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“My parent’s horrific screams awakened me from slumber one night. And though I was terrified, I rushed out my bed chamber to my parent’s bed chamber. My whole body shuddered, as if I was dipped in ice-freezing water, seeing the marred corpses of my parents lying on their bloody bed. My whole body felt paralysed, I could hardly even breathe.

“I couldn’t bear the sight of my dead parents any more, and so I rushed out into the night like a frightened child. Crashing into something really hard. A wall I thought, but it was only Killian. I hugged him devastated, wanted to tell him about the horrible thing that happened. However, the words couldn’t come out. I was temporarily dumb.

“Killian scooped me up in his strong arms without a word. And in one breath we arrived at the outer part of the village near the stream where my maid servants and I had found him a few months ago. What I saw made my stomach churn with disgust. Corpses of men, women and even children in stocks and piles on the riverbank.

“Suddenly, I started having visions of the tragedy that befall my people, my parents. It was like I was at the front row seat at the movies, watching the scariest horror film. I watched as a beast like creature that resembled Killian, slaughtered and feast on the blood of the villagers. It was a hell banquet. I sprang from his arms terrified. Run off like a lunatic, but he was as fast as a lightning bolt, making escape impossible.

In counts of seconds, Maria stood before Riddian. Her left-hand propping his chin, glaring into his eyes while slowly piercing a dagger into his left shoulder. A soft groaned escaped Riddian’s lip as the blade enters his flesh, grazing his bone. And Maria was pleased.

“That bastard tortured me physically and mentally for three months until he lost interest and killed me. But killing me wasn’t enough to him. He had to make me suffer, made me into what he was. A beast. A monster. And forced me to be his personal whore. I was nothing, but a toy for Killian’s amusement, and so was Peru before me. As for Skylar, she was obsessed with your brother.”

“Hey I’m right here,” Skylar complained. “And I was not obsessed with Killian.” She baffled. “I just loved him differently. Well, I don’t love him any more. Obviously.”

Peru chortled to provoked Skylar and it worked.

“What are you laughing at?” Skylar barked at Peru.

“A century ago, the three of us plotted to rid our lives of your despicable brother forever,” Maria continued her story. “Fortunately, for us on the day before we decided to execute our plot we stumbled into an unknown woman. She told me about the thorn blade, its purposes and that it could be used to kill Killian McHale. But I now know it doesn’t kill him. Instead, it immobilized him to a temporary death.

“Anyway, the woman also told us where he hid the weapon, and I seek out for it without him noticing. Well, Skylar and Peru had him distracted sexually. I found the thorn blade and that night we strike at Killian and failed. As a result Peru was killed and Skylar and I have been on the run ever since. But now we are all tired of running and hiding. We want Killian dead and so do everyone in this town whom he had tortured. And now that we finally have the means and way to do so—”

“That’s a very tragic story,” Riddian voiced annoyed. Damn Killian. Again he was being punished for the damages done by him. “Isn’t it pointless to try killing someone who cannot die?”

“Shut up!” The shackles that bind Riddian tightened a bit and burn into his flesh at the snapping of Peru’s fingers. But Riddian didn’t utter a sound, instead he endured the horrible pain.

“Peru, did you figure out how to cast the curse you said was placed on Riddian?” Maria asked.

“The curse that made Riddian this vulnerable is a very complex curse,” answered Peru. “I can’t figure out how it works or how to even cast it. What I do know It’s the same steps as an ancient cursed called the severe affliction. But it’s more advance and will take great magic to perform it. Therefore, I won’t be able to do this curse.”

“What a disappointment,” Skylar rudely remarked. “You were so enthusiastic about completing that curse an hour ago when you brought Riddian here. Now you are telling us you can’t do it. How useless.”

“What did you just say bitch?” Peru was ready to claw Skylar’s eyes out.

“You heard me witch.” Skylar fiery gazed made contact with Peru’s cold gaze.

“Stop the bickering ladies!” Maria shouted. “Remember we are working together to achieve one goal. And that is to kill Killian McHale, not each other.”

“I already know that,” Skylar sounded somewhat calm.

“I know the anguish daggers aren’t designed to kill.” Peru cut her eyes at Skylar before settling her gaze at Maria. “But judging by the critical state Riddian is in, he should be dead already.”

“Isn’t Riddian an elemental like his brother Killian?” Maria eyed Riddian’s appealing yet toxic physique, the very image of the man she hated most in this world.

“The aura he emits is faint, but yes he is indeed an elemental.”

Suddenly, a brilliant idea popped into Maria’s head. “Peru I need the demolisher to test its effectiveness against an elemental.”

A mystical golden blade dagger appeared into Peru’s hands when her palms joined together. She then held out the dagger like food on a platter towards Maria, who was now standing before her.

Maria takes the dagger from Peru and keenly observed it. It felt as if she was holding a bolt of lightning. The aura emitting from it was even more deadly than the last time she had laid eyes on it, which was yesterday. Hope gleamed in her eyes. “The blade has evolved.”

“Well it was forged from the essence of tons of powerful witches and lycanthropes, along with several old vampire bloods and bones. And the more these ingredients synchronized the stronger the blade,” Peru bragged.

From the moment Peru called forth the demolisher, the sinister aura from it filled Riddian’s whole body like a water tank. Making his inside felt as if it was experiencing months of all the different natural disasters at the same time.

Everything within him was being wrecked apart, imploding and exploding. The pain was even worse than any he had felt in three thousand years. He could also feel all his strength his life force being slowly sucked out, devoured by it.

“What is that blade?”Riddian growled uneasily.

“You don’t need to know that.” Maria stabbed the demolisher directly into Riddian’s heart.

His red glowing eyes bulged in shock. He could barely breathe, his inside was hammering with raw pain. After a period of time, there was no more pain and his life was no more. His flesh withered until his body mummified.

“Perfect.” Maria removed the demolisher from Riddian’s corpse with a satisfying smile. “But I wonder if he’s just temporarily dead or dead dead?”

“He’s dead dead,” Peru answered assertively.

“Wasn’t he bait to lure Killian to Felicity?” Skylar asked.

“At first he was, but I analysed that we no longer need a bait to lure Killian here. He will definitely come.”

Maria cell phone rang, and she answered. Her face became grim at the news she received.

“Like I said he will definitely come.” She ended the phone call a few minutes after and wretchedly smiled. “Let’s go meet up with him.”

Peru chanted a short spell. A dark light shrouded her, Maria and Skylar then it vanished along with them.

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