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Inside the living room of a two bedroom within the Violet District, Marla City gathered Arnold, Sean, Tomlin and Tanah. With them were also Chantal Flores and two of her warlocks followers, seated together at a black leather sofa.

“I’m glad you could make it here this evening Chantal Flores,” said Arnold, who was seated on a wooden armchair near the fire place, with Tanah who seated on the handle.

“I’m only here because I heard that you and your followers succeeded in capturing Killian McHale and you require my help to destroy him,” Chantal stated rudely. “Now that you got my attention, show me the monster.”

Arnold snapped his finger and Killian unconscious body appeared levitating midway in the midst of them all, bind in magical red shackles from his ankles up to his shoulders.

“So are you going to explain to me how we are going to destroy this monster that is said to be unkillable?” Chantal walked over to examine Killian, who she found pleasingly disgusting.

“Of course,” Arnold smiled like a sly cat. “To destroy Killian McHale, we’ll use a forbidden curse created by the Wentworth coven called dismantle. It’s a curse that is used to break down anything or anyone to its weakest state until it or they are destroyed.”

“Sounds intriguing, but tell me what purpose does my witches and I serve in your plot?” Chantal smiled wryly as her fingers twirl Killian’s dark, spiky hair.

“We cannot do this curse on our own,” Tanah answered annoyed. “If we could, then we wouldn’t need you or your witches.”

“Now dear,” Arnold stroke his Tanah’s cheek gently. “Be nice.”

“I can tell that you and your posse all used the forbidden craft, Nix.” Chantal gazed hatefully at Tanah while addressing Arnold. “I’m sure you have enough magic to execute a curse without our help.”

“Though Nix Craft is said to be God like magic, I’m sure you know the consequences of using such dark magic,” Arnold said.

“Oh, I’m fully aware.”

“The four of us along with our other four comrades don’t have enough soul energy left to harness the amount of Nix required for the dismantled cursed. In other words, if we attempt this curse alone. We will die before it is completed. That is why we are requesting your help.”

“After what this monster had done fifty years ago in Salem and the destruction he caused in my city last month,” Chantal stated with anger in her voice. “It will be my pleasure to help in whatever way I can to put an end to him.”

“However, if this curse is so powerful that you and your posse with your endless source of magic cannot execute on your own without instant death, it must be extremely dangerous.”

“You are really a very smart witch.” Arnold chortled briefly.

“Don’t try to patronize me, boy.”

“I assure you I’m not doing that. I know better than to piss of a grand witch.”

“Now you are just trying to flatter me.” Chantal snorted contemptuously.

“Anyway, you need not worry about the risk of casting such a curse. I have away to prevent your witches and my comrades from being harmed.”

“Do tell.”

“Most of the magic that will use to cast the spell will be the magic your witches will harness from the moon since my comrades and I or no longer privileged to do so, and to ensure we don’t suffer any harm you will harness the power of the moon stone, which I possess and used it as a vessel to take all the side effects of the curse.”

“It seems you have everything well planned out, Arnold.”

“Does this mean you decided to aid us?” Arnold smile confidently.


“Then meet us tomorrow night at the Marla City Park. Seven p.m. sharp.”

“It’s a date,” Chantal said amused before disappearing from the room with her two warlock followers.

“Are you sure we can depend on her to play her part?” Tanah asked.

“Chantal Flores wants Killian McHale dead as much as we do. And that alone ensure me we will have her full cooperation,” Arnold voiced sinisterly.

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