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“Killian,” Riddian uttered astonished.

“Oh, don’t get all dramatic with me, brother,” Killian said disdainfully. “By the way, why am I a mortal?”


“Never mind, I remember why.” Killian eyes illuminate with anger. “Those darn witches, I’ll let them pay for this.”

“Is it really you, Killian? Have your memories returned?”

“Do I have to state the obvious, little brother?”

“It seems the wood-nymph attempt to save the boy was a failure. This proves that he cannot be saved,” Jullian stated grimly. “Therefore, we only have one option left. And that is to kill him.”

“What?” Luke began to panic. “I won’t allow you to do that.”

Jullian charged at Luka with tremendous speed, attempting to decapitate him. However, he was bound by a powerful force of magic the minute he reached close enough to the boy. He struggled to get free, but was unable to. Then he glared back at the amused Killian and demanded. “Released me.”

Of course, Killian ignored Jullian and say to Riddian. “I think I can save the boys from being eaten up by power frenzy.”

“You can!” both Riddian and Luke say at the same time.

“Yes I can.”

“How?” Riddian questioned.

“Well. For starters, I’ve figured out the cause of the power frenzy Luka is experiencing. The similarity between your progeny Luka and Reno is that they both are descendant of witches. And being part of a being that is one with nature repelled your vampire blood. It was always taught that two beings of opposite nature cannot dwell in one host.”

“I don’t understand.” Luke looked confused.

“To simplify it, Luka’s witch genes and Riddian vampire genes is undergoing a battle for who should take control of his body. And the two will continue to fight for its survival until none exist.”

“Are you saying my brother will die.” Luke felt like he was struck by lightening.

“Well, in a sense, yes. His body will exist for eternity, but his mind will forever be lost.”

“That is why the only way to kill a vampire going through power frenzy is to kill them,” Jullian said.

“Shut up,” Killian said, and Jullian was forcefully slammed to the knees by magic.

“So can you save Luka?” Caitlyn asked.

“I thought I already made that clear little dryad?” Killian smirked at Caitlyn. He then said to his little brother. “Anyway, Riddian, could you kindly take these two girls upstairs. What I am about to do is not for the eyes of children.”

“OK,” Riddian said. He then acknowledges the girls. “Let’s go.”

Tamarin was a bit hesitant, but she was afraid of what might happen if she disobeyed, and so she followed her sister and Riddian up the double staircase.

“You are still here,” Killian said rudely to Diane. “Why?”

His words pained and saddened Diane. Nonetheless, she smiled buoyantly. “I’m happy to see that your memories have return.”

“Not as happy as I am.”

“Now that you are alright, I guess I’ll get going then.”

“OK then.”

“OK,” she voiced dispirited and then vanished out the room.

“You are quite cold-hearted,” Riddian said upon coming down the double staircase flashily. “You know she’s been here with you through your amnesia. She was worried about you.”

“I know, Riddian,” Killian said irritated. He sighed then gazed at Luke and just by his mere gazed the boy fell unconscious.

“What did you do to him?”

“I just rendered him unconscious.”

Jullian break free from the magic that bind him and charged at Killian, but was blasted to the ground by wind magic the minute he gets close to Killian.

“You are quite fearsome, Jullian.” Killian felt a thrilling sensation of fright tickling his spine. “I now know that having a mortal body. You are a monster. You too Riddian. Now I see why others fear us.”

“What if you fail to save them?” Jullian asked Killian.

“I won’t fail,” Killian answered cockily. “But if I do, I won’t hesitate to end them.”

“So tell me.” Jullian picked himself up from the floor. “How will you save them?”

“I’m going to make them into what we are.” Killian grinned. “Well, what you and Riddian are.”

“Are you sure about that, brother?”

“Not really,” Killian replied. “But since Riddian strongly desire to save them both, and it’s in my power to do so. I will.”

“Very well then.”

“You know, your bloodlust will consume you if you don’t feed, Jullian.”

“You need not concern yourself about me, brother.”

“Clearly, you misunderstand my statement, brother.”

“I’ll leave everything in your care.” Jullian vanished from the living room.

“Are you sure it is safe to let him leave in that condition?” Killian asked.

“I’m not sure.” Riddian was greatly worried about Jullian state of mind right now. “But I can’t bind him here.”

“Well, I have magic now, so I could—”

“No,” Riddian interrupted.

Killian chortled. “Have it your way.”

At the snapped of Killian finger, Luka and Luke’s bodies disappeared and appeared before him. He then crouched between the two bodies that lay next to each other on the floor and rested his hands on both their chest. Then he began chanting and a powerful wave of magic surround him and the twin’s blowing the furniture’s away and shattered the windows.

Riddian used telekinesis to shield from the strong force of magic. A purple light beam emits from Killian’s palms and was injected into the twin’s. Fifteen minutes later, the vast magic calmed.

Killian blow exhausted. He then gazed up at his brothers and smile. “It’s finish.”

“Thank you, Killian,” Riddian said.

“You’re welcome.”

“Since this whole drama seemed to be over with, I need to go see Le Ann. I need you to watch over the kids during my absent.”

“Hell no!” Killian stated blatantly. “Do the word babysitter stamped all over me?”

“Is it?” Riddian provoked is brother.

“Absolutely not.”

“Thank you brother,” Riddian said enthused.

Killian crushed his fist to display his displeasure. “You bastard, don’t you dare—”

Riddian dashed out the front door before Killian could finish complaining, and this angered Killian.

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