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“Good morning brother.” Jullian sipped on a cup of coffee, gazing at Riddian entering the front door to Garden Villa mansion.

“Jullian.” Riddian was somewhat surprise and happy at the same time. “I never knew you were back in town.”
“I arrived last night while you were away.”

“Where are the boys?”

“Don’t worry Riddian. I made sure they got to school on time.”

“Thanks.” Riddian sits at the three seater sofa centre right next to Jullian. “I’ve been so busy searching for Killian that I don’t even have the time to even think about anything else.”

“I know.” Jullian sipped the coffee, then used his powers to place the mug on the centre table. “Killian has been captured by witches.”

Diane and Layla appeared in the living room seated on the three seater sofa opposite from Riddian.

“Have you located Killian?” Riddian eagerly asked Diane.

“You could at least greet us first.” Layla crossed her legs, gazing at the brothers. “Anyway, we combined our magic together to locate Killian, but it’s like he has vanished from the face of the earth.”

“Is that even possible?” Riddian refused to believe Layla’s statement. He was furious. “Are you telling me Killian is gone without a trace?”

“Well, it’s either that or he is being shrouded by a powerful spell that our magic cannot break through to find him.”

“We need to find him before It’s too late.” The mansion rumbled at the sound of Riddian’s voice.

“Calm down, Riddian. We will find him.” Jullian poked Riddian’s forehead. He then addressed the two ladies. “I know a spell that could be used to locate Killian, but you two low level witches aren’t enough to cast it. No offence.”

“None taken.” Diane smiled thinly.

“Is this another attempt to kill me?” Layla gazed at Jullian warily.

“No,” Jullian answered her.


“The spell is called the ‘Situate absolute’ it is an ancient spell that is used to locate anything or anyone, hidden or lost. Once it has been cast, it won’t dispel until it located the person or thing the caster desire to find.”

“Just show us how to do the damn spell.” Layla was in a sour mood.

“Of course, I will, Layla. But first we need another witch, how about Le Ann?” Jullian suggested to Riddian.

“No way,” Riddian was against Jullian’s suggestion. “I don’t want to get her involve in this, not after what happened to her in Saltiago two nights ago. And besides, she’s not in any condition to perform any spell.”

“I’ll gladly help?” Le Ann appeared seated next to Riddian.

“Le Ann,” Riddian uttered, astonished and elated at the same time. “You are awakened. Are you alright?”

“I have been better.” Le Ann smiled faintly.

“Now that we have three witches, it’s time to cast the spell.” Jullian get up from the couch, heading for the exit. “Come with me.”

Diane and Layla followed after Jullian.

“I won’t let you do this.” Riddian held on to Le Ann’s arm before she could leave. “You might be conscious, but you’re injures haven’t fully healed as yet. Is it even safe for you to use magic?”

“I know you are worried about me, Riddian. But I’m fine.” Le Ann kissed the lips of her lover. “Despite the jerk, the monster, the evil bastard Killian is. I’m going to help find him for your sake. So don’t try to stop me.”

“OK.” Riddian smile vaguely, since she was so determined to help find Killian he won’t stop her, but he still can’t help worrying about her safety. “Thank you.”

The couple exited the mansion to meet up with Jullian and the two witches in the courtyard.

“I need you three ladies to form a triangle and muster up all the magic you can,” Jullian instructed.

Le Ann, Diane and Layla held hands and formed a small circle, summoning all of their magic which causes a disturbance in the surrounding atmosphere.

“Sync your magic until it becomes one entity.”

They did as Jullian instructed, and a ball of light appeared in the midst of the witches.

“Repeat after me Situate Absolute, locator Killian McHale.”

The three repeated after Jullian and the ball of light reacted to their voice and started to spin rapidly.

“What happen now?” Diane asked, greatly exhausted.

“Now we wait until the ball of light lead us to Killian location, which should take a minute or two,” Jullian responded.

“That was not too hard as you say it would be, Jullian.” Layla stated arrogantly, though she was breathless.

“Why don’t you try doing it on your own next time.” Jullian gazed at her disdainfully.

“Thanks for all your help,” Riddian said to kill the tension between his brother and Layla. “And please make yourselves at home while we are away.”

The ball of light floated off in the sky.

“Come Riddian. We need to leave now.” Jullian followed after the ball of floating light.

“Before I go, I’d like to ask you for another favour,” Riddian said to Diane and Layla. “Can you three combined your magic to cast a spell that can ward the mansion from Darrnaivian Gods?”

“I don’t think that is even possible,” Layla said.

“I know what I’m asking is difficult, but please at least try,” he pleaded.

“Why do you need to such a spell like that all of a sudden?” Diane was curious.

“I’ll explain, ladies,” Le Ann answered before Riddian could. She then said to Riddian, “You need to go find your brother.”

“I’ll see you later then.” Riddian kissed Le Ann on the lips, before chasing after Jullian.

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