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Arnold and his seven companions along with Chantal and several of her followers were gathered at Marla City Park under the light of the full moon, holding hands circling Killian’s unconscious body. Chanting the scriptures for the dismantled curse, which invoked a strong gust of wind that engulfed and sliced into Killian’s body, which was now shivering and glowing red.

The heaven then ripped apart as if something slashed it the minute all the witches step back and raised their hands towards the sky, releasing a mysterious green lightening that strike and ignite Killian’s body with an ominous green flames. This, of course, caused him to scream horribly.

A dark aura emitted from Killian’s body fighting against the lightening that was attacking the source of his powers, his core. It also forced the witches apart, weakening the curse. But only for a short while.

Ten of the twenty witches that were not a part of the ritual, standing guard to prevent anything or anyone from intervened, on Chantal command joined hands to suppressed the dark aura, while Chantal, Arnold and the other held hands and restarted their chants.

Jullian and Riddian arrived at the scene angered by their brother’s suffering and charged recklessly to save him. However, the remaining ten witches on guard duty combined the magic that they harness from the moon to oppressed the brothers, preventing them from interrupting the ritual.

The groups of warlock and witches chants finally came to an end and afterwards the corroded moon stone that was in Chantal grasp shattered to dust and fuse with Killian’s body, which indicates that the curse was a success. The witches and warlock that performed the curse were exhausted and yet elated that the monster Killian was dying.

Jullian and Riddian, on the other hand, were furious. And together released a strong telekinetic energy that not only overpowered the witches that were binding them, but blasting every witch and warlock present, injuring a few and killing the others.

The brothers then covered their bodies in telekinetic energy and ran toward the demonic green flames, hoping to save Killian from being burnt to death, but the raging green flames burned through their telekinetic energy and send them flying, crashing to the ground.

Chantal and her few surviving followers, though severely injured, took the opportunity while the McHale brothers attention were focused on saving their brother, which is futile, to disappear from the scene.

“You are too late, brothers of Killian,” said Arnold as he got back up on his feet. Afterwards, he used thaumaturgy to paralyse both Jullian and Riddian. “He will die.”

“There is no way to stop the dismantled spell, right now it is stripping him of all his vampire powers, afterwards he will die forever.”

Telekinetic energy shrouded Arnold the moment Jullian eyes glowed crimson, levitating his body from the ground. However, Arnold formed a fist, triggering his powers to break Jullian’s arms and legs. Thus freeing himself from the influence of Jullian’s telekinetic power.

Tanah, Sean, Tomlin and their other four comrades combined their thaumaturgy to aid Arnold to cause the brothers intense pain and though it was difficult Riddian held out a trembling palm towards the five and summoned every ounce of his telekinetic powers to blast all five witches to the ground freeing himself and his brother from the influences of their thaumaturgy.

The brothers who were instantly cured of all their injuries afterwards charged at Arnold and his followers, but Arnold and his group in time managed to bind the brothers with their powers again, bashing them to the ground.

Frustrated by the meaningless battle, Jullian transformed into his true form, rendering the powers of Arnold teams ineffective against him and attacked the eight witches with his white aura, oppressing their bodies as they hollered agonizingly.

Arnold and his group used thaumaturgy to protect themselves, but it won’t hold out for long since their soul is being stolen at a rapid rate due to the extreme amount of thaumaturgy they are using to both protect themselves from Jullian’s overwhelming aura while inflicting pain to Riddian. Unbearable pain that caused Riddian skin to peel from his bodies, his blood oozing out into the atmosphere and his bones protrude from the flesh.

Unfortunately, before Jullian could deal a finishing blow to Arnold and his group. They shattered to dust the minute their soul energy empty.

“Killian!” Riddian watched with tears in his eyes as the green fire blazes even more, and his brother scream echoed throughout the night. He tried to use his powers to put out the flames to end his brother suffering, but he was propelled back by a powerful force.

“Damn it!” Jullian attempted to put out the fire with his aura but, the fire absorbed his power and became even more powerful. Grow even larger when it absorbed his powers.

“We can’t just stand by and watched him die,” Riddian shouted devastated.

“I know, but there is nothing we can do.” Jullian felt sad, powerless that even with all the power in the world he’s still unable to save his brother from a pesky curse.

“No... No... No. I refuse to believe that.”

“If I use my full powers to try and stop that curse, I might end up killing him instead of saving him.”

“We have to try doing something, before.” Tears poured down Riddian’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry.” Jullian hugged Riddian.

A few minutes later, they both stood shocked, seeing the green flames suddenly vanished and Killian standing nude with no scratch or burn mark on his skin.

“Killian, you are alive.” Riddian in a flash stood before Killian, who flinched and excitedly hugged him. “I thought you were.”

“Stay away from me.” Killian, who felt an overwhelming dark aura from Riddian pulled away terrified.

“What’s the matter?” Riddian asked puzzle.

“What are you?” Killian stuttered terrified.

It was then Riddian realized the changes of his brother. Not only was Killian a mortal, but he was clueless as to who or what he was. He lost all his memories.

“It’s OK, Killian. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Stay away from me!” Killian pointed a palm at Riddian who was approaching him and Riddian was hit to the ground by a powerful wind magic. He then looked at his glowing hands, frightened. “What’s going on with me?”

“It seems Killian is mortal once more.” Jullian helped Riddian up from the ground.

“Yes,” Riddian was confused. “But how is that even possible? Wasn’t the spell supposed to kill him?”

“I assume after he was stripped of his immortality and became a warlock again, Killian used magic to cancel the spell before it killed him, but it seems he also lost his memories in the process of doing so.”

Killian run off without a clue where he was going, and Jullian knocked him unconscious before he could get far and throw Killian across the shoulder.

“Let’s go home” Jullian shouted back at Riddian, then speed off and Riddian tagged along with him.

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