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It’s been twenty-one hours since Killian had been taken and after searching the entire town for him Riddian had no luck in finding his big brother and that frustrate him, angered him immensely. He swore in his heart that he’ll tear apart those who played a part in his brother’s kidnapping, but unfortunately the culprits, the imposter Mayor Arnold Wentworth and his followers, has disappeared from Orphic Gardens without a trace.

“Are you alright Riddian?” inquired Luke who recently entered the living room of Garden Villa with his brother Luka, both seated on the sofa centre right opposite from where Riddian sat.

However, Riddian didn’t even notice the boy’s presence in the room, he was too busy deep in thought trying to figure out how to locate and rescue Killian. Shortly after, his thoughts came to a pause, and he acknowledged the boys staring at him oddly.

“Where were you two last night? And why are you just coming home? I’m sure school been out for a few hours now.”

Luckily before Luke could reply the front doorbell rang twice drifting Riddian’s focus from him and that made him a bit relief. Riddian walked to the door, opening it to a mid-twenties beauty dressed in a revealing outfit, or rather like a prostitute. However, he’s not one to criticize or judge a woman personality base on their style of fashion. Though she could have worn a bra beneath that mesh dress that reveal those damn distracting bewitching breast, and for god’s sake put on something to cover that extra mini shorts that display in details every outline of her lower parts. She was a walking sex advertisement.

Luke was feeling tense by the woman’s presence, for he had recognized her from last night event, an event that ended with him and Luka on the run. Unfortunately it had come back to bite him, how unlucky. He tried to escape up the single staircase to avoid confrontation and was slammed to the wall by an unforeseen force halfway up, dragged down the staircase by a leg and was placed to sit where he was earlier, next to his brother who seemed unfazed by all that was going on.

“Where do you think you are going?” Riddian sternly gazed back at Luke, which made Luke very uncomfortable.

“I was going to bed, so I could wake up early for school in the morning.” Luke chuckled nervously, hoping Riddian bought his story, but he knew better than anyone that Riddian would see right through his flimsy lie.

Riddian took a breath before gazing at the tempting woman outside on the porch once more, inviting her into his home, and she entered. He gestured to the sofas, and she didn’t hesitate to throw down at the middle sofa centre left opposite from where the twins seated. Riddian sits at the recliner, giving the unknown vampire woman his full attention. His eyes stray a few times to glimpse at the exposed part of her body, but he tried not to make it obvious by holding firm eye contact with her most of the time.

“So what have these two done now?”

“Nothing,” Luke blurted scared.

“Nothing huh,” the woman scoffed, flipping back a stranded hair from her face. “These two little rascals were at my bar last night, becharming my humans workers out of paying for alcoholic beverages.

“And that one,” She pointed at Luka furiously. “He killed two of my best human, paying customers and when I tried to confront them about it, they escaped.”

“Is this true?” Riddian asked both boys.

“No,” Luke felt as if the walls were caving in on him.

“You lying little weasel,” the woman cursed, wanting so badly to smack the teeth from that conniving little brat’s mouth.
Riddian sighed pestered. He had other important matters at hand than to deal with such a trifling matter.

“I will pay their bills and see to it that they are punished for their action.”

“That’s very generous of you, Lord Riddian.” The vampire woman smile to show gratitude.

“Would you like the payments in cash or cheque?”

“Cash, please,” she replied.

Riddian vanished from the living room and when he reappeared he was holding a black briefcase which he handed to the vampire woman who happily accepted it, opened it and was overwhelmed when she saw hundred dollar bills pilling up in rows and Columns. The money was enough to pay for the damage these brats had done to her bar ten times and still left spare money. She was overjoyed, but curious as to why lord Riddian had given her so much money.

“It’s payment for getting rid of the dead human bodies, the free drinks these boys stole and also to keep them out of your bar permanently,” Riddian said, settling her curious mind.

“Thank you.” The woman dashed out the mansion with the briefcase.

“Why were you two at a bar last night?” Riddian closed the front door, which the rude woman had forgotten to do on her way out, then furiously gazed at the twin.

“Why does anyone go to a bar?” Luka answered annoyed.

“Luka,” Luke uttered, hinting him to show respect.

“What Luke?”

“I guess you two won’t mind cleaning up the entire mansion at human pace as punishment for your insensitive and impudent actions,” Riddian whispered to both boys’ ears from behind.

“Please, anything except that,” Luke pleaded.

“You two better get started right now if you want to finish before bedtime.”

“Fine” Luke grumbled.

“Anyway, I’m going out to search for Killian. Please don’t do anything reckless while I’m away.” Riddian flashed out the front door.

Two hours later, Riddian arrived outside on the porch of Diane home, on the outskirts of Lin fox Town, knocking the front door twice, before it was opened by Diane. He then barged inside without an invitation and sit at the single seated couch.

“I apologized for showing up at your home unannounced, but I urgently need your help.”

“What is it you need my help with Riddian?” Diane asked, closing the front door.

“A group of witches had kidnapped Killian last night.”

“Why do you think I care what happened to that heartless bastard?” she asked as if she didn’t care about Killian, but she did and Riddian knew it.

“Because you love him,” Riddian replied, which startled Diane a little. “I’ve been searching all over for him last night. All day today, and so far I have no luck, which is why I came here to ask for your help in locating him.”

“Even if I decided to help you, Killian is immune to magic. Therefore, I won’t be able to locate him,” Diane responded. She then recalled that Killian is immune to magic and asked. “How does a group of witches even manage to capture Killian in the first place?”

“According to the warlock Arnold Wentworth, they subdue him with something known as Nix Craft.”

“Did you just say Nix Craft?” Diane uttered appalled.

“Yes,” Riddian replied. “The witches that kidnapped Killian all use this Nix Craft. It seemed to be some form of ancient dark magic, one that even I’m not aware of. It was strong enough to even repel my powers and hurt me severely.”

“You are right, Nix Craft is a very old and dangerous aspect of dark magic. To learn such God like magic, one has to pay two prices. One is human sacrifice and the other is their soul. However, Nix Craft doesn’t steal it user soul all at once. It steals bits and pieces each time a spell is performed until nothing is left. The more powerful the spell, the more of your soul it eats away. That is why it is a taboo to learn such craft. I thought that type of magic vanished from the face of the world.”

“Apparently it did not.”

“If Nix Craft was used to subdue Killian, then his life might be in great danger.” Diane felt a surged of anxiety.

“So, can you locate Killian?” Riddian clenched his fist, worried that his brother might be killed if he doesn’t manage to find him in time.

“I don’t know if I will be able to track him down by myself since he’s immune to my type of magic not to mention the witches who captured him might ward his location, but I’ll try anyway then stop by Garden Villa to inform you if I manage to locate him.”

“I will find him. I promised I’ll find him.” Riddian embraced the uneasy Diane as a mean to console her. He knew how much she cared about Killian, maybe even more than him. A few minutes later, he left the room in a flash.

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