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Luka softly opened the front door of Garden Villa at ten p.m. quietly entering the living room to avoid any prying ears, but it was futile.

“Where have you been?” Luke, who seated at the recliner, asked inquisitively. “I’ve searched all over for you after school today, but I couldn’t find you. I even returned home hoping you were here, but you weren’t.”

“That’s none of your business.” Luka closed the door silently then said to his brother in an uncaring tone.

“You were out snacking again, weren’t you? And don’t bother denied it. I can smell the blood on you.”

“Then why do you ask if you already know?” Luka was annoyed by his brother smothering him.

“Riddian told us not to.”

“Since when do you start following orders, brother?”

Luke was about to say something, but he stopped. Gazed up at Le Ann and Diane who were standing up at the balcony looking down at them and quickly flashed up the single staircase. Luka followed after Luke immediately up to their bedroom.

Riddian and Jullian who had Killian strung over his shoulder entered shortly after.

“You found him.” Diane who was feeling a lot of mix emotions seeing that her lover Killian was safe vanished from the balcony and appeared downstairs confronting the brothers.

“Yes, but there is a problem,” Jullian replied, throwing down Killian on the three seater couch that situated left of the room in the centre. “He is no longer a vampire.”

“What?” Diane uttered alarmed.

“And also he doesn’t have any memoires of himself or anyone else.”

“How could this happen?” asked Le Ann as she walked the right side, down the double staircase.

“The group of witches that had him captive cast some kind of spell to kill him, but instead this happened.” Riddian was angry but mostly sadden by his Killian’s condition.

“Is he going to be alright?” Diane asked deeply concerned.

“He’s fine,” Jullian answered. “He’s just unconscious.”

“I was wondering what was causing all the commotion.” Layla appeared in the living room.

“Obviously, he’s not fine,” Diane said. “He has no memories of who he is. His memories need to be restored.”

“I can see that you are truly concern about my little brother.” Jullian walked over to the rattled Diane, hugging her to comfort her.

“Of course, I do. I love him,” Diane said in a weepy voice.

“I see.” Jullian break the embrace and gave her a reassuring gaze. “Don’t worry, we will figure out how to solve Killian’s amnesia issue.”

“Now will you be a dear and take him to his room. I presume you know where that is.”

“Yes.” Diane dried her tears while heading over to where Killian lay gazing down at him for a brief moment worried about his well-being, before taking hold of his hand and they both vanished from the room.

“How will we do that, Jullian?” Riddian seemed completely hopeless. “How will we restore Killian’s memory?”

“I’m not sure yet, but we will.” Jullian tried to remain positive, though he was like Riddian. Clueless, what to do about Killian’s situation.

“I hope so.” Riddian wished he had the same faith as his big brother.

“Now go get some rest, Riddian. And don’t worry too much.” Jullian patted Riddian’s shoulder.

“Alright? I’ll see you in the morning, brother.” Riddian scooped up Le Ann from the floor and flashed upstairs to his bedroom.

“So that leave us two alone,” Layla said.

“Not entirely. We are in a house of vampires with super hearing. You can never be alone.” Jullian sat at the recliner in a relaxing position, gazing at Layla.

“You sure are taking everything light.” Layla smiled at his witty statement before magically appearing on the recliner handle with a hand rested to Jullian’s cheek, whispering in his ear.

“What are you talking about?” Jullian seemed bothered by her presence.

“Your brother has been through hell tonight at that park, and you seemed unfazed.”

“Killian survived like I knew he would, so there is no reason to be uneasy.” Jullian was a bit surprised that Layla knew what happened at Marla City Park. He deduced that she was there during the unfortunate event, but he didn’t even notice her. Just how powerful as she become?

“Is that what you’ve been telling yourself?”

He looked her in the eyes for a minute, then looked away and smiled. She knew him better than anyone, but still she couldn’t differentiate between him and Killian three hundred years ago.

“Anyway, I’m going home now that you and your brother have accomplished your quest to find your other brother.” Layla gets up from the recliner handle.

“Thank you,” Jullian took hold of her hand before she could teleport and said.

She gazed back at him queerly.

“And I’m sorry for what I did to you? It wasn’t my intention to harm you. I thought you were powerful enough to handle the spell to open the void on your own, which is why I asked you to do it.”

“Do you think I should even accept your apology?”

“I don’t expect you too, but I want to apologize anyway.” Jullian confronted her, took hold of her soft delicate hands and glared into her eyes.

“What are you doing?” Layla stuttered.

“I miss you.” He said softly.

“I miss you too.” She was dumbfounded, confused.

“It was my fault why you did what you did three hundred years ago.”

“No.” she took hold of his cheeks. “I was weak.”

“We are all weak.”

“Some of us more than some” she sounded a bit remorseful. “Look, I can’t take back what I did. Even though I wish I could. But—”

Jullian shut her up with a kiss.

“What was that for?” Layla was petrified.

“I just always wanted to do that.”

Layla didn’t hesitate to take hold of Jullian and the two turbulently kissed each other.

“Let’s not do this tonight.” Jullian pulled away from her, feeling his strong bloodlust trying to take a hold over him.

“Alright” She was disappointed but smiled anyway. She’s been waiting a long time for them to be lovers again.

“Don’t be disappointed.” Jullian took hold of her cheek to look her in the eyes. “It’s not that I don’t really want to do it. I just don’t want to hurt you.

“Stay here with me tonight.” He pushed back a loose hair from her displeased face with a smile.

“Yes,” she gladly answered.

Jullian took hold of her and dashed off into the passageway below the double staircase with Layla to one of the guest bedroom.

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