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“You lied,” Riddian smirked. “Didn’t you?”

“Of course, I lied,” Killian responded. “But that was the only way to get Declan to leave the witch here in your care without a fight. Even though he looks like a teenage boy, he’s a powerful old antique.”

“Thank you, Killian.” Riddian was filled with gratitude.

“You’re welcome. But seriously, we need to get this mansion ward off from all Gods.”

“Sure. But how will you do so?”

“We need a powerful warlock or witch to do so? According to Thomas, we have four days until the Gods returned from Darrnavia. So we need to ward this place before then.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure that part out. I’ll be in my room.” Riddian picked up Le Ann in his arms and speed off up the double staircase to his room.

Killian flashed up the single staircase to his room. He picked up an opened bottle of whiskey from the bedside table and took a drink. He sighed, gazing back at a woman with strange blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair lying on his bed. “And who the hell might you be?”

“I am Tanah Burdock,” the woman answered. Killian attempted attacking her and was slammed to the wall by magic. “Remember the name of the person who is going to kill you.”

“Kill me,” Killian burst out into laughter. He then smirked. “Surely you jest.

“I find it surprising though that your magic is strong enough to bind me for a second. I’m impressed.” Killian broke free of the magic that was holding him, “But let me asked you this. What have I done to make you strongly wish for my demised?”

“You were born.” Tanah’s eyes glowed and four small silver like pillars appeared and pierced into Killian’s body, crashing him to the floor. Making it impossible for him to move a muscle.

Killian tried using his powers to break the pillar, but instead the Mansion was affected. Everything was violently blowing about like there was a vicious tornado and Tanah was knocked away.

He yelled aloud, feeling the Pillars painfully extracting his powers and feeding on his strength. “What sort of magic is this?”

“I learnt you were immune to nature magic. But what I used is not your average magic, but thaumaturgy.”

“Isn’t that kind of the same thing?”

“Well, the word means the same, but I assure you the ability is quite different.”

Sean Witherington and two warlocks appeared in the room pointing both palms towards Killian, causing a dark red aura to cloaked Killian’s body. Killian’s cries were agonizing, and his body drowned in pain.

Riddian barged into the room, ready for battle. His eyes glowed, and Tanah, Sean and the two warlocks were hit to the floor away from Killian telekinetically. Riddian ripped out the heart of one of the two warlocks who were blasting at him with red beams. Take hold of the other warlock that was inflicting him with great pain by means of magic. Breaking his neck.

“Killian,” Riddian crouched next to his brother. “Are you OK?” His eyes were saddened seeing his brother on the floor howling in pain, but this also made him angry. He gazed at Sean and Tanah who were on the offence with red beams circling their palms. “What the hell did you do to him?”

He was about to use his powers to kill both Tanah and Sean, but he suddenly felt as if his inside was ripping apart. His skull and bones crack multiple times and repeatedly each time he heals. He gazed behind at Arnold and another man in a black jacket suit. They are the sourced of his agony.

“Finish the spell, Sean.” Arnold then says to the man in the black jacket suit. “Help him too, Tomlin.”

Sean stood looking down at Killian. He touched two of the pillars, and Tomlin touched the other two. They forcefully shoved all four pillars simultaneously until they dissolved inside Killian’s body. Through the entire process, Killian’s cries never ceased until they completed the spell.

Riddian grunted painfully, fighting to repel the magic that holds him bound. And somehow he managed to forcefully stand and with telekinesis he slammed Arnold and his comrades to the wall.

“As fun as this might be, you are not what we are after. So be a good vampire and behave.” Arnold increased the pressure of his thaumaturgy to trampled Riddian to the floor.

“Like hell I will.” Riddian yelled. He unleashed his full powers, attempting to overpower the thaumaturgy. However, his power was being suppressed instead. Thanks to a spell Arnold place on him earlier when he visited the mayor’s home.

Tomlin, Sean and Tanah pointed a palm at Riddian. Combining their thaumaturgy to inflict Riddian with great pain and suffering. And the pain was so intense, Riddian almost passed out.

“Why are you doing this?” Riddian mumbled.

“Your brother decided to cause the second Salem Massacre without even considering the effects it has on other,” Arnold voiced angrily. “I was merely a teenager when I witnessed, every man, woman and child... even my younger brothers slaughtered by the hands of this monster.” He pointed at Killian lying unconscious on the floor. “My parents annihilated by that beast. Ever since that day, I swear I will make that monster suffer. So I assembled other surviving witches of that massacre who shared the same goal as me. My comrades and I have been planning our revenge for over fifty years, and now the time has come to execute it.”

“Killian,” Riddian groaned. “Wake up.”

“He can’t hear you,” Arnold chuckled. “But don’t worry, he’s not dead yet. We merely subdue him with a very powerful thaumaturgy that even he cannot break free from.”

“Let’s get out of here. We have accomplished our goal,” Tanah said.

“I won’t let you leave here with him.” Riddian tried reaching for his brother and was tossed out of the room into the passageway by Tomlin’s thaumaturgy.

Killian was shrouded in a smoke like substance. And when it vanished, so did he.

“What did you do to him,” Riddian asked upon appearing back into the room healed of all his injuries. “Where is my brother?”

“You are quite resilient even after suffering all those injuries,” Arnold chuckled. “Oh well, we got what we came here for. Now it’s time to leave.”

Before Riddian telekinetic powers could reach them, they all disappeared from the room.

“Damn it!!!” Riddian bashed the hands against the wall to express his displeasure.

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