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There was absolute silence upon Killian’s arrival at the entrance of Sal’s Pub. With each step he made inside, the occupants both vampires and humans trembled uncontrollably with fear. Sneakily, a few people side-glance the arrogant and handsome monster, while others dare not to look at him for doing so might cause their death.

“I’ll only ask this once.” Killian came to a standstill in the centre of the pub displaying a faux smile. “Where is the witch Peru?” His eyes circulate the bar observing everyone, and while doing so, he was prying inside their minds. However, no one knows the answer to his question. They were just terrified of him and should be.

Sensing the presence of five vampires about three feet behind, Killian turned to acknowledge them. They all seemed to be courageous and strong vampires, but in the sight of Killian they were merely bugs begging to be squashed. And even though it’s clear that they fear him their hatred for him was a bit stronger.

Killian attempted prying into the head of the five vampires in front of him but was unable to. An intrigued smile curled his lips.

Simultaneously, the five vampires charged at Killian and one by one he took down four of them. And while he was in the process of killing the fifth vampire, two vampires each armed with a silver dagger sprinted towards him from the opposite direction.

However, by the time Killian noticed the two vampires, it had been too late to completely avoid their attacks. He was pierced to the upper left side by the first blade, almost grazing his heart. And the second blade lodged into his left chest a few inches away from his heart.

The minute Killian let loose of the corpse in his grasp, he removed the heads of two vampires from their shoulders. He staggered, suddenly feeling as if his inside was being cut into tiny pieces by a lawn mower and a thousand nails were being hammered into his head. This was happening because of the two daggers implanted in his flesh he deduced.

Responsively, Killian clawed into the throat of three vampires attempting a sneak attack then ripped their hearts out before falling to his knees. He panted heavily as brutal pains lashed him.

“Magnificent weapons aren’t they Killian.” Maria made reference to the two silver daggers embedded in Killian’s sides whilst entering the bar with Peru and Skylar. “With the slightest cut they can cause grave pain and eternal anguish to those who are pierced by it. This is why we named them the anguish daggers.”

The sight of Maria, Skylar and Peru fuelled Killian whole being with the urge to rip their heads from their shoulders. Unfortunately, he was incapable to do so right now due to the excruciating pain. Plus, his strength and powers were being absorbed by the thorn blade, the anguish daggers and some other powerful source of dark magic.

He somewhat managed to get back on his feet. A smiled twisted his lips and his eyes reflect wrath and pain. “I must admit the name suits the blade.”

“I’m glad you like it.” A disdainful smile spread across Maria’s lips while she glared at the suffering Killian. Her heart boils with hatred, but also excitement. Finally, the moment has come to get her vengeance. The time has come to kill the beast Killian McHale.

“It’s pointless trying to get those daggers out.” Peru laughed watching as Killian futilely struggled to remove the anguish dagger implanted in his chest. “Only a powerful witch can remove the anguish daggers once they pierced their target.

“It’s over Killian McHale,” In a more strong and confident tone, she said. “This is where you fall.”

“Where is my brother?” Killian stated in a voice filled with killing intent.

“I’m surprised you are still able to stand strongly being in the presence of two weapons that depletes your strength and power. While you are pierced by two anguish daggers,” Skylar stated fascinated. “You are quite the monster I know you are.”

“Answer me before I rip all your throats out!” Killian thundered.

“Riddian is dead.” Maria took out the demolisher from her waist the minute Killian attempted to attack them and Killian prostrated to the ground.

“You expect me to believe that?” Killian smirked attempting standing which was very difficult and agonizing. But a few minutes later, he was on his feet again.

“The only thing I need you to believe Killian is that you will be joining your brother in hell.” Maria charged at Killian with the demolisher targeting his chest.

“Don’t underestimate me.” Killian eyes turned crimson to pitch black. A wave of black aura then emitted from him shoving Maria backward to the floor. He instantly lost consciousness afterwards. It took every ounce of power he had left within him to produce such a powerful telekinetic attack.

The lingering aura suddenly intensifies, and every vampire and human bystander who bathed in it flesh started to peel from their bones. Peru, who sensed the imminent danger managed to protect herself, Maria and Skylar with magic from the aura. And the minute the three ladies vanished, the aura destroyed the Pub and two other nearby buildings.

“Drat” Peru cursed. The presence of Killian no longer dwells in the vicinity. “He escaped.”

