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“Why are you here?” Killian asked upon opening the front door of Garden Villa Mansion. Seeing the smiling Diane outside on the porch.

“Seriously Killian?” Diane throws herself at him, capturing and plundering his lips. “There is one thought going on in my mind since the last time I saw you, and this is what you ask.”

“Is that so?” Killian chuckled, passionately holding and fondling her neck. Looked into her eyes gleaming with desire, before planting one on her.

“Yes,” she whispered breathlessly. “So, are you at home alone?”

“Well, Riddian is out for the evening visiting the new Mayor. And as you can see, I’m all alone here in this big house. Doing nothing.”

“I’m sure I can change that.” Diane opened her top, exposing her lovely breast.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” Swiftly, Killian placed her to lay on the three seater sofa, hanging over her, lowering the head to kiss her.

“No,” Diane giggled playfully. “I just want to feel you inside me. You did promise to.”

Removing his shirt, Killian picked her up in his arms, softly bites on her neck.

“Sorry to interrupt,” An amused women’s voice disrupted their moments. Followed by an alluring blonde barging into the room. “But I need you right now, Killian Delikia.”

Letting down Diane to the floor, the slightly frustrated exhaled a sigh. He appeared before the stunning blonde. His arms locked about her waist. “What can I do for you, Hearthimist?”

Diane, of course, was jealous. Witnessing Killian laying hands on that bitch so intimately. Without a care of how she felt about it.

“We were ambushed by that Ka Daar a few minutes ago,” Hearthimist stated. “Three of my colleagues were killed.”

“Good Riddance.” Killian couldn’t care less about her colleagues. He hates them. “But if I may ask how? I thought demi gods can’t be killed.”

“Sure, we can be.”


“That, I won’t tell you. Now enough talking. I want your cock inside me now, Killian Delikia.” Strongly, Hearthimist grabbed on to Killian’s crotch. Looking fiercely into his eyes.

“Excuse me,” Diane cut in. The nerve of this bitch.

“Be quiet, little witch.” In one second, Hearthimist seized Diane’s throat.

Magically, the demi god was forced to release Diane. Bashing to the wall beneath the double staircase.

“Calm down ladies.” Killian stood between the two lionesses before they could claw each other eyes out. “There is no need to fight over me, not that I mind anyway. But if you both want me that bad, why don’t you take out all that anger and frustration on me.”

“Agreed.” Heartimist removed all her garments in a flash before jumping at Killian, strip him bare. Pinning him to the floor, kissing his lips turbulently.

Flipping Heartimist on the floor like a pancake in a frying pot, Killian lay on top of her. Mowing into her breast, tasting each nipple. Soon he began penetrating her, and she tore into his back with her nails, crying out pleasurably.

Diane was deeply hurt by this. She couldn’t stand the sight of Killian having sex with another woman right before her eyes. And so she decided to leave after her heart had had enough, but Killian in a jiffy held her down to the floor, preventing her from doing so.

She was furious at him, but couldn’t help giving into his kisses then the feeling of him entering her. The hurt in her eyes wasn’t missed by Killian, but he knows some great sex would change her feelings in no time. And that it did. He plundered her body until she experienced the greatest pleasure of all. An orgasm.

“It’s now my turn again, Killian,” Heartimist voiced impatiently and demandingly.

Removing himself from Diane, Killian speedily placed Heartimist over the handle of the sofa. Taking her from behind. So hard, the sofa handle broke.

Quickly, Heartimist grasped Killian’s neck pinning him to another sofa, got on top of him. Riding his length like a wild cowgirl. Killian shut the eyes tightly. Uttering a soft yet pleasurable, groaned and smashed into the sofa each time she pounced down on his cock.

After a few hours of pleasing both women, turn by turn, Killian was exhausted. It was actually the first time he had ten orgasms. One after the other in a long time. It was like both ladies were both competing who could please him the best, but Killian enjoyed them both.

Heartimist got dressed and head to the door. And before she left, she said to Killian. “I’m going to Saltiago Town to meet up with Maurice. You and your brothers should, meet up with us there as well in the next hour. It’s really important. I’ll explain in further detail when you three get there.”

Diane also got dressed. And as she was about to leave, Killian blocked her path. “And where are you going, love?”

“Home,” Diane answered. She felt ashamed by what she did earlier. But she somewhat enjoyed it, so she won’t complain.

“Don’t tell me you are jealous of Heartimist?” Killian teased, caressing her face. “We are just friends with benefits.”

“I guess that should make it okay you had sex with her while I’m in the room,” she lashed out.

“I can’t apologize, Diane. You know I’m like this—”

“I know Killian,” She said before he could finish his statement. “I wonder why I love you so much, even though I know you are a promiscuous man. After you hurt me so many times.”

“So that’s it. Would you like to hurt me?” Killian handed an anguish dagger he swiftly took from behind the cabinet to Diane. “Just once, I’ll allow it.”

Diane handed him back the blade. Which he used it to slice his own chest. And god-damn it, it stings more than a thousand hives of bees.

“Stop that!” The greatly worried Diane grabbed his hand, stopping him from further injuring himself. “Don’t you get it, Killian? It pains my heart seeing you hurt.”

For a moment, Killian eyes relent. He doesn’t deserve this, he thought. “Why, why would you love me so much? Are you stupid?”

“No Killian.” Diane kissed his lips remorsefully. “You are the stupid one.”

He heaved a sigh. Smiled. “I guess you are right. Now let’s make love.”

And before Diane could protest, Killian took hold of her, dashing up to his room.

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