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“Where were you?” Tamarin furiously gazed at her sister Caitlyn, who recently arrived in the room doorway. She was in the process of packing her clothes in a suitcase upstairs inside her bedroom at a one-story house located in Pines Garden District.

“Out,” Caitlyn answered.

“Anyway, you need to get packing we are leaving town.”

“Why do we have to leave Orphic Gardens?” Caitlyn asked displeased.

“You know why. They will find us. I’m sure Kurt has informed him about what happen at school earlier. We need to leave town before he sends more of his goons to get us.”

“I don’t want to go. I like it here.”

“Is it because of that vampire boy?”

“I just don’t want to go.” Caitlyn frowned. “I’m tired of running from place to place.

“Stop being stubborn.” Tamarin marched over to the doorway to hit Caitlyn to the cheek. “Can’t you see I’m trying to keep us safe?

“I’m sorry.” She gazed at Caitlyn apologetic.

“Whatever. I’ll go packing.” Caitlyn walked off with tears in her eyes.

“Caitlyn. Wait.” Tamarin chased after her sister. They both stood astonished in the passageway, seeing seven vampire men. And they were mostly terrified of the one who standing at the front dressed in black with a sneering smile. “Malcolm.”

Two vampires quickly grabbed Tamarin and Caitlyn, covering their mouth at the snapped of Malcolm fingers.

“No singing allowed,” Malcolm said. He confronted Tamarin, fondling her hair while amusingly glaring in her eyes. “I can’t believe you two girls would try to escape from me-” There was a knocking downstairs. “Give me a second. It seems we have a visitor.”

Malcolm in a flash stood at the front door downstairs in the living room and opened it.

“Excuse me, sir,” Luke said stutteringly. “Is Tamarin home?”

“Yes,” Malcolm answered. “But she is busy at the moment. Could you come back another time?”

“It’s urgent, I need her help.”

“Can’t say I didn’t tell you to leave nicely.” Malcolm stabbed Luke in the chest with a pocket knife, he took from his waist and with one shoved send him crashing to the street. He then closed the door.

“Are you alright?” Jullian crouched next to Luke in the street, removing the knife from the boy’s chest.

“I should be,” Luke groaned, holding on to the chest feeling extreme pain. “How did you find me?”

“I thought you were going power crazy like your brother. So I followed you here,” Jullian replied. “But who would have thought I would run into Malcolm here.

“Wait here.” He speeds into the house, and stand upstairs in the passageway before the group of vampires that are assaulting Tamarin and Caitlyn. “I see you find a new hobby, Malcolm Ray.”

“Jullian McHale,” Malcolm uttered uneasily. He then laughed tensely. “It’s been a thousand years.”

“So you are into hunting dryads now.”

“Well, the blood of a wood nymph is very expensive on the black market,” Malcolm responded.

“So you are not only abusing teenage girls, but you are also selling their blood. You have a very nasty kink.”

“What do you want, Jullian?” Malcolm asked a bit irritably.

“Well, the fact that you stabbed my brother’s progeny and your followers are harassing those two innocent teenage girls. I want you all to suffer.”

“This has nothing to do with you!” Malcolm yelled. “So walk away.”

“Is that a threat, Malcolm?”

“Of course, not.” Malcolm chuckled nervously. “I wouldn’t dare threaten you unless I was looking for a death sentence.”

“Well, I feel threatened.”

“You don’t need to be.”

“Good. Release the girls Malcolm.”

“You heard the man,” Malcolm commanded his followers who held the dryads captive, while gazing at Jullian with despised. “Release the girls.”

The vampires let go of Caitlyn and Tamarin, and they hastily run by Jullian heading down the stairs. The two girls were then pulled back up the staircase and slammed to the walls of the passage way by Jullian telekinetic powers. They suddenly started to feel dizzy in the head and lose consciousness.

“You have the nymphs Jullian. So leave us be.”

On the floor, Malcolm head was bashed telekinetically. The six vampires charged at Jullian and were tossed back like a piece of paper blown by wind before his glowing eyes. He held Malcolm by the collar of the shirt, raised him from the floor. Hit his back against the wall and stabbed a hand into his abdomen, tearing on his intestine.

“Tell Aldine if he ever sent any more of his thugs here to Orphic Garden to harass these girls, I will obliterate them,” Jullian threatened. He then glanced at the six vampires, who was struggling to stand, and with immersive speed he ripped the six vampires apart. He then picked up Caitlyn and Tamarin and dashed outside the house.

“What happened to the girls?” Luke asked. He takes a sniff, smelling blood. “Are they OK? I smell blood.

“Yes, they are alive,” Jullian said. “Now let’s just get out of here. The nosy neighbours have called the cops.” He then flashed away with both girls, and Luke followed after.
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