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Soaking in a hot bathtub of water, inside, his little brother’s personal bathroom, Killian whipped his head back, with the eyes closed. He released a sigh of relief, with a pleasing smile on the face. Well, not for long.

A sudden knock on the bathroom door, disturbed his peace and tranquillity.

“WHAT!” Killian shouted irritated.

“You’ve been in there for over an hour now,” Riddian said, standing outside the bathroom door. “And need I remind you this is my bathroom and not yours.”

“My hot water doesn’t work, so I borrowed yours.”

“Just hurry up and get the hell out of there.”

Riddian heard a tumbling downstairs and flashed down to the living room, seeing Heartimist, the mystery young man known to him as Declan. And last but not least, Le Ann appears from a bright light. Le Ann stumbled, and he quickly caught and helped her up.

“Are you alright, Le Ann?” He asked very concerned. “What happened?”

“The deities attacked the witches of Saltiago,” Le Ann replied in a weak and tearful voice. “They have slaughtered all the witches.”

Riddian took Le Ann to a three seater sofa and helped her to sit. As she was about to speak, he shushed her. “Don’t try to talk any more, just rest.”

“I’ll be okay... I’m just a little tired, after using two extreme magic one after the other. I will be out for a few—” Le Ann passed out on the sofa.

“Le Ann!” Riddian tried to wake his woman, but she remained still, not moving. He tested if she was breathing and listen in on her heartbeats, and all was well. This made him sigh in relief. He then placed her to lie on the sofa before acknowledge Declan and Heartimist. “What happen at Saltiago?”

“Maurice was killed in battle,” Heartimist said. “We were no match for five deities despite having a celestial dagger. We lost horribly, and the dagger was taken. If it wasn’t for Declan and this witch, I probably would be dead.

“I informed Killian to come with you and Jullian to Saltiago earlier. Why didn’t you show up?”

“Killian!” Riddian roared.

“You rang.” Killian mischievously tapped Riddian’s shoulder from behind.

“Why didn’t you—”

“Oh, don’t bother Cinderella. I never felt the need to tell you in the first place.”

“And why is that?”

“Am I the only one who remembered what they did to you a month and some days ago? You aren’t strong enough to take on a deity. Even the half-gods are having problems with them as usual.”

“Hello everyone,” Thomas greeted standing at the doorway with a cheesy smile.

“Where were you?” Heartimist collared up Thomas t-shirt in a heartbeat.

“I was just doing some research,” Thomas replied. He then fixed his focus on Killian. “I recently figured out that the celestial dagger won’t be enough to kill the Darrnavian Gods.”

“What do you mean by that, Thomas?” Killian asked.

“Let me rephrase that. Though the celestial dagger is effective against the Gods, it doesn’t destroy them permanently. It only destroyed their physical body from this world and returns them to Darrnavia. But as soon as they restored their forms, they will be able to return to our world once more, possessing another vessel.”

“You were in Saltiago Town a few minutes ago,” Declan said to Thomas.

“Yes I was. Observing of course.”

“You were there and didn’t aid us?” Heartimist yelled, slapping Thomas’s right cheek. “You stand by and watched Maurice died.”

“Yes, I did,” Thomas replied looking her in the eyes. “Is there something wrong with that?”

“You remained the same hard-headed bastard.” Heartimist growled.

“Why thank you,” Thomas said.

“So how can we truly kill the gods then?” Killian asked.

“There is a place where the supreme, supreme Darrnavian God RIC KaEl banished the dark Gods. To punish them if they should ever fall out of line, called Perdition. A second hell. An inescapable prison.”

“And how do we gain access to such a place?”

“That’s what I need you for, Killian. I know you are no longer a warlock, but I’m sure you can still figure out a spell to open the doors of Perdition. Persuade a few witches to execute that spell. After all, you are the smartest of your brothers when it comes to creating spells.” He briefly acknowledged Riddian and smile. “No offence. The deities are after the amulet of lost soul. This witch Le Ann, the last of her coven, is the amulet of lost soul.”

“The amulet of lost soul?” Riddian pondered. He never heard of such a thing, “What is that anyway?”

“It’s a trinket that possesses great power,” Thomas gave a simple answer.

“Le Ann is a person, not a trinket.”

