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At the outskirts of Saltiago town. Outside the old cabin. Le Ann stood, hand in hands with twenty witches in a circular formation— chanting a spell under the full moon to sign a life binding contract with nature making them an official coven. However, before they could accomplish that, the earth rumbles violently by a passing quake. And this frightened the witches a bit. That should have never happened.

All the witches were surprised. Shivered in fear when they saw the Darrnavian gods: Ka Daar, Raid DeLee, Tot Tian, Aid Den and Vee Naa circled them.

“What do you want? Why are you here?” Le Ann mustered up some courage to ask after taking a deep breath.

“We come here for you, my dear,” The amused Ka Daar answered sweetly.

Me? Le Ann was greatly puzzled. “What do you want with me?”

“The amulet of lost soul, of course.”

“What are you talking about?” She questioned, beyond confused. Is this god toying with her?

“You don’t know, do you?” Ka Daar grinned almost reached his ears.

“Know what?”

“Well, it’s not a surprised since we never knew as well. You are the amulet of lost soul, my dear. Those half bred warded you very good Le Ann Houston or should I say Deja Le Ann Light, the last witch of the infamous Light coven.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You poor girl. You don’t know what you are, do you?” Ka Daar sighed. Fake pitying her.

“Are you going to talk all day Ka Daar or capture her?” The impatient Vee Naa roared.

“At least let me have a little fun,” Ka Daar retorted.

“Fun time is over.” Vee Naa pointed a palm out, unleashing a dark aura, causing all the witches including Le Ann to pummel repeatedly continuously to the ground.

“You are so hostile,” Ka Daar commented with a smile.

“Let’s just take the witch and leave.”

Somehow and together, the witches managed to free themselves from Vee Naa’s power. Combined their powers to create a great force of energy powerful enough to push back all the gods. But it didn’t doe as much damage as they hope.

“Let’s teleport out of here,” shouted Le Ann. That’s the only way they can survive this assault.

Unfortunately, before she and the witches could leave, Aaid Den electrocuted them all.

“I’m surprised you even helped us,” Vee Naa addressed Aid Den.

“The sooner this is over. The sooner I will get to see her again,“Aaid Den replied.

Dark needles the size of a four inches nail rained down from heaven, piercing all the witches except for Le Ann.

“Why did you kill them? You could have just taken the witch you want,” Aaid Den argued with Vee Naa.

“Well, the others are useless to our cause,” Vee Naa shrugged with a cruel smiled plastered over her gorgeous face.

Floating gleefully towards Le Ann who was on the ground exhausted and weaken. Ka Daar attempted to take hold of her.

Fortunately, Maurice was there to her rescue. He seized the god’s hand, stabbing at him the celestial dagger. Ka Daar freed himself and pulled backward before the blade could harm him.

“Looks like I get here on time,” said Maurice.

“To die that is,” the upset Ka Daar ripped open the atmosphere and take from it a three-foot golden flaming sword. Multiple slashes, Ka DAar made at Maurice, who evaded them all. Swiftly, he stopped Maurice with a palm rested to his shoulder from behind. Then aimed the now one-foot blade to run him through, but Maurice with quickly escaped, but not without injury. Ka Daar smiled sinisterly. “You are quite fast, half-bred.”

In an instant, Maurice picked up Le Ann. Trying to escape. However, Raid DaLee and Tot Tian blocked his path.

“As you can see, you are outnumbered,” Ka Daar whispered to the startled Maurice ear from behind. “There is nowhere for you to run. So why don’t you hand over the amulet to us.”

Instinctively, Maurice turned to punched Ka DAar who pulled back like a yo-yo. Giggling like a lunatic.

There wasn’t even a sound when Vee Naa launched an attack on Maurice. However, Heartimist got in the way. Clashing fists with him.

Pulling back, Vee Naa smirked. “So there is another one.”

Raid DaLee and Tot Tian vanished. Out of the blue, appeared net to Heartimist. Tot Tian from behind and Raid DaLee from the front, targeting her with powerful fists, and she ducked to avoid them. Punching the two gods away with her most powerful fists attack.

“Not bad.” Raid DaLee in an instant took hold of Heartimist’s throat, bashing her to the ground. Stomping his elephant weight foot against her chest. “But it will take more than that to stop us.”

With the celestial dagger in one hand and Le Ann in the other, Maurice slashed at Raid DaLee. However, the god flee to safety. Tot Tian at that moment appeared to cut down Maurice from behind with a lethal attack. But Heartimist got in the way to protect him.

Auras of light formed around both Le Ann’s palms. She then targeted Tot Tian and Raid DaLee who was charging at her and Maurice like a fierce cheetah. Unleashing a massive outburst of light that repelled the gods. But doing so exhausted her to the point she’s having a bit of difficulty breathing.

“The girl has some power,” Raid DaLee commended as he descends from the sky, landing next to Vee Naa. “How can we stop her without breaking her mortal body apart?”

“We don’t need her body. We just need is her heart,” replied Vee Naa.

Tot Tian chortled. He recently arrived next to his fellow gods. “You should have said so in the first place.”

The attacks begin again. Tot Tian and Raid DaLee versus Maurice and Heartimist. And the latter or on the loosing end. Because they have to protect LE Ann while fighting.

The four exchanged powerful blows that disturbed the flow of the wind. Every punched the demi gods throw at the gods was avoided. They were then hit hard by the combined power of Tot Tian and Raid DaLee.

And the moment the two demi gods tried to get up, they were blasted and electrocuted by powerful lightening bolts over and over.

Aaid Den seized Heartimist's neck and kept her electrocuted, so every time her body heals it was inflicted with wounds over and over, causing her to holler in agony.

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