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“High School,” Killian spoke blissfully, walking the hallway of Orphic Garden High with the twin. “I went once, and it was one of my greatest experiences.”

“I wonder what sort of subject, they teach at high school for monster,” Luke mumbled softly. But Killian heard him any way.

“SEX!“Killian replied boldly and loudly. Drawing everyone’s attention.

A teacher, who was passing by, stare at Killian with disgust.

“What’s the matter? We all have sex. How do you think these little ones are born in the first place? Surely not from the moon.”

Luke and Luka dragged Killian along with them down the hallway to avoid further attention. Or rather embarrassment.

After almost an hour of waiting outside in a line of parents and students at a classroom door, Killian was finally granted entrance to the room along with the twin. They each sit at the front row desk, with both boys sitting at each side of him. Killian’s eyes were locked onto Ms Granger, a mid-thirty half Asian woman, with long black hair as she prepared a document which contained Luka and Luke’s test results.

“I must say Mr. McHale, your son Luka is doing very well in his school work and ace all his test,” Ms Granger began. “I must congratulate him, especially since he recently started this school only just a couple of weeks ago.

“Luke on the other hand is not doing so well. He has the potential, but lacks the interest in school work. He needs to improve more in his academic area, which mean less time-wasting and more time studying.”

“I understand, but you do know I’m not their father, right,” Killian replied. “I mean, do I look like the father type?”

“Not really. You looked very young to be the father of these boys,” Ms Granger voiced her opinion.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, but I’m actually thirty years old, and I’m their uncle.”

“For real?” Ms Granger found that very hard to believe. About him being thirty, that is.

“No, I’m twenty-five. That’s the age they told me to use anyway. But I’m really three thousand and twenty-one years old.”

“You are that old,” Luke voiced surprised. That’s a really long time fore someone to be alive.

“You know Ms Granger, you are a beautiful woman,“Killian stated charmingly. “You must have men, throwing themselves at you all the time.”

Ms Granger giggled, flattered. “No, I’m single,” She answered and wondered why did she.

“I find that very hard to believe that an earth angel, such as you, don’t have a man.”

“It’s true though.”

“So when last have you been with a real man?” Killian quickly stood before the teacher’s desk, glaring bewitchingly into Ms Granger eyes.

“About six months.” Ms Granger laughed, a bit embarrassed. “Why am I telling you this?”

“And why is that?”

“I guess I haven’t found the right man.”

“What about now?”

“I’m actually thinking otherwise.” She was captivated by his dreamy appearance.

“You know, you and I have a lot in common, Ms Granger.”

“How so?” Her brows raised questionably.

“I’ve been single for a while now.”

“Don’t lie,” Ms Granger scoffed a laugh, twirling her hair like a teenage girl talking to her first crush. “I’m sure a handsome and charming man like you have the ladies going wild.”

“Let’s cut to the chase, I want to fuck you, and you want to fuck me.” Killian eyes that were filled with sexual urges never left her lustful eyes. “There’s no need to hold it back. Let’s fuck.”

“Boys, you can go now,” Ms Granger spoke sternly. “I would like to have a private chat with Mr. McHale. And please tell the other parents that I’m out on a lunch break.”

“You heard the teacher boys.” Killian pointed towards the door, indicating they should leave. “And lock the door on your way out.”

The twin did as they were told, and before the door was fully closed, Ms Granger throw herself on Killian. Her lips and hand all over him. He turbulently backed her up against the white board, kissing her neck and sensually touching her thighs. He undid his flyer, taking out his erect cock, raised her skirt and penetrated her for several hours until they were both satisfied.

The twin who seated at a bench outside the classroom in the hallway after school had dismissed watched as Killian exited the classroom zipping up his flyer.

“Where is our report?” Luke asked, meeting Killian part way in the hallway with Luka.

“What?” Killian looked clueless.

“You forget to ask for the report, didn’t you?” Luka rolled his eyes.

“What report?” Killian eyes circled once, and then he remembered. “Oh! That report. I totally forget about that.”

“You becharmed Ms. Granger to have sex with you, didn’t you? But you won’t allow us to do that. You damn hypocrite.”

“You little pervert.” Killian tapped Luka’s forehead. “You shouldn’t be eave dropping on grown-ups private talks.”

“There was more moaning than talking.”

“And I didn’t becharm her. All I did was speed up the process of what she wanted to do already.”


“No. Let me explained to you simpletons. She was horny as well. Not to mention attracted to me. And, so I used my vampiric powers to heighten that emotion. I made her so horny that she would have sex with anything that she first sighted with a cock.”

However, needless explanation wasn’t going to change Luka’s mind. “Becharmed.”

“Humph! Well, aren’t you a little genius? No wonder why you are still a virgin,” Killian taunted then went back to the classroom to get the report.

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