial dagger for his heart. However, Jullian though occupied with trying to keep Riddian safe from further damage, quickly stopped Killian's hand.

This, of course, angered Killian more. A dark light flash in his eyes triggering a powerful force of dark aura that sent both Jullian and Riddian flying in separate directions.

A gust of powerful wind violently pulled Killian away from Ric QuaAn, slicing into his body. But Killian was unaffected by pain due to his out of controlled power that was influencing his brain like a drunkard on liquor. The falling boulders all shattered to dust and the wind God was forcefully pushed back by the great immense aura that emit from Killian.

"Calm down Killian!" Jullian shouted from below at the out of control Killian who stood still in the sky. It seemed Killian isn't strong enough to control his new-found powers as yet.

Killian glared down at his brothers falling from the sky. Jullian was trying with all his might to catch the unconscious Riddian, but he's too far away. Killian, however, with immense speed caught his little brother before he hit the ground. And safely landed on the top of Mount Ruston with Riddian unconscious lying across his arms.

Jullian, who shortly landed, speed toward Killian. Punching him in the face, but Killian barely budge. "You could have killed him."

"Don't be silly, brother. We are immortal." Killian's power suddenly dispersed. "We can't be killed."

"That maybe true, but Riddian was struck by two Celestial daggers. Blades that are powerful enough to kill a God. And we don't know its effects against us. For all I know Riddian might be in the process of dying, or if he isn't already dead. And to make things worst you lost control of your powers destroying everything without a care. What if the dagger had made Riddian vulnerable enough so that your powers could kill him?"

"Are you the one who stab my brother in the back?" Killian ignored his older brother babbling, fiercely gazing at Ric QuaAn who gently landed on the mountain.

Ric QuaAn still his gazed at Killian and was about to admit it was his doing.

"Vee Naa did it," Jullian replied before Ric QuaAn could open his mouth. Killian would go insane with rage if he knew the truth.

Killian without a word or reaction flew off into the sky.

"Why did you just lie?" Ric QuaAn spoke calmly.

"Well she did stab him in the back." Jullian jested. "The last thing I want is Killian having a reason to fight with you or worst go berserk again. He barely manages to regain control of his powers thanks to Riddian being here. And besides, I don't want you to harm my dearly beloved little brother. That will make you my enemy."

"So what are you going to do now Jullian? Vee Naa and Ka Daar have escaped. And with every minute they are free, this world is in danger."

"Well my plan is simple. Stop them before whatever they are planning succeed."

"What will you do about, Killian? If he can't control his powers. Then how is he supposed to help you battle the rogue Gods? And what about Riddian?"

"What about him?" Jullian raised a brow questionably.

"Though you cured him with the sun stone, and he seems back to his normal state. Something seemed wrong with him. It's as if something is hindering him from using his ability to its fullest potential," Ric QuaAn state his observation.

"Though Riddian and Killian situation seemed different it's the same," Jullian replied. "They both lack control over their true powers. And they both need to figure this out on their own."

"Why don't you help them? You've once been in their situation."

"Yes, I have. And not even you a God could help me when I was transcending. But you did the little you can. I had to still figure out how to control my powers on my own."

"I hope for the world sake the three of you are enough to thwart whatever Ka DAar and Vee Naa is scheming."

"You already know what they are planning, but you are refusing from telling me." Jullian spoke slyly hoping Ric QuaAn would at least give him a hint about what the rogue Gods are planning.

"As I told you before, telling you that will defy the laws of Darrnavia. By giving you Celestial daggers to fight against my fellow Gods, I've already broken the law of Darrnavia."

"I know. And I thank you for doing so for my sake. Despite the consequences," Jullian said with gratitude. "And I also apologized to force you to partake in this battle."

"I am God, Jullian. No one forces me to do anything."

"I almost forgot." Jullian grinned goofily. "Until we meet, again take care of yourself."

"I guess I'll take my leave then." Ric QuaAn was sweep up by a large gust of wind. Then he vanished along with it.
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