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Appearing on the veranda of a typical suburban house on the fringes of the town Linfox, Killian knocked once at the front door. The door opened and in his view stood an appealing brunet beauty clothed in a white dress that flaunts her large bosom and natural yet pleasing curves.

“Killian McHale.” She smiled intriguingly. “Or should I call you behemoth the destroyer now?”

“Diane.” Killian eyes gleamed with obscenity. The sight of the lovely Diane has stir up pleasurable memories of the past. “It’s nice seeing you again.”

“You haven’t called or make contact in a hundred years.” Diane eyes settled on one of the two sources of the dark and sickening auras emitting from Killian. The dagger planted inside his chest. Her stomach churned with disgust and pity feeling the pain of the dead witches that was used as sacrifice to make these despicable weapons. “So what brought you here? What can I do for you, Killian?”

“I want you to remove these daggers,” Killian demanded.

“And why should I?” Diane was upset. He could at least ask a bit nicer.

Killian grasped Diane by the neck shoved her inside closing the door behind him. Planted a kiss on her and she kissed back. Their eyes locked on each other both a little breathless.

“You love me and will do it because I asked.”

“I used to love you.” Diane scoffed at Killian. She then rested her right palm on his right chest, burning his flesh, and he backed away from her a bit. “And I won’t help you, so please leave.”

At the snap of Diane’s fingers, Killian was pushed back by a strong wind. The front door magically opens to let him out, but Killian caught hold of the door frame trying to force his way back in.

“Diane if it wasn’t urgent I wouldn’t come by and asked you to do this for me.”

Diane pondered. Why should she help the bastard who broke up with her a hundred years ago in a flimsy letter? She swore she would never forgive him for. But seeing him now made her hard heart soften. Damn she hated herself for having a soft-spot when it comes to Killian, especially since he doesn’t deserve her sympathy or her love. “It seems those vile daggers have weakened your powers and strength making my magic even more effective against you. Rarely opportunities like this present itself therefore I need to take advantage of it.”

Killian was pulled inside and bashed to the floor by a powerful force of gravity magic.

“Go ahead have your fun.” Killian faked a smile while getting up from the floor. “Now are you going to remove these daggers?”

“Have sex with me first.”

Killian smiled, can’t help being tempted by her delicious request. However, now is not the time for sex, but he couldn’t help playing her. “Sure I would. But first you would have to remove these daggers.”

Diane found his statement humorous. Just how stupid does he think she is? “I’ll do so only after we have sex.”

“Do you really want me to have sex with two daggers stuck inside my body?” Killian looked her in the eye and asked pitifully.

“Yes,” Diane answered.

“If you remove these daggers, I promise I will perform a lot better,” Killian smirked before saying.

He then snuggled up to her left ear, nibbled on the lobe and whispered in an erotic voice, “Just the way you like it.”

“Don’t try tricking a witch Killian,” Diane warned. “You will live to regret it. I might still be in love with you, but I’m not stupid. The moment I remove those daggers you will just run off.”

“Then I guess it’s a waste of my time coming here.” Killian made a few steps towards the door. “I’ll just go find some other witch who can remove these daggers and thank her by having sex with her.”

Diane stopped Killian before he could make a step outside with her magic. “Sit down!” He was dragged towards the sofa and seated at her command.

She sat on his lap holding on the handle of both anguish daggers putting pressure on them which made Killian groaned.

“I will remove these daggers, but only if you promise not to hurt me.”

“Why would I hurt you?” Killian rested a palm against her cheek with a sly smile.

“I really cannot bear to see you in so much pain.” Diane eyes softened looking into his pained eyes.

“I promise I won’t hurt you.” Killian tried convincing her.

“Don’t lie to me, Killian.” Diane placed even more force on the daggers which made an intense pain surge from Killian head to his toe and vice versa. Over a thousand times in a second.

“I won’t. OK.” Killian groaned his displeasure.

Diane chants a short spell before removing both daggers simultaneously from Killian flesh which was healed in a second and his powers slowly return.

She suddenly falls to the floor suddenly crying in pain feeling a major headache. “You promise Killian.”

