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“It’s been two days, and you still haven’t located Riddian’s whereabouts,” Jullian roared.

“And what do you think I’ve been doing for the past two days, Jullian? Sit at home and paint my fucking nails?” Layla asked snappily, as she sat on the black recliner. “I’ve tried every locating spell I know and still finding him was impossible.”

“You need to try harder then!” Jullian thundered.

“I still don’t know why I even agreed to help you,” she rolled her eyes annoyed and said.

“That’s because you are still in love with me, and I still love you,” Julian spoke with a little difficulty.

“You still love me?” Layla expressed astonishment. Seconds later, she marched over to Jullian, holding his perfectly chiselled cheeks, gazing into his softened dark brown eyes. “Then why? Why did you leave me three hundred years ago without a reason?”

“I found out my brother was the other man you were having sex with.” Latching his hand around hers, Jullian removed it from his face.

“He told you.” Tears rolled down Layla’s cheeks. She couldn’t hold them back any more. If she could take back what she did back then, she would.

“Yes he did,” Jullian sounded broken, defeated.

“It’s not like you haven’t slept with that slut Falon while being with me Jullian,” Layla screamed at him.

“No I haven’t. At least not until I found out you were screwing with my little brother.” Jullian gazed furiously into her eyes. “I was too stupid being faithful only to you.”

“Are you looking for an explanation for what I have done after so many years have passed?” She screamed. “Fine, I’ll elaborate. You were away at war, fighting amongst mortal for some meaningless goals, while I was lonely awaiting your return days upon days. Until Days became weeks. Weeks became months and months became a year. I couldn’t stand being without you. And when I saw Killian at the doorstep of our home we shared together. Dressed in your army outfit. I thought he was you and instantly bedded him. Every ounce of his body was like yours, even the birthmark of the red seven pointed star you have on your left butt cheek.

“It was after sex, the bastard told me who he truly was. And as much as how it angered me and I know how much it would hurt you if you should find out the truth—”

“You continue having an affair with him anyway, knowing he was not me. Knowing he was my brother,” Jullian finished her statement. Even though it hurts really bad.

“It was just a moment of weakness. We promised to never speak of it. But somehow you still noticed I cheated on you.”

“Killian ensured I knew about it, before I got home. I didn’t believe him at first, but one looked at you and the truth was revealed.”

“You read my mind didn’t you?” She accused him.

“Yes I did, but I could also smell him on you.”

“Well I guess we can’t change the past now.” Layla slightly grinned, wiping the tears away from her eyes.

“No, we cannot.” Jullian agreed.

“I can see you are still mad at me.”

“I’m not mad at you any more,” He lied. “I’m mad because my brother was taken and with every moment he’s with those Gods, he’s suffering. Do you know how much strength it takes not to go berserk, ripping this world apart just to find him?”

“OK,” Layla snuffled, turning away from Jullian. “I’ll continue my search for him.”

“Take this.” Jullian handed a piece of folded paper he took from his pocket.

“What is this?”

“It’s the spell to open the void, study it. I will need your assistance in sealing the rogue Gods during my brother’s rescue when we find him.”

“I’ll get to work then.” Layla said smiling vaguely then vanished.

The sudden quietness and calmness raised Jullian curiosity. With great urgency he dashed up the stairs. Quietly stood in the passageway and watched as Luke crack opened the door of the room, peaking out.

“How was the sex?” Jullian stood at the door in an instant.

“Jullian!” Luke uttered frighteningly, closing the door. He then reopened the door and nervously chortled “It was great.”

“They are dead aren’t they?”

“What! I mean no,” Luke stuttered.

“I’m a vampire, Luke. I can smell the blood of those dead girls from miles away.”

Luke felt so bad about the death of the girls. He could barely even look Jullian in the eyes.

“Show me what happened.”

Luke opened the room door, and his clothing was stained with blood. On the bed lay the corpses of the two girls and Luka was standing closed to window with blood running down his face.

“So you are the one who killed these girls, Luka.” Jullian wasn’t the least bit surprised by this. But he blamed himself. He should have ensured those girls leave earlier, but he got so distracted and caught up in his own shit.

“I started feeding on their blood and couldn’t stop myself,” Luka explained uncaringly. “Honestly, I never had any intention to stop and didn’t because I like it.”

“Please,” Luke pleaded, sensing Jullian’s killing intent. “He didn’t do it intentionally. I—I tried stopping him, but—”

Suddenly, Jullian heard a crashing sound and without delay speed to Killian’s room. Killian who was supposed to be on the floor in writhing in agony was gone. The thorn blade, however, was left behind. Which means Killian did it. He had overcome the blade.

Jullian felt a hand locked around his neck and a sharp blade grazed his flesh. He didn’t do a thing, though, because he already knows it was Killian. “Hello little brother. I see you overcome the thorn—”

He yelled in agonizing pain, the second the magical dagger pierce into his back. “What is this?”

“It’s called the anguish dagger.” Killian released Jullian who then fall to his knees, shivering and groaning like a savage beast due to the unbearable pain. “Did I forget to mentioned, it weakens our powers as well while being awake? It also can’t be removed unless it’s by a powerful witch.

Thank you for helping me, getting a little stronger.” He stood before his brother. Took hold of his chin, gazing into his eyes, showing how pleased he was to see him hurt. “

Jullian unleashed a small percentage of his powers, causing the mansion to rumble. His entire body cloaked with a white light and his eyes turned pitch black with the pupils glowing red. And as he took hold of the blade, it shattered. Afterwards, he took hold of Killian’s neck. Breathes laboriously for a some time, before sternly gazing at his brother. “Don’t ever do that again.”

Returning to his normal form, Jullian embraced Killian. “I’m proud you manage to overcome the thorn blade and in such a short time.” Then he headed for the door. “Now you are at a level.”

“Do we have to wait until Layla located Riddian to go get him?” inquired Killian.

“We have no other choice, Killian.”

“You are pissed aren’t you?” Killian taunted.

“Just drop it.” Jullian stopped at the doorway and clenched the fist tightly. He knew very well what Killian was asking about, and he doesn’t want to talk about it.

“I know you still loved Layla. I heard your pathetic confession earlier.”

“I won’t fall for your childish attempts to provoke me.”

“You are no fun brother. Even though I have sampled the woman you love several times. Over and over, you have never expressed how you have truly felt. Surely that must make you jealous, angry, frustrated.”

“Does tormenting me make you feel better, Killian? Do you want me to get mad at you again? Because I am still mad at you.”

“Now, that’s the spirit,” Killian stated chirpily. Suddenly, he started choking as if he was being strangled by a firm palm. He was then hit back to the floor by a powerful force of telekinesis. He chortled aloud and then stopped. “Aren’t you also mad at me, for letting them take Riddian?”

“Not as mad as you are at yourself.” Jullian exited the room to go deal with the twin. Unlike Killian, he doesn’t take pleasure in seeing his brothers hurt.

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