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Upon entering the living room of Garden Villa Estate with Luke, Jullian placed Caitlyn and Tamarin to lie on separate sofas and sit at the recliner.

“What happened to them?” Riddian asked whilst coming down the left side of the double staircase.

“Where is Luka?” Luke asked.

“He’s upstairs unconscious in his room.”

“Are you sure these girls can heal my brother?”

“So that’s why you sent this boy to retrieve the dryads,” Jullian said. “You are trying to save his brother, who can’t be saved. It won’t work Riddian. The only way to stop that child from becoming a mindless monster is to kill him.”

“I won’t let my brother die,” Luke said strongly and determined.

“As if a mere child could stop me.”

“Enough, Jullian!” Riddian yelled. “I know you are against me turning these boys. But you don’t have to be such a jerk. They are just kids.”

“I won’t stop you from trying something that will fail,” Jullian said. “But if you don’t save him by the end of the day. I will kill him.”

Luke closed his fist tight, glaring at Jullian fiercely.

“What’s going on here,” Diane asked as she walked down the single staircase with Killian next to her.

“I see you are still here keeping my brother bed warm,” Jullian said rudely.

“You still haven’t fed yet,” Riddian said to Jullian.

“I don’t need blood.”

“Obviously, you do. You are not acting like yourself.”

“Where am I?” Tamarin asked upon waking up. It was then she saw her sister on the other sofa unconscious and worriedly rushed over to her. “Wake up Caitlyn.”

She stood in an offensive mood, glaring at Riddian and then Jullian, “What the hell did you do to her?”

“Well, one of the wood-nymph is awakened,” Jullian scoffed. “And she’s annoying.”

“She’s alright.” Luke tried to calm Tamarin as he approached her. “Your sister is just unconscious.”

“Stay back.” Tamarin backed away from the vampire boy. “Or I’ll sing.”

“I strongly recommend you don’t sing.” Jullian swiftly and quickly take hold of Caitlyn’s neck from behind. “It would surely piss me off.”

“OK, I won’t,” Tamarin said fearful and worried. “Just don’t hurt her.”

“Don’t get the wrong impression, girl. I just save your life from Malcolm and his goons. So be grateful.”

“Why did you bring us here, vampires? What do you want from us?”

“I apologized for my brother hostility,” Riddian said in a sincere tone. “But we need your help.”

“Do I have a choice in the matter?”

“Of course, you do. No one will force you to do want you don’t want to.”

“Then why is your brother holding my sister captive?”

“Jullian please release the girl right now,” Riddian said.

Jullian placed Caitlyn to lie on the sofa and Tamarin rushed to sit next to her and hugged her.

“Tamarin,” Caitlyn muttered, regaining consciousness.

“Caitlyn, are you alright?” Tamarin questioned worried about her sister’s condition.

“Yeah,” answered Caitlyn while sitting up. She pondered about the room at the stranger. Except for Luke, who she thought was Luka. She was familiar with him, even though he now had a hair cut. “What’s going on here, Tamarin?”

“It’s alright, everything will be fine.”

“Please,” Luke begged. “Please help my brother.”

Caitlyn made eye contact with Luke, “Luka!”

“No, there is something different about you.”

“You know my brother?” Luke asked astounded.

“You are twin.”

“Yes, Luka is my twin bro—”

“Enough chit-chat, kids,” Jullian interrupted. “Right now Luka is going through power frenzy and my brother Riddian believed that you wood nymphs can save him. That is why you two girls are here.”

“Is something wrong with Luka?” asked Caitlyn worried.

“To put it simple, so your teenage minds can understand. Your boyfriend is losing his mind, and if you or your sister can’t help him, I will kill him.”

“I won’t let that happened,” Caitlyn roared.

“That what his brother said a few minutes ago. It might seem that I am a monster at the moment now, but if Luka continue to live, you will regret what he’ll become. Then you will wish I’d kill him.”

“Jullian,” Riddian roared. “Please go out and feed already. You are starting to sound like Killian.”

“Where is Luka?” asked Caitlyn. “I will help him if I can.”

“Thank you,” Luke said with gratitude.

“Caitlyn,” Tamarin voiced, repelled. “You can’t be considering helping the vampires who kidnapped us.”

“Luka is my friend. If I being a dryad can help him, then I will.”

“Our mother would be disappointed with you helping a vampire, the very monsters who killed her.”

“No she won’t. Like you said, she’s dead. And the dead don’t feel anything.”

Tamarin gazed at her sister angrily, but in her heart flooded with sadness. “You ungrateful—”

“I don’t want t live my life on the run forever, Tamarin. And I’m sure our mother don’t want that either. I will help Luka with or without your help.”

Riddian dashed up the single staircase and came back down with the unconscious Luka lying across his arms.

Caitlyn rushed over to touch Luka’s face. She then gazed at Riddian, “What can I do to help him?”

“It is said that a Nymph singing is deadly to the hearing. But it also has the ability to heal as well,” Riddian said. “I want you to heal Luka with your cry.”

“I’m sorry,” Caitlyn voiced sadly. “But I can’t do that.”

“Why?” Luke asked angrily.

“My sister can’t control her song,” Tamarin answered. “If she sings, all of us in this room dies.”

“My sister is right.” Caitlyn made her way over to Tamarin to look her in the eyes. “But you can do it.

“Please help Luka.” She pleaded to Tamarin.

“Why should I?” Tamarin stated repulsively.

“Do it for me.”

“I won’t.”

“If you don’t, I promised I will disappear, and you will never see me again.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Don’t test me, sister.”

Tamarin frowned before giving in to her sister. “Alright fine. I’ll do it.”

Luka’s body telekinetically floats from Riddian arms and lay on a three seater sofa. Tamarin stood before that sofa, looking down at him. She then opened her mouth and the loveliest sound came out. It was a melodious and mind relaxing tune. A few minutes later, she stopped singing.

“Did it work?” Luke asked.

“Oh, it works perfectly,” Killian answered chirpily.

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