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Killian sprang from bed terrified by the sight of Diane, Layla and Le Ann, who stood below the bed gazing oddly at him. He sensed a very strange aura dwelling within the three women, and it frightened him. That is why he’s now curled up like a child in fear, hiding his face.

“Someone please pinch me because I must be dreaming,” Layla said amused.

“It’s alright,” Diane tried to convince Killian, all was well. But it was not working.

“Are you sure this is even, Killian? I can’t believe this is the scary behemoth that all witches fear.”

“Put a sock in it, Layla,” Diane sounded upset. She then turned calmly and smile at Killian. “It’s alright, we won’t hurt you.”

“Stay away,” Killian shouted when Diane attempt to get closer, releasing a powerful force that bashed the three ladies to the wall. Making them unable to move.

“Ouch!” Layla cried out. “I take back what I said earlier. To think one warlock has so much power. I can’t even break free.”

“We are not here to hurt you, Killian.” Le Ann grouched, trying to move.

“Killian!” Jullian shouted standing at the bedroom doorway. His eyes were glowing crimson and his fangs out, frightening the hell out of Killian. “Release them.”

The three witches fall hard to the floor. Like stumbling building blocks.

“Oh, my back,” Layla complained.

“I’ll take care of him from now on,” Jullian said to the ladies. “You three can go now.”

“Good idea.” Le Ann rubbed her ass that was bruise from the fall and made a painful expression. She then leaves the room with Layla.

Diane stood outside the room, sadly looking back at Killian before closing the room door.

“You looked pathetic, Killian.” Jullian sit on the bed gazing at the frightened Killian. “I could easily tear you apart.”

“Why do you all keep calling me, Killian?” Killian asked out of curiosity, though he was afraid of the monster that sits before him.

“That is your name.”

“Where am I?”

“You are at home.” Jullian got closer to Killian, caressing his cheek. This, of course, startled Killian.

“Why do you look exactly like me?”

“I am your triplet brother, Jullian. And so is Riddian.”

“By Riddian you mean that other guy who also looks like me.” Killian recalled his other duplicate.

“Yes, he’s our younger brother, and I am both your older brother.”

“If it’s true that you two are my brothers, then how did I not know this?” Killian seemed a bit calmer than before.

“At least you know what brothers mean.”

“Of course I do.”

“You were hex by a group of witches last night, and you lost all of your memories?”

“Witches?” Killian uttered sceptically. “You mean like warty old crones who ride on brooms and eat children’s?”

“What?” Jullian laughed so hard he almost fell from the bed.

“Why do you laugh?” Killian was puzzled by Jullian’s action.

“That’s just so funny coming from you,” Jullian answered. “You were like me once, a powerful vampire, an Elemental. But because of a spell, you reverted to your old self. A mortal, a warlock to be precise.”

“I’m a warlock.” Killian found Jullian statement hard to believe and gazed at him queerly. “I am the child of a demon?”

“No, you are not.”

“You also say I used to be a vampire.”


“When you say vampire, you don’t mean like the mythical monster that feast on blood. Do you?”

“Yes,” Jullian smiled amused.

“And you are a vampire?” Killian gulped, a bit uneasy.

“Yes I am.”

“Is that why I feel such a monstrous sensation within you and Riddian?”


“Are you going to feast on my blood?” Killian felt queasy.

“Maybe,” Jullian answered balefully. He then laughed to lighten the mood. “And even if I was going to eat you, at least not intentionally.”

“Relax Killian. I’m just kidding.”

Too bad Jullian’s the only one who got the joke. Killian on the other hand did not find anything about his statement the least bit funny.

“What about those three women?” Killian asked inquisitively. “I also sense a strange feeling from them. It’s not as bad as yours, but it scares me.”

“Those three are witches,” Jullian responded. He then said before Killian could ask any more questions. “Anyway, it’s time for you to get a shower, you reek of blood. You do remember how to shower, right?”

“I think so?” Killian gazed at Jullian clueless.

“The bathroom door is that way.” Jullian pointed over at a closed door inside the room next to the closet. “Or you can use any of the two bathrooms in the passageway. When you are finish, come downstairs.”

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