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“Don’t worry too much, I’m sure Killian will be alright.” Le Ann got out of bed and walked over to where Riddian stood at the wardrobe staring at his reflection drinking from a whiskey bottle. Throw her arms about his shoulder from behind and kissed his cheek.

“Yeah, I guess.” Riddian sighed depressed. “I’m just upset that he doesn’t remember me.”

“Give him some time.”

“I don’t know if I could make it through this without you.” Riddian turned to kiss her lips.

“It’s my pleasure.” Le Ann smiled at him.

Riddian picked up Le Ann in his arms and kissed her even more passionately. He then remembered she was injured two nights ago and out of concern for her placed her on the bed to lie.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“You are injured.”

“I told you earlier today that I’m fine.”

“I don’t want to risk it.”

“I’m not a little flower that can easily break, Riddian.” Le Ann sounded upset, though she wasn’t.

“Don’t be like that, my love.” Riddian smile briefly.

“Come here.” Le Ann lay him on the bed, get on top of him. Unbuttoning his shirt.

“We are not alone.” Riddian stopped her hands, reminding her that his brothers and the twin were close by.

“Don’t let me use my magic on you.” Le Ann pulled up her upper body, to furiously look down at him lying on the bed looking like a guilty child who has stolen cake before dessert.

“I’m sorry.”

“Do you want me to stop? I’ll understand giving the situation you are going through right now.”

“No, but before we have sex, can you at least spell the room so that no sound may escape.” Riddian take hold of Le Ann before she could get off him, then with vampire speed flipped her over to lie on the bed, looming over her. Since she wanted to have sex with him, why would he refuse her. He loves her.

“Well, if that makes you feel more comfortable.” Le Ann laughed at him before casting a spell that isolates Riddian’s room from the rest of the mansion. “All finish, now what?”

Riddian speedily get off her and stood below the bed, slowly removing his shirt, steamily glaring at her. He then slowly undid his jeans and slid it down each leg until they were completely off.

“What next?” Le Ann sat up intrigued, viewing his brawny physique. His sexy manly legs, his stone hard six-pack abdomen and husky chest.

“Now we are getting somewhere.” She bit her lips eagerly the minute Riddian ripped off his underwear so she could get a whole view of his full package.

Riddian smile naughtily before laying her back on the bed, with his hips between her legs, plundering hers lips, penetrating her until they were both sexually satisfied and laying in each other arms where they fell asleep.

Riddian sat at the edge of his bed, half dressed. Watching as Le Ann sleep peacefully and smile. He suddenly sensed a shocking vibe. A bad energy and flashed out the bedroom encountering Luka the source of the vile energy in the upstairs passageway, Eastside of the mansion.

“Where is your brother?” Riddian questioned.

“Don’t ask stupid questions,” Luka responded aggressively. “How should I know where Luke is?”

“Stay home today.”

“Why should I? I have school.”

“It’s not a request, Luka, it’s an order.” Riddian voice was firm and strict.

“Are you going to keep me prisoner here, Riddian? Because I don’t intend to let that happen.” Luka pointed a hand outward, his eyes glowed blue and Riddian was pushed back by a powerful force of telekinetic energy.

“So you have abilities,” Riddian whispered calmly to Luka ears from behind, but really he was worried about the boy’s safety. If Jullian find out about this, he won’t hesitate to kill him. “I have turned many into vampires before, but you are the second to have inherited my powers. It seems you were part warlock before I turned you, or rather a descendant of a witch.”

“I’m leaving here with or without your permission.” Luka attacked Riddian, who used his telekinetic powers to glue Luka to the wall with his arms spread apart.

“Jullian,” Riddian uttered, a bit astounded, glaring at his big brother who stood between the starting of the single staircase and the balcony.

“It seems you have created yet another one, Riddian.”

“We can’t be sure that he will turn out the same.”

“Let’s hope you are right, brother.” Jullian was now standing next to Riddian, observing Luka. “By the way, where is the next twin?”

“He’s at school, I presume.” Riddian was somewhat uneasy that Jullian might end his progeny life, and if Killian was in his right mind. He wouldn’t hesitate to slaughter the twin.

“You probably need to go to this school. What if Luke is going through the same changes as Luka, the teachers and students might be in danger.”

“I will go get him. You stay here and watch Luka, and please don’t kill him while I’m away.” Riddian pleaded.
Jullian nod to assured Riddian that he won’t hurt the child, which made it a bit easier for Riddian to leave without worrying about Luka’s life.

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