“I see you are quite intimate with the witch.” Thomas chortled, rolling his eyes. “Why am I not surprised? Anyway, she is the amulet of lost soul, and the deities desire her.”

“Why?” Riddian inquired.

“Four thousand years ago, we demi Gods stole the Amulet of lost soul from Darrnavia. Of course, the Gods were angered by our action and seek out to attain not only it, but our heads.”

“Are you sure you want to tell them this?” Heartimist interrupted Thomas. “We agreed not to discuss any of this to anyone out of our circle.”

“There is no need for secrets any more,” Declan said.

Thomas continued his story. “The only way to keep the amulet hidden was to hide it within a powerful and live container. In other words, we hid it within every member of the Light coven. The only witches compatible with the amulet’s great magic and won’t be bewitched by its evil influences.

“Five hundred years later, the Gods had discovered what we did and annihilated the light coven to retrieve what was stolen from them. But in the end, they fail to find what they seek.

“But one witch managed to escape the wrath of the Gods thanks to the power of the amulet. Le Ann Houston or rather Deja Le Ann Light is the last of her coven. She is the amulet of lost soul. The Gods were unaware of this, they thought the amulet was lost or rather destroyed with the Light Coven, and so we kept Le Ann hidden. But the gods had discovered what we did a few weeks ago. They ransack and tear the information from Edward’s mind before killing him.”

“This is quite shocking news,” Killian stated fascinated. “I find it absurd to believe that witch, is older than I am.”

“Really Killian?” Riddian gazed at his brother irritated and say.

“But why are the Gods after this amulet of lost soul?” Killian ignored his annoying brother and asked Thomas.

“The bodies the deities now possessed are just human flesh that displays their original form, so they can have a physical body in our world. But with the amulet of lost soul, they will no longer need a body to remain here in our world. They will be able to call fort their immortal spiritual bodies to our world, which will make them unstoppable. And if that happened, then its goodbye world.”

“And we can’t allow that to happen,” Heartimist said. “It’s already this hard to defeat one of them.”

“For now the Gods have returned to Darrnavia but not for long,” Thomas said. “They will return approximately four days from now.”

“How did you know that?” Declan asked suspiciously.

“It takes two mortal days to go to Darrnavia and two more days to return from there. Does that answer your question, Declan?”

Declan was about to say something, but refrained from doing so.

“There is something the three of us need to take care of. But we have to leave this town.” Thomas addressed his fellow demi Gods.

“What about the witch?” Heartimist asked. “We can’t just leave her unprotected.”

“I’m sure The Delikia brothers are capable enough to protect the girl while the rogue Gods are away,” Thomas said.

“What is so important than guarding the witch, so she doesn’t fall in the hands of the deities?”

“I know away to bring back the others.”

“How so?” Declan asked with curiosity. “Their bodies were completely destroyed. That’s not possible.”

“Well, as we all know, Darrinite is one of our greatest weaknesses.” Thomas gazed at Declan and smirked. “Well, for some of us, that is.

“Anyway, Darrinite is also good for healing and rebirth. With its power, I can either kill, create or recreate life.”

“Is that even possible?” Heartimist asked.

“Yes, but with a side effect, of course. Their personalities won’t be the same.”

“Even if that’s possible, where will we even get Darranite? There are only four of them in the world, and one of them was destroyed by Declan?”

“But there is three more, and Declan has one in his possession.”

“I will lend it to you only if what you speak is the truth,” said Declan.

“Why would I lie?”

“Let’s go then. We will also take the witch with us to ensure her safety.”

“You will do no such thing,” Riddian said firmly, blocking Declan’s path from taking Le Ann. “I will protect her.”

“You fail to understand that the deities will use any mean necessary to get their hands on her. You are too emotionally attached to her that makes you incapable of keeping her safe.”

“Don’t worry about the witch, Declan,” Killian said. “After the deities last break into this mansion, I had this place warded from all deities. As long as she remains in this house, they won’t be able to detect her or even get close to her.”

“Smart,” Thomas smirked. “Then I guess there is no need to worry about the witch safety any more. Let’s go Declan.”

“I hope you are not lying, Killian McHale, for your own selfish reasons,” Declan warned.

“What reason do I have to lie?”

“Very well, I’ll leave the girl in your care. But when we returned, we will take possession of her.”

The three demi Gods dashed out the living room.

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