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Blankly, Killian stared up at the ceiling inside his room. It’s been two days and the horrible feeling of his little brother being taken, before his eyes. And he was powerless, unable to do anything to stop the kidnappers. Still haunts him.

He searched for countless hours. Everywhere he could think of possible the deities might have taken Riddian. Every country, state, city and town. But there was no sign or clue of his whereabouts.

And even though Riddian is immortal, he can’t help being uneasy, since the power of a God is harmful to elemental. So harmful it would be better if Riddian could die than staying alive to endure such torture. Killian can imagine how much the Gods are torturing his precious little brother like some God plaything. And this made him furious.

He heard a knock outside the room door and pays no attention to it. Jullian slightly open the door and stick the head inside.

“Don’t ask if I’m OK, because I’m not,” Killian lashed out before Jullian could utter a word.

“I’m not here to ask you if you are alright,” Jullian assured him.

“Did Layla tell you where the Gods took Riddian?” Killian flipped up out of bed and asked.

“I haven’t heard from her as yet.”

“That’s disappointing. Anyway, I’m going out, don’t wait up for me.”

“You won’t find him.” Jullian stopped Killian, before he could exit the room.

“Get the fuck out of my way, Jullian!” Killian thundered.

“Where will you even look? You search everywhere. The entire globe for the past two days.”

“Clearly, I haven’t since Riddian is not here. I will not stop searching until I find him.”

Julian sighed. “I’m sorry, but I can’t allow that.”

“And how are you going to stop me?” Killian snorted contemptuously.

Jullian took out a thorn blade. Not a replica but one of the original blades. From beneath his sweat shirt and instantly, Killian lost most of his strength and staggered back before tumbling on to the floor.

“Where— Did you get that?" Killian stuttered, as his skin turned coal-black, unable to move.

“At the cave in Felicity Town after your battle with that vampire, Maria.” Jullian replied.

“Are you going to stab me again?” Killian snickered. Sadness could be seen stamped in his eyes.

“Not this time brother.” Jullian placed the thorn blade on Killian’s chest which intensifies the pain tenfold. “The only way for you to truly defeat the deities and save Riddian. You will need a power above the current level you are at now. You need the power of a complete elemental. And to achieve that, the first step is to surpass your telekinetic powers limitation which clearly you have accomplished though you can’t control it.

“Second you need to completely overcome the power of any three thorn blades and in return you will gain tremendous powers which you must train to control. Third.”

“How can I accomplish that when the thorn blade prevents me from using my powers?” Killian clenched his teeth, writhing with agony. Surely, Jullian has gone mad. “It feeds on my strength.”

“Once it also did the same to me, and now I’m perfectly fine standing in its presence. I saw you overcome the power of the thorn blade along with the power of that demolisher blade in that cave at Felicity. You just need to remember how you did it.”

“That was a fluke. I didn’t even know how that happened.”

“Well if you don’t overcome the thorn blade influence to weaken your powers when you’re in its presence. Riddian will die, and it will be your fault.”

“You can’t do this, Jullian. Stop wasting my time. Every minute I stay here the more time Riddian suffers by the hands of those deities. If that happens, I will definitely kill you.”

“Then you will have to kill me, little brother.” Jullian turned and leave out the door.

“Jullian!” Killian shouted strenuously watching the door closed. “I’ll fucking kill you.”

“What are you two boys up to? Shouldn’t you be at school?” Stealthily, Jullian grasped Luke and Luka by the shoulders with a little tension in his grip, before they could sneak off into their bedroom.

“School’s out,” Luke gulped anxiously.

“Do I need to becharm you to tell me what you are trying to hide?” Peeking through room the door, which was slightly open, Killian saw two becharmed young girls the same age as the boys.

“We promise not to hurt them if that’s your concern,” Luka voice lack liveliness. It was as if he was possessed by a ghost or something.

“Way to go Luka,” Luke commented glancing fiercely at his brother. “What’s the point of sneaking around if you let others know about it?”

“He already knows, stupid,” Luka retorted. This is annoying.

“Seriously Luka, you are the worst when it comes to keeping a secret these days. And what with that tone all of a sudden? Are you alright?” Luke questioned. Something seemed off about Luka lately, but he can’t tell what really. Whatever it is though, it’s not good. That’s what his gut is telling him. But he ignores it, because he wants everything to be fine.

“You know I can read minds, right?” Jullian butted in the brother’s squabble. “Not to mention you are harbouring strong sexual thoughts, Luke. It smells on you.”

“I smell perfectly fine.” Luke took a whiff of himself, smelling nothing but the scent of his deodorant.

“I know you two are overwhelmed by sexual urges. Which is normal you teenager vampires. A walking talking sexual hormones. But it’s not wise for newly turn vampires to have sex with humans.”

“Why is that?” Luke asked. “You can’t even begin imagining what it feels like to have your body ceaselessly demanding sex. All I can do his breath, eat and sleep sex. This is so damn frustrating.”

“New born lust for blood is even larger than their need for sex,” Jullian elaborated. “Therefore, if you attempt to have sex with humans, you will kill them even if you don’t want to.”

“So what should we do then?” Luke gnashed his teeth.

“Released the girls and find your self a vampire girl who can handle all a that frustration, or you can masturbate for the next five to ten years. That’s how long it will take for your need for blood to lessen-"

Jullian sensed that Layla was down in the living room and rushed down to meet with her.

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