“The plan wasn’t a complete success, but as long as the anguish daggers are pierced into Killian,” Maria stated calmly though she was greatly upset that bastard escaped. “He shouldn’t be able to go far.”

“So what do we do now?” Skylar asked.

“Skylar, I need you to gather our followers and command them to track down Killian,” Maria said.

Skylar speeds off without hesitation. Peru and Maria disappeared from the scene.

Twenty-five minutes have passed since Killian lay still on an average size uncomfortable bed half-dressed staring up at the ceiling of a cheap old motel room. He wished to get the hell out of here. To go searching for Riddian, but the pain from both anguish daggers embedded into his flesh was hindering him from doing so.

At his slightest movement the pain intensifies triple folds to the point where he felt like he was going to vomit mince organs and blood. Damn those darn bitches. He will make them suffer a fate worse than death the next time he encountered them.

“I see you are still alive.” Said the average looking early twenties male, who appeared out of the blues. Seated on a purple fur reclining chair over to the only windows in the room, eyeing Killian.

Killian quickly grasped the youth by the throat, lifting him from the reclining chair as if he was nothing but a feather.

The youth forcefully removed Killian’s weak trembling hand from his neck. “Still the same old savage as usual. I saved your life, and this is how you repay me.”

Killian slowly backed away, almost falling to the floor, but caught back his balance. A smile of contempt expressed on his lips. “Are you expecting a thank you from me Eric?”

“I know better than to expect such good words to come from your lips,” Eric responded.

“You must be truly happy seeing me in such a pitiful state, aren’t you Eric?” Killian grunted feeling tremendous pain throughout his whole body.

Witnessing Killian pained expression indeed amused Eric. There is nothing like seeing the person you hate the most in the world suffers. “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t.” He paused for a moment, eyes locked onto the mysterious dagger lodged in Killian’s side. And still he can’t help the chilly sensation down his spine due to the vile aura coming from it. “I see something in this world is harmful even to the invincible Killian McHale.”

“This is nothing.” Killian tried to play tough, but his pained expression betrayed him.

“So what brought you here in Felicity?” Eric, who somewhat pitied Killian aid him to sit on the bed. Afterwards, he walked over to the reclining chair and sits with his eyes locked on Killian.

Killian gazed at Eric with anguish scorching his eyes. “I came here to find my little brother.”

“You have a brother,” Eric sounded surprised.

“Two actually, and they are just like me an elemental,” Killian proudly stated.

“There are two more of you in this world,” Eric sounded greatly worried. This is bad. Really really bad.

“Oh, don’t get your panties wet, my brothers and I are not alike.” Killian guessed what was on Eric mind based on his facial expression. “Well we are a ninety-nine point nine percent identical, but our personalities are way different.”

“That is somewhat good to hear.” Eric feels greatly relief.

Killian face became stern. “I’m sure you are aware that Maria, Peru and Skylar are plotting my demise.”

“Yes I’m aware.” Crossing the legs Eric leaned back to have a more comfortable sit. “A month ago Maria Regal, Peru and Skylar came to Felicity and successfully dominated all the vampires in town with one goal, and that is to destroy you.

“I presume those daggers in your side are the secret weapon Maria and her posse had in their possession that can kill you.

He sadly exhaled. “Unfortunately they have failed to do so.”

“Of course they would fail,” Killian stated cockily. “I’m incapable of dying.” Coldly, he smiled while cautiously gazing across at Eric. “So are you working with Maria and her posse?”

“Asked yourself this question, if I was aiding Maria and her posse. Would you be here?”

“Why didn’t you help them take me down Eric?”

Eric considered Killian’s words for a brief moment. Though he despised Killian to the point where he wants him dead, he also had a very strange love. Like a son has for a father, for the man. Killian is after all the man who freed him from slavery when he was just a boy, raised him to be a man before turning him into a vampire.

“I asked myself the same question as well, but I refused to be used by your past bed entertainers.”

“I killed your wife and unborn child six hundred years ago. Forcefully turn you into a monster and yet you are still hesitant to kill me though I’m in a weak state.” Killian scoffed at Eric, “You’re such a pussy.”

“Please get the hell out of my home now,” Eric said in a tone that was neither gentle nor harsh while sternly gazing into Killian’s ruthless eyes.

Killian waked over to the exit, slightly looked back at Eric with an amused smile plastered on his lips then swiftly left the motel room.

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