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Tonight is the happiest night of Killian McHale life. Well, he has thousands of those throughout the centuries, but at the moment this can be specified has the best. His head whipped back, and eyes closed, groaning softly. One of his hand gripping the back of a female prostitute, as he penetrates her from the back inside an alley.

God! Fuck it! He could feel her pussy swirling and slurping on his length. His joints and muscles tightened at the peak of orgasm, and his groans became louder. He held on to her neck tightly and as he exploded he accidentally ripped the head from her shoulders.

“Cruel as usual, Killian McHale,” a voice said at the other end of the alley.

Shoving his cock inside the pant, Killian button and zipped the flyer. He confronted the facial pleasing young male with dark blonde disorderly hair and crimson eyes. “Thomas Balcoin. For you to show up here must be the dumbest thing you ever do after what you help did to me three thousand years ago.”

“I know you’re angry after I helped your brother stabbed you in the heart with a thorn blade,” Thomas spoke a bit anxious. “But it was Jullian’s plan to do so. So before you get all upset—”

“I’m already upset.” Killian seized Thomas’ neck.

“Just hear me out, Killian.” Thomas held up his hands as a sign to say, ‘I came here in peace.’

“Why are you here in Orphic Garden, Demi God?” Killian asked very suspicious. A demi God being here can’t be a good sign.

“I came here to see you, of course.”

“Really now?” The nerve of this guy, Killian thought as he scoffed.

“We are friends, aren’t we?” Thomas stated chirpily. “I know we had a disagreement, but that was eons ago. All is forgotten.”

“I see. So where are the other demi Gods? I know how much you all like to stick together.”

“I don’t know. I separated myself from the other decades ago. But for some reason we were all summoned here to this town by Edward Jameson, the head of the Demi Gods. Or so he likes to proclaim.”

“Does that mean the others are here as well?”

“I think so.”

“That’s not an answer.” Killian pulled him closer by the collar, rough him up a bit.

“I don’t know.”

Killian aimed a punched for Thomas’ face, and his fist was caught.

Thomas spun him, throwing him to the ground. “I don’t want to fight you, Killian. I thought we were friends.”

“It’s too bad I want to kill you, my friend,” whispered Killian, standing behind the surprised Thomas. He then stabbed a hand into Thomas’ back.

“I see you got more powerful.” Thomas grunted with a smile. He then took hold of Killian’s hand that was projecting through his chest and ripped it off. The arm Thomas was holding instantly withered away and returned to Killian’s body and restored itself. “You Elementals are fascinating beings. You know we can fight here all night, or you could just hear me out.”

“Why should I listen to you?” Killian snarled.

“Because it concerned the Darrnavian Gods VeeNaa and Ka DAar,” Thomas replied, which prevent Killian from attacking. “I’m sure you are aware that these two deities are out cooking up nothing good.”

“Are they planning on freeing Daa Rez from the underworld?”

“I doubt that since you are no longer a Delikia warlock. So neither you nor your brothers, have the power to break the locks of the underworld. Not even the Gods can do it. Except for one God, of course, and he was the one who put him there in the first place.”

“You still haven’t stated your true purpose for being here, Thomas.”

“The rogue Gods are planning something big that will cause the end of our world.”

Gazing behind, Killian saw Luka with a half dead girl and was a bit irritated. “I thought I told you not to kill anyone. If Riddian find out about this. He won’t stop nagging like a grandma who lost her false teeth at a bachelor party.”

“I’m sorry.” Luka released the woman to the ground. “I was just so hungry.”

“Well as long as you cover up your track then all is well. Kill as you have a like.” Killian turned is focus back to the alley way ahead and Thomas was no longer there, but Riddian was however standing there looking pissed as ever. “Riddian. I thought you were still in Saltiago with your witch girlfriend.”

“I left for four days, and you are out killing humans with the boys,” Riddian voiced frustrated. He blamed himself for thinking Killian could be a responsible adult figure for two horny, blood thirsty teenage vampires.

“I didn’t do it intentionally,” Killian jeeringly said. “I was just so excited that I—”

“So you admit you killed that prostitute, and it was fun.”

“Not that type of fun, little brother.” Killian eyes shine lewdly. “We were having sexual intercourse, and while I was cumming—”

“I don’t want to hear it,” Riddian cut him off.

“So, did you hear anything from, Jullian?” Killian asked.

“I haven’t seen him or heard from him,” Riddian replied with sadness in his voice. “It’s been a month now and still no sign of him.

“What have you done this time to make him leave without a word?” He accused Killian.

“I did nothing,” Killian uttered, offended by his brother’s accusation.

“Are you sure?” Riddian gazed suspiciously at his brother.

“Stop interrogating me, brother,” Killian uttered irritated. “Jullian left town on his own, not wanting to be found. So it should be a relief to us.”

“Don’t say that, Killian. He’s our brother.”

“Should I care?”

“Are you ever going to forgive, Jullian?”

“Why should I? I wasn’t the one who stabbed him in the heart with a thorn blade.”

“What if I should treat you, the way you treated him, for all the horrible things you have done to me? With malice and hostility.”

“Well, I’ll just give it another fifty years.”

Riddian strict gazed turned to Luka. It’s pointless conversing with Killian. “Don’t you have school in the morning? Speaking of School, where is Luke?”

“He’s back at the mansion,” Luka answered.

“Come on, Riddian,“Killian complained. Damn party pooper. “I know it’s a Sunday night, but these boys are young vampires. You do remember what the rush was like when we were just turned right.”

“Feeding recklessly can cause exposure to us all, not to mention cause unnecessary deaths— which I’m trying to prevent.”

“There he goes again in his mom mood,” Killian stated in ridicule.

Luka snickered. He then stopped at Riddian stern expression.

“Go home now, Luka,” commanded Riddian and the boy did as he was instructed.

“Most humans already know of our existence already. So that cat is already out of the bag.”

“The only City that was truly aware of our existence was wiped clean from the map. Thanks to you.”

“That was last month. Now can we pretend as if it didn’t happen. Besides, talking about it won’t change the fact that I destroyed Cerebral City.”

“Don’t you—”

Killian was longed gone before Riddian could finish the sentence. This aggravated Riddian for a brief moment. He then sighed before leaving vampire style. Super speed.

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