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“Have you settled down now, boy?” Jullian exited Killian’s bedroom, closing the door behind him before gazing at Luke, who was still hanging to the wall by his telekinetic powers.

“I will kill you,” Luka voice was like that of a demon as he struggled to get free.

“Gosh! You are so serious for a boy.” At the wave of Jullian’s hand, Luka was bashed to the other side of the wall, to the ceiling then to the floor. He crouched next to Luka, glaring sinisterly into the boy’s eyes. “Just know that the only reason why you are not dead right now is because Riddian asked me not to kill you. However, I will if you give me a reason to.”

“Is Killian alright?” asked Diane, who stood at the starting of the staircase, a bit frightened, gazing into Jullian bloodlust eyes.

“He should be taking a shower right now, but I doubt he knows how to. Why don’t you assist him?” Jullian smiled with a friendly face.

“OK.” Diane tensely walked by Jullian to get to Killian’s room. She jumped startle felling a sudden manly hand on her shoulder and utter a soft cried.

“I apologize if I scare you, but there is no need to worry or be uneasy.” Jullian removed his hand from her and speed down the staircase. Luka’s body was pulled behind him shortly after.

Diane breathes a sigh of relief before entering Killian’s bedroom. Seeing him standing before the closet mirror trying to remove his T-shirt.

“I’m not here to startle you.” Diane hope Killian won’t freak out because of her. It hurt her too much to see him in such a poor state.

“It’s fine. Besides, I need to ask you something?” Killian acknowledged Diane.

“What is it?” Diane was somewhat happy.

“How do you take a shower? I know that all my clothes should be removed first, but I still can’t figure out how to get this T shi.” Killian stopped to ponder.

“T-Shirt”, Diane giggled softly.

“So that’s what it’s called. I can’t also figure out how to get this off either.” He held on to the foot of the blue jeans he was wearing. “I don’t know how I even get in them in the first place.”

“Come with me.” Diane took Killian arm, and he was a bit hesitant to go with her. “What is it?”

“You are a witch, the same as the ones who caused me to be in this state?”

“Yes, I am a witch. But I would never do something like that to you. I love you too much,” Diane replied sincerely.

“Love... me???” Killian furrowed his brow.

“Yes... I love you.”

“What is this love you talk about?”

“Even amnesia Killian doesn’t know what love is? That hasn’t changed about you.” Diane sighed sadly.

“Did I say something wrong?” he sounded guilty. Seeing the gloomy expression on her face made him felt as if he had done something wrong.

“No, you did not.” She tried to assure him that all was well, but he didn’t seem convinced at all.

“You knew me before I lost my memories, right.”

“Yes, we were involved with each other for years, but you never love me as much I love you. Or rather, how I wanted you to love me. That was too impossible for you to do.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Forget it.” She looked away.

“No, I need to know. What is this love you speak about?” Killian took hold of her, turning her to face him.

“It’s an uncontrollable feeling of passion. Desire you feel for someone. So strong, it let you do crazy things.” Diane explained blissfully.

“How will I know when I am in this love?” He questioned intrigued. This love seems like something awesome.

“You just know. Your heart beat faster when you are around that person you love, you can’t breathe. You just always want to be with that someone forever. They are your soul mate.”

“And you feel that way about me?”

“Yes, I do.” Diane blushed.

“What was I like before my memories were gone?” he felt bad that this beautiful young woman felt such love for him, and he didn’t feel the same.

“Truthfully, you are a monster. You are arrogant, strong and fearless. You always say what’s on your mind and do as you pleased.”

“I was an awful person.”

“Yes, you were.” Diane smile vaguely holding back her tears.

“It seems I have hurt you a lot.” Killian hands slowly reached for her cheeks, gazing into her teary eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Diane pulled him close, kissing him on the lips, surprising him. She then back away from him and apologized. His facial expression seemed as if he didn’t like the kiss, and that made her feel bad about herself.

“What was that?” Killian pulled her back towards him, gazing into her eyes with wonder. Touching her lips. It was as if he was struck by lightning and everything within him was awakened.

“A kiss.” Diane was now smiling. She realized he didn’t pull away because he didn’t like her kiss, it was the exact opposite. He was just surprised and intrigued.

“A kiss?”


“How did you do it?” Killian took hold of her, pulling her closely to him, and attempted kissing her. But he was sloppy at it.

“It’s like this.” Diane kissed him passionately, better than the first time.

Instinctively, Killian picked her up in his arms, placed her on the bed. Looming over her, breathing heavily. He then holds on to his chest, feeling his heart racing.

“What is this feeling? Is it this love which you speak of?” Killian gazed down at her queerly. He then noticed Diane tears and wiped them away. “Why are you crying?”

“I’m just happy and sad.” Diane snuffled.

“Why?” He was puzzled, but also concerned.

“You need to shower, you reek.” Diane rested her hands against his chest applying a little force which made Killian realized that she wanted him to move, and he did, so she could get out of bed.

“I almost forgot about that.” Killian smile, though he’s not happy that the amazing moment between them came to an end. He wanted to explore more of the newly felt desires stirring within him. “So, how do I remove these?”

“T- Shirt and Pants,” Diane finished his statement.

“If that’s what it’s called.” Killian joked.

“You are like a child.” Diane playfully dragged Killian into the bathroom and the minute the door closed he embraced her. Their eyes then locked in on each other, slowing down time, taking them to another world. He kissed her and this time he was perfect at it, he took her breath away.

Killian’s hands were now all over her. He couldn’t resist her any longer, nor could she him. She undid his pants button and zipped before snapping her fingers undressing him magically.

“That’s a very quick way to get them off.”

“Let’s get you into the shower.” Diane led him into the bathtub before taking all her clothes off. He touched her and her cheeks flustered, her body was hot all over. “Make love to me, Killian.”

Killian didn’t hesitate to do as he was told, he backed her against the walls of the shower his hips locked between soft thighs and his cock entered her warm moist area making him feel as if he was going to lose his mind. Diane turned on the water, and it pours down on them as he kissed and penetrates.

She clawed into his back with one hand, grabbed into the back of his head with the other, screaming in satisfactory agony. The feeling of his cock colliding against her vagina walls over and over. Overwhelming her with all sort of pleasing sensation, made her felt like she was going to explode like a nuclear bomb.

Minutes later, she laid Killian flat on the floor. Get on top of him, taking all inches of him. Slowly pouncing down on him. Moaning with the eyes closed to focus more on the amazing feeling stirring up in her pussy. Killian suddenly felt like a tidal wave was flowing through his body to his cock, which made him felt as if he was suffocating. He strongly grasped her thighs as his cock erupted, causing him to moan hoarsely for about a minute.

“God! That was amazing.” Killian laughed, feeling as if he was lying on clouds.

“Oh come on, we did it plenty of time before.” Diane lay next to Killian feeling a bit exhausted. Greatly satisfied, since she also had an orgasm. Follow by the extraordinary sensation she felt throughout her body when he was ejaculating inside her.

“For me, doing something like this was my first time.”

“Anyway, it’s time for us to get dressed, we have been here for several minutes now.”

“Can we stay like this a little longer?” Killian held her hand before she could completely get off the bed.

“OK then.” She rested her head cosily against Killian’s shoulder, caressing his chest.

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