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“So how was school,” Riddian who seated at the recliner asked Killian as he entered the front door with the twin. “I never thought you would actually volunteer to go, since you’ve always hated school.”

“Surely you are mistaken,” Killian said, throwing down on the two-seater sofa. “And it was fun. I also have the reports.” He waved a large brown envelope.

Riddian took the envelope from Killian, ripping it open, viewing the reports.

“You seemed happier than usual, Riddian. You had sex today, didn’t you?”

“That’s none of your business,” Riddian stated, way too defensive.

Killian smirked, “So you’re going to be that way. But know this. You are not the only one who had sex today.”

“What did you do at the school today?” Riddian asked sternly. Very worried.

“That’s none of your business,” Killian replied, amused. “Anyway, I heard the town had a new mayor. I just hope this one will be happy with the idea of vampires and human coexisting together.”

“I don’t know if he even knows of our existence. But if he does, hopefully he is much better than Clarkson.”

“He better be, or else, I’ll just kill him like Clarkson.”

“Can’t you think positive for once, Killian?”

“I was being honest, Riddian.”

“Luke! Go hit the books now.” Riddian was very disappointed by Luke’s grades. Luka, however, was doing well.

“But I just got home,” Luke whined. He hates studying. He hates book. Period.

“Don’t let me repeat myself.”

Luke pouted and then dashed up the single staircase, and Luka followed shortly after behind him.

“Anyway,” Riddian continued his conversation with his brother. “The mayor had emailed me, inviting me for a meeting this evening at the newly built Stony Villa mansion. So please be on your best behaviour while I’m away. In fact, I would like it best if you weren’t here in town.”

“Ouch, well noted. So how is that witch of yours?”

“Fine, why do you ask?” Riddian became suspicious.

“Nothing really, I haven’t seen her around here lately. I hope I’m not the reason why.”

“Hello Riddian” greeted a middle-aged man with crimson eyes and curly dark hair. Formally dressed upon appearing in the living room. With him stand two other men, who serve as his body guards. “It’s been a long time.”

“Maurice,” Riddian spoke, a little surprised to see this man. “Why are you here?”

“I was in town, so I decided to give you a visit. I also heard you were vampire lord of this town.”

“Not any more.”

“I guess you let anything come inside our home these days, little brother,” Killian uttered in disgust. “The fact that a lowly demi God, such as that thing there. Enter without an invitation. Has proven my point.”

“Did something speak?” Maurice said disrespectfully. “Must be my imagination.”

“Maybe you are just fucking deaf, or you just point-blank stupid.”

“Stop it, you two,” Riddian interrupted the childish squabble. “It’s been three thousand years and you two still hate each other.”

“You got it wrong, little brother. I despised him.”

“Thanks to you, Killian, VeeNaa is free and now seeks to gain control over the world once more. And after all what she did to you.” Maurice snorted.

Killian rotate his eyes irritably, “Do you ever shut up?”

“You two stop this farce. We all desire the same goal,” said Riddian. These two are giving him a headache. “And that is to kill the rogue deities.”

“Kill the deities. ” Maurice laughed with contempt. “I am one of the oldest demi Gods to ever walk this earth, and even I know the deities can’t be killed.”

“Now, isn’t that shocking,“Killian smirked. “I guess you ‘demi gods’ are stupid after all.”

Speedily, Maurice kicked Killian in the face, knocking him to the floor. “I had about enough of your insult, little boy.”

Wiping the blood from the corner of the mouth, Killian took out the celestial dagger from his waist. “I was saving this to kill VeeNaa, but you will do just fine.”

“How did you get that?“Riddian asked.

“The internet.” Killian loved his brother, but most time he asked stupid questions.

“Seriously Killian?” Riddian stated a bit annoyed.

“That’s a secret, little brother.”

“Do you think that knife can kill a God?” asked Maurice. “How ludicrous.”

Riddian took hold of Killian before he could enter a brawl with Maurice. He then said to Maurice. “My brother speak the truth. The dagger he possesses, if pierce into the heart of the deity, can kill them.”

“I will trust your words then Riddian since you and Jullian helped us stopped the deities three thousand years ago risking your lives. Speaking of the devil, where is Jullian?”

“If you find out where he is, then let us know,” answered Killian rudely.

Killian’s, Maurice held Killian’s neck, lifting him from the floor. “I have had enough of your impertinent behaviour, brat.”

Maurice grunted, releasing Killian after feeling the celestial dagger pierce his heart and fall to his knees in agony. It’s like his body was lit on fire all of a sudden.

“If you really think fighting with me would be so easy. You have clearly mistaken, Maurice.” Killian smiled amused, staring at Maurice suffering. “Oh well, you haven’t died. I guess the celestial dagger is useless against a half god.

“How disappointing. But that’s pay back for three thousand years ago.”

The two men that came with Maurice charged at Killian with vampiric speed and lost their arms in the process.

Riddian punched Killian to the floor. “Stop this madness at once”

Enraged, Killian levitated to the feet, “you sly motherfucker. ”

Riddian fall to his face, dragged on the ground, until he was bang against the wall and pinned to it by the influence of Killian’s telekinetic powers. Killian budged a little backward by the force of Riddian powers, but it wasn’t strong enough to hurt him. Riddian was furious by this because even though his powers as fully restored, his effort to stop Killian was futile.

Killian has got stronger than he used to be, while he remained weak. As his anger boils, a red aura emit from his body, bashing everything inside, including Killian to the wall. Riddian fall to the ground in surprise, and so was Killian.

This was his third time seeing this happen, it happened the first time in Saltiago Town when he tried to stop those witches from killing the twin. The second time in Cerebral City and then now. He thought it was just a fluke. But in those moments, his powers felt stronger than before.

“You sure know how to clear a room.” Killian removed the celestial dagger from Maurice who lay in agony on the floor, then instantly destroyed the two men or rather golems as a mean of quelling his frustration. He then smiled at Riddian”Literally.”

Maurice after healing kicked Killian to the wall with his left leg pinning him by the neck, “What the hell did you do to me?”

Killian laughed, removing Maurice feet from his neck and shoved him back. “Like I said earlier, you can’t kick me around any more, old man.” He tossed the celestial dagger and Maurice caught it. “This weapon will kill a god.

“If you don’t believe, why don’t you test the theory for yourself?”

“If you give me this, what will you use to kill them yourself?”

“Let me worry about that.”

“Don’t think because I accept this, it means I trust the vampire that disgraced himself by sleeping with a deity and almost help her destroyed the world.”

“I don’t need your trust, Maurice. But you can be sure, I will eliminate every last one of the deities.”

Maurice scoffed a laughed then left out the mansion.

Killian stood before Riddian in a flash. “Your powers seem to be growing”

“It won’t be long enough until you reach my level, then we can have a battle on equal terms. Soon you will be a true Elemental. Perhaps you will give up this humanity crap and be the monster you once were.”

“I will not do such a thing,” Riddian assured his brother.

“Just like how, I won’t become more human, no matter how you and Jullian try to change me.”

“Why do you think Maurice was here?”

“The last time I saw so many demi god in one place. The world was on the brink of destruction.”

“I thought Maurice was the only demi god here in Orphic Gardens.”

“I saw Thomas last night.”

“Thomas is here as well?”

“That’s what I said.” Killian let out a heavy sigh. He then made his way to the front door. “I’m going out for a snack.” He closed the door on his way out.

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