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Raid DeLee’s powered fist aimed for Jullian, who blocked it. However, Jullian wasn’t fast enough to block Tot TiAn mega kicked from the side. Afterwards, the two gods charged at Jullian who was down on his back. And the second they got close enough, a white aura released from Jullian like a barrier stopping their powerful fist from reaching him. The white aura then held both Gods, and they were unable to move for a just a few seconds. Before blasting them away like the aftershock from an explosion.

Jullian was now in his true form. Long white hair, fangs and claws out. But unlike Killian, his aura was still surrounding him, visible for all to see. Crushing the ground where he stood.

The two angry deities approached Jullian from different angles. Throwing multiple blows at him, and he blocked them all. Then with a kick to the stomach, Jullian knocked Raid DeLee to the ground. Seized Tot Tian’s neck, slamming him to the ground. Raid DeLee took the opportunity to attacked Jullian from behind. However, he was caught by the neck, and with the other hand Jullian stabbed inside his chest. Injecting his aura at its maximum level into Raid DeLee’s body, petrifying the God. The God then break apart, causing a loud explosion that sent Jullian flying and covered in injuries.

“You think that was enough to kill a God,” Raid DeLee whispered to Jullian’s right ear, with a hand holding on to his heart.Jullian grunted in pain as Raid DeLee tried to extract his heart from his chest. “I will admit compared to three thousand years ago. You brothers is more powerful than mortals should ever be. But here is where you all die—”

A black portal appeared above the castle and out of it hands in the form of shadows took hold of Tot TiAn, dragging him into the portal.

Raid DeLee tried to pulled away. But Jullian hold on to his arm with a strong grip. Paralysed him with his aura to prevent him from escaping. “Where do you think you are going?”

“Fuck! Not again!” Raid DeLee shouted when the black palms took hold of him and pulled him into the portal.

Aaid Den, who was bashing fists with Killian, saw the palms coming after him. And he barely managed to escape them. If he had remained there for a second, he would have been trapped.

“Thanks for your help,” Jullian spoke with gratitude as he acknowledged Layla and the unknown witch standing behind him.

Whoosh. Killian caught the exhausted Diane before she falls. “Why are you here?”

“Is that the question you asked someone who helped you save your brother?” Diane retorted. Damn jerk.

“You dirty motherfucker,” Layla snarled, collaring up Jullian. Smacking his cheeks twice. ”You know I was going to die if I perform this spell alone, and you give it to me anyway.

“I know you are angry for what I did. But for God’s sake, it’s three hundred years ago. If you want to kill me that bad. Then don’t use such cowardly methods. Do it yourself, because you can.”

“Are you done?”Jullian felt bad about what he did, but he did well hiding it.

“Fuck you!” Layla shoved him and looked away.

After ensuring Diane was alright, Killian freed himself from Diane’s arms. Removing the celestial dagger from Riddian’s chest and break the four blades and the chains that bind his brother with his strong aura. He took hold of his little brother’s unconscious body, laying him across the hands. He glanced back at the two witches, bid them farewell before leaving with his brothers.

Entering Garden Villa Mansion, Killian flashed up the double staircase, walked the passageway and barged into Riddian’s room, placing his little brother to lie on the bed.

A few seconds after, Riddian wounds instantly healed and his eye opened. He grabbed Killian who was seated next to him on the bed ready to punched him, then he realized it was his brother and held back his fist.

“I’m sorry,” Riddian apologized and released Killian. "I thought you—"

"Are you alright?” Killian asked very concerned. Only he knows how happy he is that Riddian is safe and back at home.

"Of course, I’m not alright.I was torture brutally for three days, and I was conscious during it all. Enduring it,” Riddian jested.

Killian hugged Riddian, who looked shocked and felt awkward by this. But he understands why this is happening. “If it wasn’t for my weakness, you wouldn’t be—"

“It’s not your fault.”Riddian pulled away from Killian, so they could make eye contact. ”So you don’t need to blame yourself any more for what happened. I’m back and—"

"Naked,” Killian said, feeling a little awkward.

“Oh right.”Riddian just realized his nakedness and laughed very uncomfortable. “I am going to have a quick shower. I haven’t had one in days." He speeds away to his personal bathroom.

Killian smile then dashed out of the room and went down the double staircase to confront Jullian inside the living room. ”You know, instead of spying on us. You could just come on up and talk with him."

“Now that I know Riddian is well. I’m leaving town for a while,”Jullian break the sad news.

"So you are ditching us again.” Killian was angered by this, but he didn’t let it showed. He just acted unconcerned. Unbothered, like always. “I thought we needed to stick together to stop the Gods.”

"Yeah we do. But there is something I need to do. Until then, this is good-bye, Killian."

“I don’t care if you leave, Jullian.” He lied. “But Riddian will be sad if you leave without a word.”

Jullian barely grin, “Always being stubborn when it comes to showing your own feelings."

"Feelings?” Killian uttered with contempt. ”Surely you jest.”

“It was truly nice being around you two again.”Jullian left out the front door with tremendous speed. Goodbyes are always painful to say to the ones you love.

"Was that Jullian I heard just now?” Riddian asked, standing up at the balcony with a towel wrapped around his waist, looking down at Killian.

“No, just me talking to myself, while I masturbate,” Killian joked.

"OK. But can you not do it so loud then? It’s weird,”Riddian scolded.

“As if telling you I’m masturbating, is not weird enough,” Killian mumbled softly as Riddian leave to go continue is shower.

"So how do I look? And don’t say like you, because I’m talking about my clothing." Some minutes later, Riddian flashed down the right stairway of the double staircase casually dressed in black and white.

“And where are you going?” Killian inquired.

“To see LeAnn of course. She must be worried, not seeing me for days."

"Pah! It’s only been three days." Killian thinks his brother is just being overrated. But love makes people do crazy things.

“That’s three much.”

Killian chortled. “Nice one, but I can’t allow you to leave. You just got back here." After all that happened to his brother, he didn’t want to let him out of his sight. But Riddian is grown, he can take care of himself. Still, he worries about him.

"I know you are worried about me, Killian. But I’m fine. Now tell me how I look."

“That shirt makes you look like your taking a crazy trip to Funky Town.”

"Well, I guess this shirt looks damn good then.”

“Why asked for my opinion if you knew you were going to wear that stupid shirt anyway?” Killian rolled his eyes.

“Because whatever you don’t like. It means others will love it,”Riddian replied.

“If I could think of an emotion to feel right now, I’d pick puke.”

"Puke is not an emotion.”

"Well, I just made it one.”

Whatever. Riddian sighed. “I’ll see you later then, Killian. And take care of the boys while I’m away." Riddian flashed out the front door before Killian could complain.

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