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Seated in the home of the newly elected mayor of Orphic Gardens, the new Stony Villa Estate, living room. Riddian sipped on a glass of champagne a young maid recently served him.

“Sorry, I was a little late for our meeting, Mr. Mayor," Riddian apologized sincerely. “I was busy dealing with personal matters and ended up spending a little overtime.”

A mid-thirty average built male with dark blonde hair sternly gazed at Riddian who seated opposite to him. “I’m just glad you could make it here, Mr. Riddian McHale.”

“It was my pleasure being here. But if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the real reason you invited me here this evening, Mayor Ervin Redmond?” Riddian asked suspiciously.

“Just for us to get to know each other. To establish a good relation between us.”

“Is that why I sense such a strong killing intent coming from you?” Riddian asked, putting aside his glass.

“Did you just read my mind just now, Mr. McHale? I thought with my mind cloaked, you wouldn’t be able to get in my thoughts. You truly are a powerful vampire.”

“You are not the mayor, are you? Where is mayor Redmond?”

“No. I am not the mayor. My name is Arnold Wentworth. And there is no need to worry about Mr. Redmond, he’s safe.”

“That’s good to hear. But seeing is believing.”

“Alright.” Arnold smirked, snapping the fingers and a cloaked middle age man appeared on the floor seeming asleep. “Happy now.”

“Now leave while you are still breathing,“Riddian warned. He didn’t have the time or tolerance to deal with this imposter. A part of him is telling him to kill him. But he can’t go around killing everyone who has bad intention against him. That’s pointless.

“Well since you asked so nicely,” Arnold didn’t argue, instead he was too easy going. He just let Riddian think everything is under his control. Secretly hexing him. A step accomplished to fulfil his real goal. He then left the room, or at least pretend he did.

After, Riddian ensured the mayor was really alright and left. Arnold appeared back at the scene, but he wasn’t alone. There was another young warlock with him. Sean Witherington.

“That was really close,” Sean said very relief. “If he was anything like his brother, you would’ve died the minute he realized you were an imposter. The second he sensed that you want to kill him.”

“Well, luck is on our side I guess,” Arnold spoke lightly. But Sean was right, they are blessed by the god of luck.

“I guess. But I’m still having doubt about the plan,” Sean said.

“You are such a pessimist.” Arnold rolled his eyes before saying.

“And I have good reason to be.”

“Anyway, the second phase of the plan will take place tonight during the full moon, and make sure you bring her with you as well.”

“Are you sure this Burdock witch is up for this?” Sean questioned.

“Her powers are merely needed to keep Killian bind long enough so you can subdue him with the detriment spell.”

“Are you sure this spell of yours will even work on that monster?”

“It’s not strong enough to kill him, but it will subdue him long enough for us to kill him with a special spell passed down in my family.” Arnold guaranteed his hopeless colleague. Damn, he’s annoying, but he’s useful for what he has planned.

“Fine. But the moment this plan of yours fails, I’m bailing out.” Sean vanished from the room. The smirking Arnold left shortly after.

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