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Maurice sped to Heartimist rescue, only to be blocked by the VeeNaa. He still continues anyway with Le Ann over his left shoulder and the celestial dagger in the right hand aiming for the goddess.

Disarming the demi god, VeeNaa from behind stabbed him with her celestial dagger to the back of the head. Also, Ka Daar appeared before Maurice piercing his heart, obliterating it with the golden flaming sword. Excruciating was the pain that Maurice felt falling to the knees. Le Ann fell next to him.

“Even with two blades inside you. You are still alive,” Ka Daar sounded impressed. “For now, that is. Since I infused my blade with Darrinite.”

Violently, Vee Naa took hold of Maurice’s neck. Uttering a horrible screeched causing his body to slash apart. And the endless unbearable pain Maurice felt, gradually intensifying by the sound. His body then exploded to pieces.

As Raid DaLee and Tot Tian approach her, Le Ann struggled to crawl away. But in vain, the gods got a hold of her. And just as it seems that all hope was gone. Her saviour or maybe her destroyer appeared.

Dark late teen male with disarranged twelve feet long, curly dark brown hair. Very pleasing to the eyes, like a rare stone. His expression and golden brown eyes were just as hard. Black clothing hugged his slender physique.

“Don’t be frightened, witch,” the young man spoke in a gloomy voice. Not the voice you are expected from someone so young. “I’m not here to hurt you.”

“Who are you?” Le Ann inquired.

“Create a teleportation circle that is the only way to escape.” He helped Le Ann up from the ground and instructed.

Tot Tian and Raid DaLee join hands to attacked Mr. Young, mysterious and seemingly dangerous. And just as it seems as if they were going to overpower him. The young man caught both Gods’ powered fist without even budging. He crushed and tore their arms from the shoulders.

Somewhat astonished, the Gods pulled back as their arms slowly regenerated.

Swiftly, the youth took hold of Aaid Den’s neck, freeing Heartimist from his grip. The god retaliated by hitting the youngster with a bolt of lightning, but it only damaged the lad’s clothing.

With a powerful kick to the chest, the youth sent Aaid Den flying. He picked up Heartimist and speed towards Le Ann who was a few minute’s away from completing the transportation circle.

“Stop them!” Vee Naa voice bombard the atmosphere. She was raging mad.

But before Raid DaLee and Tot Tian could get hold of them. A circle of light appeared beneath Le Ann and the youth who was holding Heartimist in his arms and teleported them away.

A divine light shot from the heaven, appeared before the Gods. And from the light materialized a female with curly long dark hair to her ankles with white rose petals decorating it.

Her beauty was incomparable, indescribable. Lips naturally pink, skin radiates a mild light like the moon. Eyes azure, blue as the sky. Her sexy sleeveless mermaid dress was made of the purest white material, and on her head she wore a golden crown.

“Fray Aa Supreme Goddess of Youth and Beauty,” Ka Daar greeted. “What a surprised seeing you here.”

“You are all summoned to Darrnavia,” Fray Aa voiced gracefully, beautifully. “By order of the supreme supreme God of everything and my husband RIC KaEl.”

“Why is that?“Vee Naa asked arrogantly. Annoyed.

“Do you dare defy the order of my husband, supreme goddesses of Rage and Enmity?”

“Of course not,” Vee Naa replied, then faux a smile.

“We know you are after the Amulet of lost soul. By right we should stop you since what you all wish is harm to this world. However, the law of Darrnavia stated a God must never interfere in another God affair. Unless it threatens the entire godly race or my husband.”

“That law goes for even the god of everything as well,” Vee Naa retorted.

“I’m very much aware of that. But my orders from my husband is to summoned you all back to Darrnavia. For what reason, I don’t care. But if you chose to refuse to honour my husband’s request.” A violent aura emits from Fray Aa that quake the four corners of the earth and the heavens. “Then I will be force to drag you all back with me to Darrnavia.”

“There is no need for that,” Ka DAar said sneeringly. Apart from being absolutely stunning, This woman is very frightening. “We will all gladly go with you.”

“That’s a wise choice, Ka Daar.”

The Gods all vanished.

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