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Luke was in a rush to get to history class on time. But unfortunately, he stumbled into Tamarin in the hallway. Of all the girls in Orphic Garden High, it had to be the one who hate him most, and for reasons unknown to him.

“Sorry,” Luke apologized nervously.

Tamarin, however, ignored him and walked away.

“Wait!” Luke appeared before Tamarin and she flinched. Shit, he cursed in the back of his head. He used his vampire speed in the presence of a human. Riddian is going to kill him. “Please don’t freak out.”

“What do you want with me, vampire?” Tamarin asked sternly. The very sight of this vampire upset her, especially when she remembered how much her little sister like him. That made her wants to kill him even more.

“You know what I am?” Luke was greatly surprised.

“Of course, and you better stay away from my sister.” Tamarin eyed Luke angrily, which made him even more uneasy.

“What are you talking about?” Luke stared at her confused.

“Heed my warning or else I will kill you.”

“Can I at least get your name?” Luke sighed.

“No.” Tamarin turned away and bumped into Riddian, which cause her to feel a strange ominous energy to surge through her body, indicating he was a vampire. Not a newly turned vampire like that pesky vampire brat, an old vampire.

“Riddian,” Luke shrieked surprised, watching as the rude girl rushed down the hallway. “Why are you here?”

“Who was that girl you were talking with just now?” Riddian asked, her scent reminded him of a majestic tribe of female warriors that is said to be extinct.

“Her name is.” Luke paused, remembering that that rude beauty’s refused to tell him her name. Just what did he do to make her hate him so much? “I don’t know, I just met her.”

“Come with me, Luke. We are going home now.”

“But I’m late for class,” Luke whined.

“Don’t let me repeat myself.” Riddian walked off.

“Aw man, what have I done now?” Luke followed behind Riddian all the way out to the school front yard, where they stop after seeing Tamarin and Caitlyn a few yards cornered by twelve vampires.

“Well, look who it is boys, little Tammy and Cathy” said a vampire male clad in black to his other vampire colleagues. “So this is where you two have run off to.”

“Leave us alone, Kurt.” Tamarin hold Caitlyn closely, warily eyeing the man in black and his followers.

“I am not here to hurt you, Tammy.” Kurt smiled sinisterly. “Come with us willing, and I promise you and your sister will be safe.”

“We know you and your friends killed our mother,” Caitlyn hollered furiously. “There is no way in hell we would go with the likes of you anywhere, ever.”

“Come nearer, and I will scream,” Tamarin thundered when Kurt tried to get closer to them.

“Don’t make this any harder than it has to be girls.”

“What is going on here?” Riddian intervened, standing between the vampire group and the sisters.

“Nothing that should concern you,” Kurt replied rudely. Who the hell does this guy think he is, intervening in matters that don’t concern him. Does he really want to die?

“I recommend you all leave town before it gets ugly,” Riddian warned, he was really in a bad mood. These vampires made him sick, bullying two young girls.

“And who do you think you are?”

“I doubt you want to find out.”

“Get the girls, I’ll take care of this punk.” Kurt chuckled before his face become stern and mean.

The eleven vampires on Kurt’s order charged at the sisters, and Tamarin began to sing, and her melody was like a sword, piercing every vampire ears. Causing them to fall to the ground suffering internal injuries with blood flowing from their ears.

“What the hell?” Luke held on to the side of the head, hollering aloud.

“Let’s go!” Tamarin grabbed on to Caitlyn’s hand and run off. She suddenly stopped, surprised, seeing Riddian standing before her. “How are you still able to move?”

“My guess earlier was right, you are a dryad,” Riddian said to Tamarin. He briefly scanned Caitlyn. “Both of you.”

Tamarin and Caitlyn tried to sing, but were unable to. They tried to move but wasn’t able to either.

“What are you doing to us?” Tamarin was tensed, because she was powerless to defend herself against this mysterious vampire. Just what the hell is he really?

“I’m not here to hurt, I’m here to help,” Riddian responded.

“Why would you help us?” Tamarin asked. There is no way she would believe that a vampire would help them without a price to pay. Trusting vampires in the first place is why they are in this predicament.

“It’s simple,” Riddian smiled. “I am the vampire lord of this town.”

“Now promise me that you won’t sing, and I’ll set you free.”

Both girls nod their heads agreeing to his terms, and they were able to move once more.

“So you are Riddian McHale,” Kurt jeered, while recovering from the powerful scream of a siren. “I heard that all your vampire followers were completely annihilated, which means you are no longer an influential figure in this town, you’re just a nobody.”

The group of vampires, who were now healed of all injuries, charged at Riddian and the frightened sisters and the moment the vampires were inches away Riddian snapped his fingers, shattering the vampires to dust by a strong force of energy.

“How did you?” Kurt was greatly shocked. He then grits his teeth and clenched his fist. “The boss won’t stop until he has those dryads. You can’t protect them forever.”

“Your empty threats mean nothing to me.” Riddian eyes flared red, forcing Kurt to prostrate before him. “If you or anyone else attempts to attack these girls again, I will destroy you all.”

Kurt quickly made an escape the minute he was free from Riddian’s telekinetic energy.

“Thank you, for helping us,” Caitlyn said with gratitude to Riddian.

“Let’s go home now, Luke.” Riddian headed towards the school exit.

“See you two beautiful ladies around.” Luke waved at both girls, then run after Riddian.

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