“Of course I did,” Killian said with a smile. “I’m just returning the favour that’s all.” He picked up both anguish daggers from the floor. “These daggers only seem to drain my powers only if I’m pierced to the flesh. But they are more harmful than the thorn blades, since it doesn’t render me temporary dead. It filled me with endless agony, and I’m left awake to feel it all.” A grim expression displayed on his face. “I will place these daggers inside those bitches’ heart.”

“Wait!” Diane blocked his path to the exit. “Please don’t go without making love to me. I yearn for your touch. I miss you.”

“Diane my love, that’s a very tempting offer. But I have to go rescue my little brother.” Killian took hold of the back of her head plundering her lips with a kiss to keep her quiet. Shortly after the kiss ended, he steamily gazed into her eyes. Wanting to just fuck the life out of her and fuck it back into her. “But I promise I will have sex with you after I save my brother.”

“You are lying, Killian.” Diane pouted.

“Have I made a promise to you that I have never fulfilled?” Killian asked.

“Yes,” Diane rolled her eyes.

“Well I don’t promise.” He runs his fingers through her hair before flipping a loose curl back. “That I will give you the best sex ever when I returned here again. Then afterwards, you and I will cuddle all day in a hot tub.”

“You don’t promise.” Diane giggles girly and hopeful.

“Yes.” Killian shook his head side to side at her naivety before leaving. God, he likes her a lot than any other woman he met. But it won’t work out.

LeAnn felt as if roaches were crawling up her back. She built up the courage to face the unannounced visitor getting ready to attack with the frying pot she took from the stove. Shockingly, it was Killian.

“Good evening LeAnn.” Killian smile pleasantly. “I see you have made my old cabin your new home.”

“Killian,” LeAnn stuttered. She takes a deep breath before she speaks again, “What are you doing here?”

“That’s a very rude question to ask given that this is my cabin.”

“What do you want?” LeAnn felt as if her heart was going to give out at any moment as Killian approached her.

“You can relax.” Killian stopped before her resting both hands on her shoulders, and she shuddered. “I didn’t come here to kill you.” A creepy smile tiled to the left side of his face which frightened LeAnn even more. “You are now family after all. Anyway, I am here because I need your help to locate Riddian.”

“Why? What happens to Riddian?” LeAnn cast her fear aside. She was now concerned about Riddian’s safety. What trouble has he got himself into now?

“Your boyfriend is being held captive by a group of ladies I used to have a somewhat sexual relationship with, and I need a pursuit spell to find him.” Killian responded.

“When did this happen?” she inquired.

“Does it matter?” Killian stated rudely. “I need a witch’s help and who else better than my brother’s sweetheart. You.”

LeAnn felt a bit sad, remembering how powerless she is now without her magic. “I wish I could help you find him, but ever since I did that spell you force me to cast my magic has been on and off.”

“So you are completely useless then?” Killian grouched.

“I’m not useless.” So badly, LeAnn wanted to smack him hard for his insolent remarks. However, she restrained herself. She has to, if she wished to continue living.

He respired annoyed, can’t be bothered to argue with a useless witch. “I guess I need to find me another witch then since you are useless.”

“There’s no other witch here in Saltiago.” She gnashed her teeth and clenched her fist. How dare he called her useless, when she being powerless is his fault in the first place.

“If I knew I was going to waste my time coming here, I would ask Diane to do the pursuit spell for me.”

“Wait.” LeAnn takes hold of Killian before he could leave. She then pulled away startled when he turned to fiercely gazed at her. “I want to come with you to rescue Riddian.”

Killian took hold of LeAnn’s right cheek pulling closer to her and this terrified her a bit. “What can you do? You’re useless without your magic.”

“I don’t know,” LeAnn said haltingly. “But I still want to help Riddian.”

“Very well.” He extracted his hand from her cheek. “By the way where are the boys?”

“What boys?” LeAnn was clueless as to what he was asking.

“Two Caucasian male about sixteen years old, identical twin. I sent them here this morning.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Forget it.” Killian clutched the fists tightly showing off a smile that gave LeAnn goose-bumps. “Let’s just get out of here.” He scooped up LeAnn in his arms and flashed out the cabin door.

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