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"Good morning brother," Killian greeted blissfully standing at the end of the single staircase, inside the living room of his home. Drinking from a beer bottle while watching the shirtless Jullian doing press-up's.

"What do you want now?" Jullian was still a bit upset with Killian about yesterday's senseless taunting.

"A simple good morning is fine, thank you."

"Go to hell."

"I see you are still pissed about yesterday."

Layla appeared in the room. Good, that saved Killian from getting a beat down from Jullian.

"Oh, look who is here." Killian felt the need to start a fire. To provoke his brother to wrath. "And so early in the morning. Are you here to see my brother or me?"

"You promised not to tell him about us," Layla ranted, draping Killian's trousers. And he was loving this. It actually turns him on.

"Well, I did what everyone in the world do best. I lied."

"I don't know what I saw in you." She felt disgusted at herself for getting intimate with such a jackass. Thus ruining her marriage with a good man. The love of her life.

"You saw in me what my brother lacks, the man you truly desired," Killian gloated.

"Could you two please stop talking like I'm not in the room?" Jullian stopped exercising. This is really getting under his skin. "Layla, did you locate Riddian?"

"Yes. I have," Layla replied. "He's at the ancient city of Aar Gos at the second thrones of God Ophelius Castle."

"Then what are we waiting on?" Killian saddled up and ready to leave. "Let's go there now."

"We can't just rush into this, Killian." Jullian stopped Killian from leaving. Damn barbarian. "We are dealing with Gods. Therefore, we need some sort of plan."

"How about this. We go to Ophelius Castle and destroy those Gods and rescue our little brother. Sound like a plan to me."

"It won't be easy as you make it sound. That is why Layla here will be our surprised attack."

"And what can she do against the Gods that we can't?" Killian mocked. Clearly, Jullian was trying to make a joke and fail miserably.

"I gave her the spell to open the void."

"Are you out of your mind?" Killian roared. "We promise not to share it with anyone."

"If there are more Gods siding with Ka Daar and Vee Naa. Then we need all the help we can get."

"What about your friend Ric QuaAn?" Killian suggested. Obviously, he would be more of help to them than this witch. And besides, Layla can't do this spell alone without dying, so why would his brother do this. Then it all becomes clear to him. That sly bastard. He's trying to kill her. So much for being the better brother.

"Unfortunately, he can no longer be of use to us."

"Humph! Some friend he is."

"Even if Layla managed to perform the spell for the void to trap the Gods. Vee Naa will just free them again."

"I'm aware of that, but we don't have any more Celestial daggers at our disposal. Besides, we need to rescue Riddian with fewer casualties and not start a never ending battle." His eyes met Layla then he said, "While you are casting the spell you need a strong cloaking spell that will keep you hidden from the Gods. Can you do all of this?"

"Yes," Layla stated confidently, but really she was not sure. However, she doesn't want to disappoint Jullian again. So she will give it her best.

"Let's go then." Jullian quickly rushed upstairs to a bedroom next to Riddian's room, put on a t-shirt then speed out the door. Killian followed after him and Layla vanished magically.

Several feet beneath Orphic Garden, in the ancient city of AarGos. Killian and Jullian entered the courtyard of the second thrones of Gods, Ophelius Castle. It was the same as they both remembered it three thousand years ago. A palace made of the purest gold and precious stones.

There was a giant statue of the Darrnavian God Ophelius, the God of the earth elements, in the midst of the courtyard. Riddian clothesless bind in enchanted chains to the statue. Looking battered and tortured with four ominous blades piercing the wrists and ankles and a celestial dagger stabbed into the centre of his chest.

Without hesitation, Killian rushed towards his brother and a bolt of lightning hindered him from getting closer.

Looking at the top of the castle. Killian saw the Darrnaivian God Aaid Den and two other Gods of Darnavia standing boldly and proud with their arms folded to the chest. Tot TiAn and Raid DeLee.

"You didn't think it was going to be that easy." Tot TiAn fell from the top of the castle with the other two Gods, landing to their feet like a cat, causing a brief earthquake.

"Kidnapping your brother was just a fun way to get you two attentions, according to Ka Daar," Raid DeLee stated. "It took you long enough though to find him, so we tortured him a bit. Hope you don't mind."

"You will pay dearly for that," Killian uttered angrily. Finally, he gets to used up the pent-up rage.

"Save the threat."

"We have decided to kill all three of you. And what place is better to kill you all. The place where you Delikia brothers sealed us Gods three thousand years ago," said Tot TiAn. "But I heard it was impossible to kill you all now. Since you have become immortal monsters and so far it seemed to be the truth. We've been trying for the past three days to kill Riddian. But nothing we did work. However, nothing is impossible for a God to accomplish."

"Why are you doing this?" Jullian addressed Aaid Den. "Why are you aiding the rogue?"

"I have no choice," Aaid Den responded. "I'm not doing this because I want to. But if I want to see her alive again, I have to aid these rogue Gods to kill you and your brothers right here and now."

"Don't sound so joyful about helping us," Raid DeLee stated sarcastically. "You should consider this an honour, Aaid Den. What we are doing is for the sake of all Gods."

"Well, let's put an end to all this, shall we." Killian transformed into the true form of an elemental. His long dark hair sway to his dark aura, his eyes turned to pitch black and his crimson pupils burned like a thousand suns. His fangs were ejected and claws sharps and pointy. He hasn't fully mastered this form, but to save his brother he has to use all he got. Even if he loses control.

Jullian was a bit shocked by his brother transformation. He shouldn't be able to reach the true form of an elemental in such a short time and yet. However, he sensed that Killian form is unstable.

The battle began. Killian seized Aaid Den's neck, bashing him to the ground, punching over and over. Kicking him like a football. Not giving him any chances to retaliate. After numerous attempts, Aaid Den finally caught Killian's fist and shoved him to the ground. The two instantly collided fist with each other, causing the whole palace to rumble.

"I guess you two or left for me to take care of." Jullian smiled, as Tot TiAn and Raid DeLee approached him.
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