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The first thing that greet Killian as he opened the door to his home, was the Darrnavian Goddess Vee Naa seizing Guerin's neck as if she was a lifeless doll. Then Luke and Luka lying unconscious on the floor.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to get here from Mount Ruston," Vee Naa stated amused.

"Don't." Is the word that escape Killian's lips.

The goddess placed a single finger to Guerin's chest and a six inches wide circle carved between her breasts projecting out to her back. Guerin fell lifeless to the floor. Her death was so quick she wasn't even able to scream.

"I'm sorry." Vee Naa giggled childishly. "Did killing her hurt your feelings, Killian?"

Killian fell to his knees. Weakened and depleted. Not out if devastation, but because of Quinn who was at the doorway holding four replica thorn blades that were even more powerful than any others he had created.

The unconscious Riddian levitated towards Vee Naa.

"Don't you dare fucking touch him you bitch!" Killian snarled, charging at Vee Naa. Though he was in severe pain and his powers were being drained by the replica thorn blade. However, he was kicked in the face by Quinn who suddenly appeared before him, across the room smashing into the breakfront.

The Darrnavian God Aaid Den also appeared in the room, zapping Killian who attempted to attack Vee Naa yet again with a bolt of lightning that burned his flesh from his skin. And as he was about to blast Killian once more with another lightning bolt, Quinn intervened. Kicking Killian to the wall west of the room, below the single staircase. Pinning him by the neck.

Effortlessly, Killian struggled to removed Quinn's leg from his throat, but to no avail.

As Quinn was about to stab Killian with the replica blade, Vee Naa used her godly powers to stop him. He gazed back at her with a smile then in a second was seated on the three cushion couch comfortably.

Aaid Den fingers spark with electricity, getting ready to attack Killian with a lightening ball. But Vee Naa held on to his hand before he could launch the attack. "What's the meaning of this Vee Naa? I thought you wanted the brothers dead.

"That is why I agree to help you. You promised if I aid you in killing the Delikia brothers, you will let her go. And the faster I do so the faster we part ways."

"And a deal is a deal, Aaid Den." Vee Naa snarled. "You will get your weak human girlfriend when what we agreed on has been accomplished. So please stop your fucking whining. Beside Killian and is brothers cannot be killed by any weapon, not even by a godly weapon it seems. Therefore, he won't be killed by these fake thorn blades Ka Daar created, even if they are improvement of his fail experiments of the past."

"It wouldn't kill him, but it would have hurt him, a lot," Quinn added.

"That's not enough!" Vee Naa shouted. Annoyed by both men.

"Do you still have feeling for this thing Vee Naa?" Quinn questioned suspiciously.

"Don't be silly Ka Daar. You and I know there was nothing serious between Killian and me. It was your plan for me to sleep with him, to trick him into helping us freed Daar Rez from the underworld three thousand years ago, is it not?" Vee Naa tossed Riddian to the floor, before speedily taking hold of the depleted Killian's neck, slamming him to the wall. She stretched a palm out at Quinn who seated behind her and the replica thorn blade in his arms appeared in hers. Then she stabbed Killian in the heart while coldly looking him in the eyes. She smiled as he suffers great pain before gazing back at Quinn who seemed equally pleased as her. "Don't get jealous Ka Daar. I only love you, my husband."

"Is that so?" Quinn chortled amused.

"Beside, I want to make Killian suffer before I kill him. It brings me great joy. But for now we came here for Riddian McHale."

"Let's go then," Quinn ordered.

"I'll make all you deities suffer before I kill you," Killian spoke with difficulty.

"We are looking forward to that." Vee Naa released Killian to the floor, quickly picking up Riddian's body from the floor and vanished.

Aaid Den and Quinn disappeared afterwards.

Jullian burst into the living room ready to fight, he sensed godly auras earlier. But now they vanished. He stood at ease seeing Guerin's corpse lying on the floor before him. Below the room Luke and Luka, lying unconscious. His gaze focused ahead of the room where Killian seated up on the floor. Forcefully removing the replica thorn blade from his chest and though it was painful he didn't utter a sound.

Furniture's levitated and paste to the ceiling as tears flowed from Killian's crimson eyes and rolled down his cheeks.

"What happened here?" Jullian question calmly, though he was overwhelmed with rage. "Where is Riddian?"

Hearing Riddian name crushed Killian's heart. He felt a weight in his heart that he had never felt in a very long time. He couldn't bring himself to even look at his older brother. "They have." The mansion began to rumble as if an earthquake was passing through. "Those deities took him away from me. Why am I so powerless against those damn replica thorn blades? Because of me Riddian was taken yet again. Because of my weakness."

"Calm down Killian." Jullian cautiously approached his brother. His aura was too wild and deadly.

"Don't tell me to fucking calm down!" Killian hollered and the furniture's that were stuck to the ceiling, all fall to the floor.

His facial expression turned sinister as he looked at Jullian whose lungs suddenly started to feel as if it was being shattered over and over by whirling blades.

Jullian swiftly appeared before Killian, twisting his neck, rendering him unconscious, before gazing at the doorway to acknowledge the beautiful red head standing at the front door. "Layla."

"Jullian," Layla greeted as she walked into the living room, sitting comfortably in the recliner. "So, what do you want with me now?"

"I need you to locate the whereabouts of the deities Vee Naa and Ka Daar," Jullian responded.

"That will require magic that I don't possess. They are, after all, Gods. If they don't want to be located, then no one can find them."

"What about Riddian? Can you locate him?" Jullian asked.

"I could try. But I'm not sure that I will succeed either."

"Do whatever you can to locate Riddian."

"I'll do my best," Layla assured him. "So, what happened between you and Killian?"

"You don't need to know. Just find Riddian," Jullian cut her off harshly.

"Is that all you want me here for Jullian?" she sounded very upset.

"Is there supposed to be something else?"

"Sorry I asked. I'll get to locating Riddian right away asshole." Layla disappeared from the room.

Jullian picked up the replica thorn blade from the floor that was next to Killian, gazing at it with glowing crimson eyes and it broke apart shattering to dust.
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